Friday, February 10, 2017

Summer vs. Winter


     It is winter! Do you enjoy winter? I hope you do enjoy it because you have a while to go with all this snow. Are you eager for summer to arrive? With any season that comes you are always going to have to deal with, even if you don't enjoy it. Students in Chadron High School seem to like summer more than winter.
     There are many reasons why students enjoy summer more than winter. Sophomore Kaylie Elliott said, "I resent the cold, and adore the heat."
     Many have said that they just don't like the snow. Senior Alex Nobling said, "There is more freedom in the summer and driving is a lot easier." Students have also said that they enjoy the heat and the longs day of sleeping in and staying up late.
     Students have also said there are many more activities in summer than there are in winter. You can go golfing, swimming, gardening, and many more. Sophomore Mackenzie Scoggan said she can get back to her rodeo in the summer.

Valentine's Day is Coming!!

         Valentine's Day is approaching, and who doesn't LOVE this affection filled holiday? Well students from Chadron High definitely do, with the exception of a few, that is.
          Moriah Hastings, CHS sophomore, is a big fan of aspects of Valentine's Day. She loves that people are happy because it makes her happy. She loves the excessive amounts of food and candy, but thinks that the heart-shaped candies are "corny." She does think that the holiday can sometimes be a little too "extra" and "unnecessary." Overall, Moriah thinks it is a fun day to celebrate and eat, but really isn't too important and shouldn't be taken too seriously.
           Dominic Nobiling, CHS sophomore, has strong feelings against the holiday. He feels that it is unimportant and does not need to be celebrated. His favorite part of the holiday is when it's over, (because all of the candy is on clearance). Dominic also feel's that it is definitely one of the most useless holidays "right behind Columbus Day."
            Mackenzie Scoggan, also a CHS sophomore, feels that this holiday is slightly "forced" because love and affection shouldn't just be shown on one single day, it should be spontaneous, but she does think that this day is important. "It gives people a day to show their love for another," Mackenzie said. She is in agreement with I'm sure many other people, when she says that her favorite part about Valentine's Day is the large amounts of candy available to her. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Favorite winter activities

     There are many things to do in the winter. People have different ideas on the perfect winter day.          Mrs. Summerville says her favorite thing to do in the winter is to sit next to the fire place with a fire going and read a book while drinking hot chocolate. Mrs. Summerville says that it is very relaxing and a feel good moment to sit and read a book. She also likes to go sledding. 
     Mr. McLain says his favorite thing to do is play basketball and workout with Mr. Sandstrom and Mr. Bach. McLain stated, "I enjoy being active. It makes me feel alive, and Mr Sandstrom is my best friend, even though he constantly reminds me how much stronger he is than me." 
     April Hardy says the best way to spend a cold winter day is to drink hot chocolate or tea and play video games all day. April is an introvert ,and she really loves video games. 
     Both Maggie Hughes and Shelby Blundell both say they love to play with their dogs in the snow.
     Jill Paopao likes to sled with her kids. Paopao said, "My kids love it and going down a hill really fast is thrilling." 
     Nikki Scarrow says her favorite thing to do is to build snowmen. Nikki says she gets exercise, and she has fun making snowmen.

Chadron High Getting Vending Machine

     Chadron High School is finally getting a vending machine. You may be asking yourself where CHS got the money for this vending machine. Well, they were given the money through a grant.
     The grant for the Vending Machine was written by Brenda Fritzler, Coordinator of Lunch Time Solutions. Jerry Mack, High School Principal, has been working on getting something to help with food for those students who have after school activities because most students do not just have one but they have multiple activities they participate in after school.
     There will be a variety of foods inside this vending machine. Lunch Time Solutions will be stocking the vending machine with healthy, fresh foods. The vending machine will fit the nutritional foods policy. The snacks that are behind the counter in the lunch room are some of the snacks that will be in the vending machine. 
     Even if you have food allergies there will still be options for you. Mr. Mack stated, "The prices will be the same as the prices for the foods behind the counter," which will be beneficial for students.      The money that this machine makes will go towards buying the food for the machine.  Mr. Mack stated, "We should be getting the vending machine in the next week or so. It has been ordered and is on its way."

CHS 8th Grade Orientation

Everyone who has attended high school remembers their eighth grade orientation; the big step of becoming a high school student. On the afternoon of May 10th, 69 eighth grade students will be attending eighth grade orientation to become Chadron High students.
    At orientation, students will be listening to a speech  by the principal, Jerry Mack. Later, enrolled CHS students will lead group discussions about activities, clubs, and athletics. In addition, they will be talking to the school counselor.
    To enroll these students Loni Watson, the guidance counselor, will be attending meetings with teachers and departments to decide what courses can be offered to the students. In addition, Mrs. Watson stated that she would “meet with each student individually and make a 4 year game plan” for their high school career. Hopefully, this process will make the eighth graders become more comfortable with the idea of high school and being in the high school.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CHS Home Speech Meet

