Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Summer Plans

     This summer is going to be full of fun for different people. It sounds like a lot of people at Chadron High are excited for it to be summer.
     Kaelee Long is going to some volleyball camps, two concerts, and her birthday is on June 5th. She is traveling to the Gulf of the Mexico and expects to have a great summer. She is also going to workout for volleyball and do summer league. She will also be seeing family and will be working, but she is not quite sure where she is going to work at.
     Mr. Lecher will be working on finishing details of his home and has no travel plans this summer. It will be the first time in three years that he will be able to golf again regularly, which makes him very excited. He will be taking part in football camp and working as a substitute for the workout room. He will only be seeing close family.
     Cobie Bila is going to be lifting and playing baseball as well as traveling for baseball. His favortie part about summer is having free time off of school and getting to see family. He is going to be mowing lawns for his summer job.
     Peyton Underwood will be working at Wild's and going to the lake, as well as going to Indiana. Her favorite part of the summer will be making money. She will be playing summer softball and will be taking part in basketball open gyms and games. She will not be seeing any family besides the ones who live near.
     Savanna Sayaloune will be working at the State Park, hanging out with friends, and going to the lake. She is not going to travel, and her favorite part of the summer will be meeting new people. She will be doing cross country running this summer. She will be seeing her aunt and uncle this summer.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

FBLA Banquet

       The FBLA Banquet as held May 7th at 5:30 p.m.  At the banquet FBLA honored all the seniors: Aubree Noble, Brooklyn Stack, and Hunter Hawk. They also honored the previous officers Aubree Noble, Brooklyn Stack, Kellie Waugh, Lauren Collins, and Brooklynn Fritzler. The new officers were also installed at the banquet. They are Abby Gardner, Savanna Sayaloune, and Kennedy Stack. Kellie Waugh and Lauren Collins will be two year officers.
     Also honored were all who won an award at state. Many people won honorable mention for events that they participated in all year, but Grace Sorenson won 1st place in Emerging Business Report, and now she will be on her way to Nationals this summer. Nationals is held in Baltimore, Maryland.
        At the FBLA banquet there was also a supper for everyone to eat. Everyone had to bring a salad of their choice to share. 

Benefits of Taking Yearbook Class

      When someone goes into make their schedule for the upcoming year, there is a plethora of options for classes they can take. When they split up their fourth block they have to choose a forty minute class. As there are many options to choose from, like drafting to taking a PE class, the most beneficial option is Yearbook and Newspaper. 
     As there are many benefits to taking a yearbook class, there are clearly a few that outweigh the rest. The first is how many people you get to talk to. You would get a chance to communicate with as many people as you choose; through the interviews and communicating with other writers in your class. Another benefit is you are able to choose how you want your senior yearbook, if you are a senior when you take the class. 
     You will be able to expand your skills, and start to become a better writer. Writing countless stories on different clubs and organizations will fine tune your ability to be a writer. When you apply for a college in future you will be able to show that you were in Yearbook class, and were dedicated to a team. 
     Lastly, and most importantly, getting to gain a friendship with your editor is the most beneficial. He or she will help get your skills up and help learn the ins and outs of the high school yearbook. Everyone will have a exciting time learning about each of the activities in the school, and meeting the people that participate in those activities. 
    Clearly, when deciding to pick a class, yearbook will let you have fun, while working hard, but also meeting new people throughout the school. 

Friday, May 4, 2018


     On May 5th Chadron High School is hosting the annual prom. To start the night off at 7:00pm there will be the grand march, where all the students will walk across the stage and show off their dresses and tuxes, and the prom king and queen will also be announced there. Prom queen candidates are: Aubree Noble, Brooklyn Stack, Eme Craig, Kylee Garrett, Hannah Kennel and Alpine Hickstein. Prom King canidates are: Cody Madsen, Jeff Cerny, Logan Tiensvold, Hunter Hawk, Sam Rischling, and Billy Tidyman.
     At 7:45pm there will be a dinner, where they will be serving grilled chicken, lasagna roll ups with alfredo sauce, long green beans with silvered almonds, lettuce salad with dressing, breadstick and assorted cheescakes with lemonade or water to drink.
     After that the dance will start at 8:30pm and last until 12:00am. Tickets were $13 and for sale at the office. Prom activities include dancing, a photobooth and DJ. The dance will be DJ'ed by Mareks DJ service from Rapid City, who Mrs. Noble claims is "very upbeat." The theme of this year's prom is Roaring 20s. The decorations will include a combination of the Great Gatsby and Old Hollywood.
     Post prom will begin at 12:30am and include things such as prizes and a hypnotist.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Senior Decisions, Life Decisions

