Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Glasses vs. Contacts

      More than six in ten people wear glasses or contacts. Many students at Chadron High School use visual aids.
      April Hardy, a student at CHS, wears contacts and glasses. She's had three pairs of glasses since fourth grade and contacts since eighth grade. April said, "I don't know the exact prescription, but my eyesight is pretty bad. For a couple days, it was hard to get used to putting contacts in. It was really hard to get up close with my eyes." April says that insurance paid for contacts, so it only cost her about fifty dollars.
     Taya Leija, also a student at CHS, wears glasses. She's had her glasses since January of 2016. Taya says that it's hard to see even with her glasses, "I would like contacts, but sadly I can't get them. During One Acts I have to take off my glasses, and it really affects my eyesight. I get really bad headaches and trip over a lot of things." Taya had to pay about three hundred dollars for her glasses.
      Greta Welch, another student at CHS, wears contacts and glasses. She has a prescription of -1.75 in both eyes. Greta has had contacts since eighth grade and glasses since fifth grade. Greta says that contacts can start to hurt if left in for a long time or she falls asleep with them in. It took her about a week to get used to them.
      Gabrielle King, also a student at CHS, has had glasses since she was seven. She is near-sighted and can't see anything without her glasses. Gabrielle says that she has been through seven or eight pairs of glasses, but the ones that she has now cost three hundred dollars.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Your Favorite Disney and Pixar movies

     There are many different Disney and Pixar movies that have been created. Many people like many different movies for many different reasons.
     Chadron High Librarian, Tracy Summerville, could not choose between her favorite movies, so she decided to go with the top three. She said her top three favorite movies were Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story and Aladdin. Chadron High Teacher Willie Uhing said his favorite movies was The Loin King. Nicole Scarrow said that her favorite was also Beauty and the Beast. Kendra Smyres says her favorites were also Beauty and the Beast. Others include, Cinderella and Snow White. Kayah Bynes said that her favorite movie was Wall-E. Kaylie Elliott said her favorite Disney Pixar movie was Finding Nemo
       Many people choose one favorite character out of a story. Summerville said that her favorite character from Beauty and the Beast was Belle. Her favorite character from Toy Story was Woody, and her favorite character from Aladdin is Genie. Kendra's favorite character from Beauty and the beast is Belle. Her favorite character from Cinderella is of coarse Cinderella. Lastly her favorite character from beauty and the beast is sleepy. Elliot said that her favorite character from Finding Nemo  is Squirt. Mr. Uhing's favorite Character from The Lion King are Rafiki, Mufasa, and the Hyenas. Nikki said her favorite character from Beauty and the Beast is Lumier, the little candle stick. Kayah says her favorite person from Wall-E are the fat people in the cars.
       Tracy says that Belle is her favorite character because she is kind hearted, and she looks past appearances. She likes Woody because he is cautious, and he thinks things through. She said she likes Genie because he is funny and has many personalities. Kendra states that she likes Belle because, "Instead of picking the obvious guy she goes for the complete opposite of what you would expect." She likes Cinderella because she is brave and true to herself. She also likes sleepy because he is adorable and has a bubbly personality. Mr. Uhing says he likes Mufasa because he is wise and noble. He also says that the hyenas are freaking hilarious.
      Mrs. Summerville, Kendra, and Kayah all prefer Disney over Pixar. Kaylie and Nikki like Pixar

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Speech team starts

     Kids talking to walls, muttering to themselves, talking in multiple voices, what does all of this have to do with what I am talking about... Speech session.  Speech session has finally started in Chadron High School.
     Practices began November 28th, and the first competition is January 21st, said speech coach Rebecca Dubbs. 
     Speech is a fun activity where students get to create and perform speeches, scripts, and stories, and you get to rehearse the same speech throughout the season, said Dubbs.  
     There are many different types of speeches: persuasive, informative, extemporaneous, humorous & serious prose, entertainment, poetry, duet, and oral interpreation of drama.  
     Speech meets are held with 3 rounds with 2 flights each.  Students present their speech two times for different judges.  If placed first or second in their round and flight, they will present one more time in a final round.  
     Meets are on Saturdays but districts and state take place during the week. Meets begin at 8:30 and don't get home till around 9 or 10 PM.