The CHS speech team hosted their home meet on Saturday Feb. 4.
        The Chadron Home Speech was a massive success on February 4.
        Rebecca Dubs, head coach of the CHS speech team, arranged almost the entire meet and a total of ten teams arrived. Dubs planned and executed everything from the judges hospitality room to announcing finals to cleaning up after the meet. Her work resulted in a happy audience, contented contestants, and jolly judges. By the time awards were announced, by Dubs's calculations, the entire ceremony was early. 
        The few bumps Dubs encountered were easily fixed, and hardly noticed. Her accomplishment is surprising since she has only been speech coach for two years, and only received help from Zach Banzhaf, first year assistant coach of the speech team. 
        While the speech team didn't win its flight, more then half the team placed in finals including: OID Abby Hyer, Mande Wolleson, Grace Sorenson, and Hunter Hawk (The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet, 4th), OID Madison Sandstrom, Madison Stein, and Wren Chamberlain (Gee, 5th), OID Sydney Brown, Claire Margetts, Katie Lewin, JashwaAlan Cummings, Kaylie Elliot (Greek Mythology Extravaganza, 2nd), Duet Abby Hyer and Claire Margetts (Santa Runs a Sweatshop, 6th), Duet Alyssa Noble and Emily Blaylock (How to Survive a Horror Movie, 4th), Humorous Walt Mays (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, 3rd), Humorous Madison Sandstrom ("10 Easy Steps to Humiliation" 5th), Poetry Colette Mahr (3rd), Poetry Evelyn McEwen (2nd), Poetry JashwaAlan Cummings (1st), Persuasive Paige Carattini (5th), and Persuasive Hunter Hawk (4th).

CHS February Dance

     On Saturday February 25, FBLA, Interact, and FFA are hosting a dance for the high school students in the Commons.
     According to Interact Treasurer Mia Adams, this dance is being thrown to celebrate the end of FFA week.  It is also intended to remove stress near the end of the quarter, and to bring together some of CHS's major clubs.  
     This dance will have basic lighting and decor, and will be held from 9 p.m. until midnight.  Senior Greta Welch will be DJing the dance from a pre-approved playlist. Adams stated that admission will be $5 per person or five cans per person to donate to the local food pantry.  Dress is whatever you choose, with the exceptions of shorts, sweats, and incredibly fancy (Homecoming or Prom) dresses.  
     Adams hopes that "we have a good turnout, and that everyone will have fun dancing with their peers" at the the upcoming CHS dance. 

Girls Basketball Vs. Saint Thomas More

Jadyn McCartney puts up a jump shot against a trifecta of St. Thomas More defenders.

     On Friday the 3rd, the Chadron High School Cardinals had a home game against a very talented team, Saint Thomas More. Throughout the past years, it has always been very difficult for the Chadron girls to beat this team, but they stayed with them for a few quarters on Friday.
      In the first quarter, the score was very close, and the Cardinals trailed 6-10. "The girls played very good team defense, and they handled Saint Thomas More's full court man press better than they have in past years," said girls' basketball coach Coach McLain. Their defense helped a lot, but was not enough to stop the STM girls from scoring.
      Although the girls played good defense, they could not find consistency on offense to score. Jadyn McCartney led the Cardinals in points, putting up 20 out of the 24. Teagan Westemeier and Tyleigh Strotheide also had two points each.
      The Chadron Cardinals trailed at halftime 14-8, and could not score enough to beat the Saint Thomas More girls. The final score ended up 38-24, as Chadron held STM to a score lower than what they are used to. The Cardinal girls are now 11-9 and have sub-districts on February 14 in Alliance, against the Gordon-Rushville Mustangs.


    Every year, February 14th is a dedicated day to show the ones you love, just how much you love them.
    At Chadron High School, they spread the love by sending kiss-o-grams. Kiss-o-grams are sponsored by Student Council. What they are, are a personalized note to a friend with a Hershey's chocolate kiss. You can purchase these from Naleya Goings (freshman), Claire Margetts (sophomore), Cody Madsen (Junior), or Danielle Johnson (senior).
     The cost is one kiss for a quarter or five kisses for a dollar. The money from this goes just to the purchase of the kisses, but if there happens to be leftover money, the money then goes to Student Council to send out scholarships towards the end of the year, said Mrs.Lindsey, student council sponsor.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CHS Locker Importance

Across America, most high schools have one thing in common in the school halls, lockers. In Chadron High, they seem to be used more than popular belief, however many students still use their lockers.
Pamela Fisher (an 11th grader), Grace Sorenson (a 9th grader), and Katryna King (a 10th grader), all use their lockers to store their school supplies. Pamela uses her locker to store her supplies because she says, “It is too much of a hassle. It's easier to just carry my school stuff in my backpack.” Grace also believes this to be true as she said, “It is a nice place to store things I don't want to carry with me all day, such as books or a coat.” Katryna uses her locker everyday to get her stuff as well as two bags.
On the flip side, Brooklyn Fritzler and Bristyn Cummings do not use, or hardly use their lockers. Brooklyn doesn’t use her locker because according to her, “It's too thin, I don't know my combo, and I don't know where it is at.” Bristyn only uses her locker for her P.E. clothes, so she doesn’t have to carry two bags. Instead of lockers, Brooklyn suggested that, "We should have a section of lockers, and we should replace some with vending machines and benches.”