       Chadron High School has made it to the point in the year where the senior class is starting to choose their path for their future. This year's senior class has 43 that are walking onstage to get their diplomas. Out of those 43 kids, 3/4 of them are choosing to continue their education. The other fourth are either joining the workforce or joining the armed forces. Thirteen colleges have been chosen, so far, to be the future for the seniors. Among those schools are University of Nebraska, Lincoln, University of Nebraska, Kearney, Wayne State College, Chadron State College, Harvard University, Peru State College and more.
       There are many reasons why these students chose where they are going. Cody Madsen and Brayden Richardson are both going to Lincoln to study at UNL. Brayden said, "I like cities, and I wanted to go to a bigger college. I also wanted to get away from Chadron to try something new." Cody agreed with Brayden, "Lincoln offers my degree program, and I am able to experience more in a larger city." 
        Zayne Jones will be attending Kearney in the fall. He said, "I chose Kearney for their masters program for athletic training. I can modify my classes to what I want to do." 
        Alpine Hickstein is going to Chadron State College because, "It's in my hometown, has a beautiful campus and has great degree programs. They gave me great scholarships in both athletics and academics." 
         Dana Dunbar will be going into the DMACC to play softball over in Iowa. She said, "The campus is small, which I like because I will be able to interact my teachers. The softball program also had an impact on my decision. I really like the coaching staff and how successful the program has been. I will also be able to obtain a good education that will benefit me after my two years." 
         Mark Taylor is planning on enlisting in the air force because, "I want to serve the country. I want to be able to give back and provide for the country we call home."
       Overall, the 2018 senior class of CHS is ready to prepare and move on to their future. They will be left with their class quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Thursday, March 29, 2018

National Honor Society

     At Chadron High School the National Honor Society is recognizing outstanding high school students. A spring induction was held March 22.
     According to Mr. Uhing, NHS sponsor, "It is more than just an honor roll. NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the area of scholarship, service, leadership, and character."
     You can get inducted by having great grades, passing all your classes, and being involved in more than one activity and clubs, such as basketball, softball, FFA, and FBLA, Uhing said.
     Students who got inducted this spring were: Trysha Brierly, Anabel Gardner, Haley Mahr, Mande Wollesen, Lauren Collins, Cole Madsen, Grace Sorenson.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mr. Matt's Alumni Website

     Mr. Matt has been working alongside his classes to create a website that shows every graduating class since Chadron High School was established.

     Since the beginning of the school year, Mr. Matt has been working on a website filled with the names and faces of every graduating class he could find that have graduated from Chadron High School. Mr. Matt, who teaches technology and business related classes at the school, has created this website for past alumni of the school in the hopes of securing donations for the school. Mr. Matt said he wants the website to eventually go "hand in hand with the foundation page" of the school.

     To create this website, Mr. Matt used a free program, Google Sites, which is much simpler to use than other applications, but not as customization friendly. He used another version of this same program to create another website for Chadron High School's different sports and activities. Information for the website was found through the collections of yearbooks the high school carries. Mr. Matt was lucky enough to find a single yearbook containing the graduating students from the 1800's to the teens of the 1900's.

     While creating the website, Mr. Matt has come across a few difficulties. Some graduating years over the expanse of time have been lost and could not be added to the site. A few lost yearbooks could be filled in by looking at the junior classes of previous yearbooks, but some years were completely unrecoverable. According to Mr. Matt, the website is "...missing seven years. The depression years had no yearbooks."

