Thursday, March 29, 2018

National Honor Society

     At Chadron High School the National Honor Society is recognizing outstanding high school students. A spring induction was held March 22.
     According to Mr. Uhing, NHS sponsor, "It is more than just an honor roll. NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the area of scholarship, service, leadership, and character."
     You can get inducted by having great grades, passing all your classes, and being involved in more than one activity and clubs, such as basketball, softball, FFA, and FBLA, Uhing said.
     Students who got inducted this spring were: Trysha Brierly, Anabel Gardner, Haley Mahr, Mande Wollesen, Lauren Collins, Cole Madsen, Grace Sorenson.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mr. Matt's Alumni Website

     Mr. Matt has been working alongside his classes to create a website that shows every graduating class since Chadron High School was established.

     Since the beginning of the school year, Mr. Matt has been working on a website filled with the names and faces of every graduating class he could find that have graduated from Chadron High School. Mr. Matt, who teaches technology and business related classes at the school, has created this website for past alumni of the school in the hopes of securing donations for the school. Mr. Matt said he wants the website to eventually go "hand in hand with the foundation page" of the school.

     To create this website, Mr. Matt used a free program, Google Sites, which is much simpler to use than other applications, but not as customization friendly. He used another version of this same program to create another website for Chadron High School's different sports and activities. Information for the website was found through the collections of yearbooks the high school carries. Mr. Matt was lucky enough to find a single yearbook containing the graduating students from the 1800's to the teens of the 1900's.

     While creating the website, Mr. Matt has come across a few difficulties. Some graduating years over the expanse of time have been lost and could not be added to the site. A few lost yearbooks could be filled in by looking at the junior classes of previous yearbooks, but some years were completely unrecoverable. According to Mr. Matt, the website is "...missing seven years. The depression years had no yearbooks."

     According to Mr. Matt, the website has been published for around a month. He is currently still attempting to fill in some missing information. The website is not yet available through search engines, but the site can be found at

State FBLA

      On April 4, a few FBLA members will be leaving for state competition. The Member leaving to compete are Aubree Noble, Brooklyn Stack, Hunter Hawk, Kellie Waugh, Lauren Collins, Brooklynn Fritzler, Dallas Kelso, Grace Sorenson, Kennady Stack, Mande Wollensen, and Claire Margetts.
      State will be held in Omaha Nebraska, and they all will be competing against other schools in all sorts of events the 5th through the 7th. The events include Intro to Business, Accounting, and many many more.
     "It's our hope that we will do well, and we normally do, do well. It's always a surprise," said Mrs. Budler.  If they get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any of their events, they will be able to go to nationals. Nationals will be in Baltimore, MD, June 28 through July 1.

Art Show

      On March 16-18, many students displayed their creativity in the CHS Art Show, during the Guys and Dolls musical performance. The displays also included works by students who are not in an art class.
     There was a large variety of art showed at the show including, drawings, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, collages, and more.
     Travis Hencey, the CHS art teacher, said that it is important to have an art show because it impacts the students and the community. "It is valuable for an artist to display their artwork and receive feedback. Many young artists do not believe they create good art, so it helps boost their confidence," said Mr. Hencey. "It is also good for the community because they get to see what what our young people are able to do, and how creative our school is."
     Many of the art pieces received mostly positive feedback. One of the comments that stood out to Mr. Hencey the most was, "It's great to be reminded that I'm surrounded by talented people."
     Mr. Hencey does plan to have more art shows at CHS. He is trying to have an Art Show in the fall when the One Act play is presented, along with the one in the spring when the musical is presented.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Guys and Dolls Musical

     The Guys and Dolls musical for Chadron High School took place over the weekend on Friday, March 16th, Saturday, March 17th, and Sunday, March 18th. 
     The play was about Nathan Detroit, a gambler in NYC, who was struggling to find a thousand dollars while avoiding his 14 year fiance Adelaide. Nathan resorts to betting Sky Masterson that he can't take missionary Sarah Brown to Havana.
     The main characters in the musical were Sarah Brown (Brooklyn Stack), Miss. Adelaide (Claire Margetts), Sky Masterson (Jay Milburn), and Nathan Detroit (JashwaAlan Cummings.) Mrs. Mahr said she was very positive and had good responses about the musical. Some of her favorite memories during musical were the pranks in practice, and the scene "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat."
     They only had 7 weeks to practice before the first public performance because she has a strict 8 weeks to have the material sent back or the price would double.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

It's a Big Deal Day

       On April 3rd Chadron High School will be participating in what Mrs. Watson named "It's a Big Deal Day." It's Big Deal Day is the one day, statewide, that juniors can take the ACT using pencil and paper.
        It's a Big Deal Day will be an event for all the students at CHS. From 8:00 to12:30 there will be different activities for each grade. Freshman will be taking their MAPs testing in the computer labs and library. Sophomores will be taking a practice ACT.  Juniors will be taking the actual ACT, and seniors will be listening to guest speakers talk about things that happen after they graduate, such as, insurance, loans, college transitions, housing tips, and more.
      These tests are beneficial to the students. The MAP test, the test that the freshman will take, is a test of growth in core subjects. Our school uses this test to align curriculum. The SAT, the test that the juniors will take, is a college entrance exam. All colleges require an entrance exam and the ACT tells you if you are ready for college and can help you earn scholarships. The lecture for the seniors will help give them an idea of how college works.

Friday, March 16, 2018

CHS Excels at District Speech

       On Wednesday, March 14th, the Chadron Speech team traveled to Sidney for the district competition. Sixteen students participated in multiple events including informative, duet, oral interpretation of drama, poetry, and persuasive. Thirteen of the students continued on to finals and placed as follows:

  • Hunter Hawk placed 4th in Persuasive 
  • JashwaAlan Cummings placed 4th in Poetry
  • Hunter Hawk, Abby Hyer, Claire Margetts, Mande Wollesen, and Grace Sorensen: OID placed 4th
  • JashwaAlan Cummings and Kaylie Elliott placed 5th in Duet
  • Alexis Conboy placed 6th in Poetry
  • Brooklyn Stack, Aubree Noble, Maddi Pelton, Spencer Blundell and Jameson Margetts: OID placed 6th
  • Paige Carattini placed 6th in both Informative and Persuasive 

The team as a whole placed fifth out of eight teams overall.

"There is nothing we could have done better," coach Brenda Lanphear said. "We couldn't have practiced more, we couldn't have dressed better, we just presented all of what CHS speech had to offer. I'm so proud of how the kids conquered this season."