Quinton Aaron speaks at CHS

     On November 14th, Quinton Aaron, a well known actor from The Blind Side, came to Chadron High School to talk to students about bullying.
     According to Mr. Mack, principal, CHS did not have to pay for expenses in order to have Quinton as our speaker. A grant from Gering paid for his expenses. Furthermore, students sold tickets for $10 to have dinner with Quinton, but the money will go the Quinton Aaron to help with travel expenses.
     In 2009, Quinton Aaron's acting career launched when he played the role of Michael Oher. Because of the film, The Blind Side, he was nominated for several awards including Teen Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards, and Black Reel Award. Later on in his life, he was featured in several t.v. shows and movies.
     However, in 1990, he created a foundation called The Quinton Aaron Foundation. Through this, Quinton wants to reach out to kids who gets bullied and find ways to stop it. The foundations goal is provide hope, encouragement, and confidence to kids.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


     Thanksgiving is always full of family, fun and food. It's a time to think about all the things your thankful for, and also time for thinking, "Why did I eat so much?" 
     At Chadron High School, senior Kaitlyn Haug,  claims that the biggest thing she is thankful for is that her life is not a terrible one, and she has people around her that love her. Sophomore, Carstyn says that she is thankful for her friends and family. 
     Thanksgiving is the perfect time of the year to gather with family and enjoy their company. Many families have traditions for what they do every year and certain foods that they always have. Kaitlyn's family goes around the table before they eat and everyone tells about what they are thankful for. Every year the common foods that her family has consists of turkey, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and stuffing. As for pie, Kaitlyn is not a fan of any so she doesn't really pay attention to the pies her families have. 
     Carstyn's family doesn't have a typical "tradition" every year, while her family just comes together at her house and enjoys the holiday together. At her family's Thanksgiving they have both ham and turkey, as well as a huge variety of different foods. Her favorite pie is chocolate, even though that it's not typically at a Thanksgiving dinner and her least favorite pies are apple and pumpkin.

How Allergies Affect Chadron High Students

      Grass, dogs, cats, fruits, dairy products, gluten, medicine, metals. What do these all have in common? They're all allergens, which can affect the daily lives of some Chadron High students.
      Taya Leija, a sophomore, is allergic to multiple things people are around daily. She is allergic to anything with gluten or dairy, grass, cats, Paraben (a chemical compound used in cosmetics and other products), latex, alfalfa, nickel, and copper, which are just a few. To deal with all of these allergens Taya said, “I can't eat anything that has gluten wheat or dairy. I take allergy medicine for cats. I just don't deal with the other three." However, when she comes in contact with her allergens above, Taya said, "I just have to use a steroid cream, but if I eat it I have to let it run its course.”
April Hardy, a senior, is allergic to Aspirin. When coming in contact with her allergen April stated that she "breaks out in itchy hives from my thighs, along my ribs, and underarms." However, no medical attention was needed when she came into contact with Aspirin at first.
Madison Stein, a freshman, is allergic to bananas. As a young child, she used to break out in hives, but now she gets really itchy for a short period of time. To be prepared, she carries cream to help soothe the itching.

Dog People vs. Cat People

    The age old question...cats or dogs? This has been a question asked for centuries and will continue to be asked until the end of time. At Chadron High, students have their own definite thoughts about what makes the perfect pet.
    Senior, Mallory Rhembrandt and sophomores, Luke Tiensvold, Alexys Fernandez, and Moriah Hastings all err on the side of the mighty K-9. All of these students are proud dog owners and make time in their busy lives to play with their furry friends for at least 30 minutes a day. Alexys even said, “I play with my dog periodically throughout the entire day.” 
    The students all have good reasons for being the dog lover they are. Mallory has had her dog, Stella for two years and has become very attached to her. Luke is also very attached to his seven year-old dog, and told that they even “sleep together some nights.” Moriah is also very fond of her three four-legged pets. She said, “They keep my stress level down, are great company, and always are there for me.” These students definitely have great reasons to back-up their unconditional love for their pups.
    Teagan Westemeier, a senior, and Michael Collins, a junior, both consider themselves cat people. Teagan recently got her cat, Smudge, and has been completely infatuated by it ever since. Although she is a dog owner as well, she swings more towards being a cat person rather than a dog person. Michael has multiple barn cats. He doesn't see them too often, but it's always nice when he does. They are very useful to have around because they “eat the mice and help out a lot.”