     According to Mr. Matt, the website has been published for around a month. He is currently still attempting to fill in some missing information. The website is not yet available through search engines, but the site can be found at

State FBLA

      On April 4, a few FBLA members will be leaving for state competition. The Member leaving to compete are Aubree Noble, Brooklyn Stack, Hunter Hawk, Kellie Waugh, Lauren Collins, Brooklynn Fritzler, Dallas Kelso, Grace Sorenson, Kennady Stack, Mande Wollensen, and Claire Margetts.
      State will be held in Omaha Nebraska, and they all will be competing against other schools in all sorts of events the 5th through the 7th. The events include Intro to Business, Accounting, and many many more.
     "It's our hope that we will do well, and we normally do, do well. It's always a surprise," said Mrs. Budler.  If they get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any of their events, they will be able to go to nationals. Nationals will be in Baltimore, MD, June 28 through July 1.

Art Show

      On March 16-18, many students displayed their creativity in the CHS Art Show, during the Guys and Dolls musical performance. The displays also included works by students who are not in an art class.
     There was a large variety of art showed at the show including, drawings, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, collages, and more.
     Travis Hencey, the CHS art teacher, said that it is important to have an art show because it impacts the students and the community. "It is valuable for an artist to display their artwork and receive feedback. Many young artists do not believe they create good art, so it helps boost their confidence," said Mr. Hencey. "It is also good for the community because they get to see what what our young people are able to do, and how creative our school is."
     Many of the art pieces received mostly positive feedback. One of the comments that stood out to Mr. Hencey the most was, "It's great to be reminded that I'm surrounded by talented people."
     Mr. Hencey does plan to have more art shows at CHS. He is trying to have an Art Show in the fall when the One Act play is presented, along with the one in the spring when the musical is presented.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Guys and Dolls Musical

     The Guys and Dolls musical for Chadron High School took place over the weekend on Friday, March 16th, Saturday, March 17th, and Sunday, March 18th. 
     The play was about Nathan Detroit, a gambler in NYC, who was struggling to find a thousand dollars while avoiding his 14 year fiance Adelaide. Nathan resorts to betting Sky Masterson that he can't take missionary Sarah Brown to Havana.
     The main characters in the musical were Sarah Brown (Brooklyn Stack), Miss. Adelaide (Claire Margetts), Sky Masterson (Jay Milburn), and Nathan Detroit (JashwaAlan Cummings.) Mrs. Mahr said she was very positive and had good responses about the musical. Some of her favorite memories during musical were the pranks in practice, and the scene "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat."
     They only had 7 weeks to practice before the first public performance because she has a strict 8 weeks to have the material sent back or the price would double.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

It's a Big Deal Day

       On April 3rd Chadron High School will be participating in what Mrs. Watson named "It's a Big Deal Day." It's Big Deal Day is the one day, statewide, that juniors can take the ACT using pencil and paper.
        It's a Big Deal Day will be an event for all the students at CHS. From 8:00 to12:30 there will be different activities for each grade. Freshman will be taking their MAPs testing in the computer labs and library. Sophomores will be taking a practice ACT.  Juniors will be taking the actual ACT, and seniors will be listening to guest speakers talk about things that happen after they graduate, such as, insurance, loans, college transitions, housing tips, and more.
      These tests are beneficial to the students. The MAP test, the test that the freshman will take, is a test of growth in core subjects. Our school uses this test to align curriculum. The SAT, the test that the juniors will take, is a college entrance exam. All colleges require an entrance exam and the ACT tells you if you are ready for college and can help you earn scholarships. The lecture for the seniors will help give them an idea of how college works.

Friday, March 16, 2018

CHS Excels at District Speech

       On Wednesday, March 14th, the Chadron Speech team traveled to Sidney for the district competition. Sixteen students participated in multiple events including informative, duet, oral interpretation of drama, poetry, and persuasive. Thirteen of the students continued on to finals and placed as follows:

  • Hunter Hawk placed 4th in Persuasive 
  • JashwaAlan Cummings placed 4th in Poetry
  • Hunter Hawk, Abby Hyer, Claire Margetts, Mande Wollesen, and Grace Sorensen: OID placed 4th
  • JashwaAlan Cummings and Kaylie Elliott placed 5th in Duet
  • Alexis Conboy placed 6th in Poetry
  • Brooklyn Stack, Aubree Noble, Maddi Pelton, Spencer Blundell and Jameson Margetts: OID placed 6th
  • Paige Carattini placed 6th in both Informative and Persuasive 

The team as a whole placed fifth out of eight teams overall.

"There is nothing we could have done better," coach Brenda Lanphear said. "We couldn't have practiced more, we couldn't have dressed better, we just presented all of what CHS speech had to offer. I'm so proud of how the kids conquered this season."

Monday, February 26, 2018

Reading Preferences at CHS

     Students around Chadron High School all have differing preferences when it comes to reading for recreation outside of the classroom
     Reading for recreation is a common past time for many students around Chadron High School. Many students enjoy reading not just for assignments, but on their own time outside of the classroom. Senior student William 'Billy' Tidyman often enjoys reading outside of his classes. Billy usually reads different fiction genres. His favorite genre, if he had to choose, would be science fiction. One of the few genres that he does not enjoy reading is romance. If he could recommend a book, it would be the Eragon series by Christopher Paoloni.
     Another senior student, Mia Brodrick, who also enjoys reading outside of school from time to time prefers relatable sources. Mia does not dislike any particular genre, stating that "I've learned to enjoy reading different genres." Mia especially enjoys Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland and would recommend it to anyone who also enjoys reading.
      A third student, Dawn Dunbar, doesn't usually read outside of school, but when she does she enjoys post apocalyptic titles. She doesn't usually enjoy fantasy genre books such as Harry Potter. Dawn was not able to recommend any specific books for other readers.

Mrs. Drinkwalter Retiring

     Linda Drinkwalter, Chadron High math teacher, is retiring this year after spending 24 years at CHS.
     Mrs. Drinkwalter did not always teach here at CHS. She served three years in the U.S. Army in Germany, managed a ranch with five employees in the Sandhills, spent two years working on a ranch in Stuttgart, Germany, and was a short time banker. 
     Mrs. Drinkwalter's greatest accomplishment at CHS was taking a leadership role in changing regular scheduling to block scheduling. She also said, "I am very proud of making the change to a math department that serves all students to the best of our ability, not just to students that have an 80%." 
     Although Mrs. Drinkwalter had a lot of memories here at CHS, she is going to miss the students most of all.
     Jerry Mack, CHS principal, said that Mrs. Drinkwalter had always been his mentor since he got here, and that he is going to miss having one.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Mrs. Bauer Retiring


      At the end of the year, Mrs. Bauer will be retiring after 40 years of teaching at Chadron High School.
     Chadron High School is, in fact, the only place she has ever taught. Although Mrs. Bauer has only taught FCS, she has taught a variety of courses within that subject. Her favorite class to teach throughout her years of teaching was Foods and Nutrition.
     Her biggest memories about teaching is having all the wonderful connections with students.
     The biggest challenges she has had when teaching is making sure she has connected with each and every one of her students.
     Mrs. Bauer is very excited to retire and be with her family. She says, "I was blessed to love to come to school everyday but am ready to enjoy my grandchildren, travel, and spend time with my grown children." She will miss seeing her colleagues everyday, as well as the kids in school.
   Mr. Mack said, "I will miss the fruit pizza her students always brought me."

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Data Match Fundraiser

      On January 31st each student at Chadron High received a data match questionnaire for an FBLA fundraiser. On February 6th the results came back. Each student could purchase their results for three dollars which Mrs. Noble said, "Three dollars is the suggested price from the company."
       According to Mrs. Noble, the co-adviser of the FBLA club, this fundraiser goes into the FBLA's general fund which supports their chapter and also provides money for their pizza night every Monday during their week night.  Mrs. Noble also explained that the data match questionnaire is a fairly easy fundraiser for the club to put together. They just have to order the survey and hand them out. Once all of them have been handed back, the club members look through to make sure the bubbles are filled in completely. After that, Mrs. Noble and Mrs Budler, who is the other adviser, send the questionnaire back and a computer generates the results.
      Many students seem to be surprised with their results. Cody Madsen stated, "I felt surprised, because I did not feel like the matches had similar personalities as me." Maddi Pelton and Kaycee Kittel agreed that most of their matches in the women's section were accurate to their friend group, but the male category shocked them, because they were mostly guys that they did not know. According to Gavin Woodson, "I mostly matched with people that I did not even know who they were."
      Out of the 230 surveys taken about 115 students bought their results. Many of the students said that this was the first year that had bought their results and they also said that they would purchase their results again in the future.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

FBLA Week Overview

       Chadron's FBLA chapter just concluded their FBLA week celebration in the school. FBLA week is celebrated locally, state wide, and nationally the 2nd week of February. At all three levels, a proclamation is signed by the authorities of each level to recognize FBLA and all the celebrations that will be taking place that week. Chapters are encouraged to publicize their activities. FBLA week is their week to shine; it is a time to celebrate and show thanks to people who make FBLA a success. It is also a great time to showcase what FBLA has to offer and promote it to students who are not members and, hopefully, will become future members!
       Throughout the week, different activities were taking place encouraging the student body to be exposed to the world of business. Brenda Budler, one of the two advisers for Chadron FBLA said, "We usually try to follow whatever theme was chosen at the beginning of the year during the officer planning retreat. Depending upon the theme, we will choose events or days that correspond with the theme. However, pretty much every year we do have a chapter meeting at lunch and provide lunch for members, as well as, a speaker or another form of entertainment. This year we brought back the DataMatch survey, which went over very well. It has been 3 years since we have done this fundraiser. We also served lunch at Closer to Home as a community service event. The past few years we have done a fundraiser for Pennies for Patients and the local food pantry by playing the annoying music at breaks and paying a $1 to wear a hat. It is our goal to do good for others during our week of recognition."
       Monday started off with a game board in the commons for students to play. Later in the day, a work night took place, as well as, the signing of the FBLA proclamation. The dress up day for Monday was crazy sock day.
       As Tuesday came, the data-match results were available for purchase and students dressed up as twins for Twin Tuesday.
       Wednesday encouraged the color green, as well as, day two of data-match sales.
       On Thursday, a chapter meeting was held at lunch and was the last day that data-match results were sold. Members were told to wear their chapter shirts for the dress up day.
       Finally, Friday came around and wrapped up the week. Students and staff took part in dressing up professionally and concluding the busy week. 
       Budler said, "I feel it was successful - it seems FBLA week is always during one of the busiest times of the year, so getting everyone involved in always a challenge. But for the most part - every member of the leadership team fulfilled the day they were in charge of and all events took place. I wish we could get more involvement from our chapter and student body when we choose school wide events such as dress up days - but even if we get a few members and/or student body to participate, we were successful."  

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Senior's Biggest Fears

     As the seniors at CHS are preparing to graduating this year, a lot of them have something about their future that they're scared of.
     Jeff Cerny said that his biggest fear about going to college was not getting enough scholarships to pay it off. This fear is not uncommon, considering the average four year college costs $9,410 per year, according to the website Big Future.
     Coy Bila said that he is most scared of how unhealthy he might be because of the eating habits he may develop in college.
     Being away from home to take the next "big step" in their lives is a common fear among Kyler Behrends, Dana Dunbar, Caleb Hill, and Zach Carattini. Caleb, who is going into the military, said "The fact that I'm leaving the entire life I've known for something completely different is pretty frightening."
     Loni Watson, CHS guidance counselor, said she would tell the seniors how going into college is one of the "best times" they'll have. They will be introduced to people with common interests, there will be a larger variety of courses, and your relationship with your parents will grow. "The best is yet to come," said Mrs. Watson.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Mexican or Chinese food

Food these days is all teenagers think about and everyone of them has a favorite food. Two of those favorite foods are Mexican or Chinese food.

Kayla said she prefers Chinese food, because it's delicious, and she likes the sweet and sour chicken, sesame chicken, noodles, and egg rolls. She also likes it better than Mexican food, because it's not as spicy as Chinese food. Another thing she likes about Chinese food is the variation of foods it offers. Lastly, she also prefers the less spicy sauce and that's what Chinese food has to offer.

Zayne Jones said he prefers Mexican food because his dad always makes good Mexican food, which his dad learned to make from a friend. His favorite Mexican foods are tamales, enchiladas, and carnitas. He really loves Mexican food, because he loves spicy foods, and the spices taste better and remind him of home.

Mrs. Girard also prefers Mexican food, because she loves spicy things, and she likes the variety Mexican food has to offer. Her favorite Mexican food is chili rellenos, guacamole, and fajitas. She likes Mexican food better than Chinese food, because the flavors of Mexican food are better than Chinese flavors. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Mark Taylor Nominated to U.S. Service Academy

     Congressman Adrian Smith of Nebraska recently released his nominations to the United States service academies. Of the thirteen nominated, Mark Taylor from Chadron High School received nominations to two service academies. 
      Rep Smith said, “These talented young Nebraskans have demonstrated the skills and determination necessary to be the future leaders of our military, and it is an honor to nominate them to the U.S. Service Academies,” Smith said. “With their strong desire to serve our country, they have also shown dedication to their studies and a commitment to their communities. I know they will represent the Third District well.” 
      Specifically on Chadron High senior Mark Taylor his comments were, “Mark Taylor of Chadron, son of Brian and Sara Taylor, is a senior at Chadron High School. He has been nominated to the U.S. Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York.” 
      Mark has not yet made his decision on which Academy to attend. Mark however did say, "I think going to the West Point Academy would be cool because of the history and name recognition."

CHS Speech Results at GRHS Meet

     On Saturday, January 13th, Chadron High took part in a speech meet hosted by Gordon Rushville. The team, accompanied by coaches Brenda Lanphear and Cheryl Welch, all went to this meet to perform their different genres of speech. These include informative, poetry, OID, persuasive etc.
     Exciting things go on all the time at speech meets for the CHS team. The most exciting thing of all that went on this meet was all the speechies that placed. JashwaAlan Cummings placed third and Evelyn McEwen placed fifth in poetry. Hunter Hawk placed sixth in persuasive. One OID called "Game of Tiaras" including Abby Hyer, Grace Sorenson, Mande Wolleson, Claire Margetts and Hunter Hawk placed third at this meet. The other OID called "Highschool for Dummies" including Jameson Margetts, Aubree Noble, Spencer Blundell, Maddi Pelton and Brooklyn Stack placed second.
     "The meet went well," exclaimed Coach Lanphear in confidence. She noted that the team is very supportive of each other. Novice and varsity support each other by coming to watch each other perform. They also give good constructive criticism to go along with the judges' critiques. There were two very competitive OIDs from Chadron who placed second and third, as well as two dynamic poets who placed in the top 5. Coach Lanphear said, "The future for CHS speech is bright."

Senior Scholarship Writing

     As more and more scholarship deadlines approach, many Chadron High School seniors are putting forth their best efforts to fill in as many applications and complete as many essays as they can for scholarships.

     As many Chadron High School students are scurrying to finish their scholarships and look for new ones, different students are tackling their applications and essays by looking in different places. According to Lindsey Tobacco, she found the several scholarships she applied for through the Chadron High School counselor Mrs. Watson, who has been helping out any student in need of help with scholarships. Student Renee Redfern has said that she found her scholarships when "Watson sends scholarship information in emails" and by "searching online for scholarships related to hunting or agriculture."

     The senior students are also applying to scholarships using different strategies. Lindsey doesn’t have any special plan of action, and fills out scholarships whenever she finds the time. Renee dedicates an hour each night to looking through, writing essays for and applying for scholarships.

     Chadron High School students are all pursuing their scholarships for different reasons. Lindsey needs to fill out scholarships in order to "help pay for college." Renee plans on going through college without gaining any debt, which means not taking out any loans. She wants get as many scholarships as possible to follow this plan.

     The most difficult struggle for students applying to scholarship writing differs between each student. For Renee, her struggle is time. Despite setting aside an hour for scholarships aside each night, that time is often overruled by her family duties. Lindsey’s most difficult struggle has been with writing out the essays as well as time management.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Miss Frey's Injury

     On January 10, 2018, Miss Frey was getting ready for the distillation lab in her chemistry class that was supposed to happen the next day in class. They were doing the distillation lab to boil out the different components of cherry coke including sucrose, the aroma, and the acid. She was trying to put a glass tubing into a rubber stopper when she slipped and cut her right hand in two different spots. 
     Miss Frey had to wrap her hand in a towel and go down to the office to have someone take her to the doctor. She had to get five stitches in her pointer finger and five in the bottom part of her thumb. She said it will be a week before she gets her stitches out of her hand. When the incident happened, she felt very frustrated with herself. 
     The class ended up not doing the lab at all that she had planned on doing, and instead planned a new lab for the class to do. The new lab she had the class do was filtering dirty water to make it as clean as they were able to get it. 
     She has a numb spot in her right pointer finger where the cut was from the glass slicing into a nerve.

Cardinals keep Streaking with win over Alliance

Cooper Heusman sinks a basket in last Friday's win over Alliance.

      The Chadron Cardinals Boyss Basketball team picked up their fifth straight win, with a 53-47 win against Alliance on Jan. 12. The Cardinals had the lead nearly all game. They even were able to build a 38-21 lead in the middle of the third quarter.
     Sophomore Cooper Heusman had an amazing game, scoring a team-high 18 points. He was able to drain two big three pointers, to help keep the Cardinal lead. Another dramatic moment from the game was when junior Pat Rust attempted to throw down a thunderous dunk, but it flew up into the air and bounced off the rim back into the basket right before the buzzer went off. This was an insane ending to an exciting first half.
      After the Bulldogs were able to cut the lead to six points late in the fourth quarter, the Cardinals made some clutch free throws to seal the game, and continue the five game win streak. The Bird Cage was loud all night, and they hit their peak when the final buzzer sounded. Senior Coy Bila commented on the game by saying, "It was very exhilarating. It's always nice to get a win against a Class B team, especially when it's a rival like Alliance."
     The Cardinals record is now 7-5, and look to get wins against 7-6 Gering on Friday, and 11-3 Gordon-Rushville on Saturday.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Chadrons Got Talent

            On Monday January 22 at 7p.m, The Wanderlust Cardinals will be hosting a talent show for their trip to Europe. They have done this talent show for three years, and every year it has helped them raise money. It will cost $5 for adults and $3 for students to get in.
             Jill Paopao is the lady who has started the talent show. She said, "Every year it takes a lot of organization, but it is not the worst event I have put together by far; it's just a little time consuming." The talent show does take some advertising, they make programs, they also organize the order of performers, and they have to get judges in and an emcee. 
            In the past, the greatest performances have been singing, so if you love singing and other talents, you should come and watch the amazing talent all these students have.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Guys and Dolls at CHS

       Chadron High School's spring musical was just cast and rehearsals are about to begin. They will be performing Guys and Dolls March 16th through the 18th in the CHS auditorium. Friday and Saturday's performance with begin promptly at 7:00 pm and Sunday's performance will begin at 2:00 pm.Wendy Mahr, the director of this musical said, "This script fits the group of kids we have here at CHS. These performances will no doubt be one to come to and be able to enjoy!"
       Mrs. Mahr explained how the story of this musical is one that has not been done in "some time" at CHS. Gambler Nathan Detroit has few options for the location of his big crap game. Needing $1,000 to pay a garage owner to host the game, Nathan bets Sky Masterson that Sky cannot get the pastors daughter Sarah Brown out on a date. Sky gives in and negotiates a date with Sarah in exchange for bringing people into her mission. Meanwhile, Nathan's longtime fiancĂ©e, Adelaide, wants him to commit already and marry her. 
       Musical season is right around the corner and time being put in at rehearsal is about to rise. Mrs. Mahr said, "We have a great cast with lots of good actors and actresses. I am super excited to be able to put on this show with the cast I have, and I cannot wait for the public to see what the students at CHS can really do."