Thursday, May 9, 2019

Honor's Night

      Monday May 6th Honor's Night took place in the high school auditorium at 7 P.M. Honor's Night is a night where the faculty and the families of seniors honor the seniors for their life choices, whether it be attending college in the fall, receiving scholarships, going to the army, or going straight into the work force. 
      According to guidance counselor Mrs. Watson, "Honor's Night is always on the Monday before graduation." Mrs. Watson organized the entire event herself. She organized things like asking local community members to present scholarships to the students. There are also Presidential awards that are given out to anyone with a 3.5 GPA or over. 
     Anyone is welcome at Honor's Night, specifically though, the parents of the seniors and their loved ones. 
     Honor's Night is a wonderful night that honors the seniors for their most exciting accomplishments.


     The graduation for the senior class of 2019 will take place in the gymnasium at Chadron High School on May 11th, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.
     The class colors will be black, red, silver, the class flower will be "white rose." The class song the seniors have chosen is "On My Way" by Phil Collins. The motto for the gradates for the class 2019 is, "We grew together- now it is our freedom to go our separate ways and give what we can to the world" ~Unknown.
     Senior Taurie Pourier says she's excited to graduate " continue on with life and grow to be the person I want to be." Taurie says she is ready to move on and find new friends and make new memories. Taurie also states, "I am also excited to close a chapter of my life and begin a new one." 
     Adelia Fernau is excited to graduate because she can make her own morals and values. Another senior, Mandelin Wollesen says, "I am most excited to graduate mainly to be out of high school!" She says that it will be relaxing for awhile until she has to go back to work. Mandelin also states, "Graduating high school means I'm one step closer to leaving Chadron and going to college."
     Claire Margetts says she is very excited for the change and is ready for something new. Although she states that she is "...extremely appreciative of all the opportunities I've had here in Chadron and am thankful for all the people I've met." 

Account balances due before school is out

           At Chadron High School, there are many different balances that need to be paid before leaving. The types vary from lunch accounts to locker locks. 
           Tricia Berry, Chadron High School secretary, said, "There are many different balances that need paid. The main ones are lunch accounts, library books, calculators, iPads, textbooks, fail to return sports equipment, and PE lockers." At CHS there are not many people at the end of the year who do still have fines due, but for the people who do still have fines Tricia Berry and staff try as hard as they can to work out a payment scheduled for the fines.
           Berry said, "Account balances must be paid by the end of the school year, or you will not get checked out of school, you will get no final report card, no diploma, and if not paid by the following year you will not get an iPad until you have your funds paid for." 
           If you are a student at CHS it would be a great idea to get your account balances paid before the end of the year and not have a burden on your shoulders. 

Chadron Cardinal's Track Season

        The 2019 track team has impressed the five coaches with all of the talent in the air. Every coach has had many expectations reached, and they always enjoy being impressed by their athletes.
        Running events have had great improvement this year, with many athletes giving tremendous effort and significant consistency throughout the season. As a whole coaching staff Sidney has been agreed upon to be a competitor this year in a wide range of events. Although, the Cardinals have worked hard during this season and are able to keep the continuous competitiveness.
        The Chadron Cardinals track team welcomed four of five new coaches this year. New head coach, Blakelee Hoffman, has been much triumph with all of the runners, jumpers, and throwers. She said the team has really stood out this season, with several winnings and placings.
        While working with the sprinters and jumpers, Coach Mitch Barry has seen the hard working side of these athletes. So far, this season for him has been exciting with the competition between other track teams.
        Coach Eric Calkins has thought of this season as "fantastic" for many reasons. One being the repetition for the girls winning the Best of the West and the Western Conference meets. The Chadron High girls' team had not yet won the Western Conference title, until the 2019 season. Another aspect that has been rewarding for Calkins is the competitive style of each and every athlete.
        Not only has Coach Calkins been proud of the girls' team, but Coach Margaret Gregory has been working with a few of the successful athletes on the team. As a first year coach, she has said, "It has been one of the best parts about being a first year teacher." Coach Gregory has worked with her 800 meter to 3,200 meter runners and has found strength in every one of them. She said, "The boys and girls 4x8 team has really strong runners." Results of their races have been some of her favorite memories this year.
        Coach Clete Budler has been working on the other side of the track team. This year he started with many young throwers and was not expecting such an enjoyable outcome. The improvement of returning throwers has been an important part of the season. He has very affluent throwers this year and is hoping to carry it into next year.
        Both the boys' and girls' teams have outstanding athletes who have earned their winnings. All of the athletes have set their personal records very high, but strive to accomplish it every time. This year's season has been one to remember.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

New Schedule for Teachers

            At Chadron High School, Mrs. Carrattini resigned from her position as the foods and nutrition teacher. Some changes were made in Mr. Matt's, Mrs. Budler's, and Mrs. Noble's schedule for next year.
           Mr. Matt will be teaching accounting along with his usual computer classes. "I don't think it will really make much difference, I will have the same amount of classes to prepare for," said Mr. Matt. Although he is going to teach a different class, he will remain with the same number of classes to teach as before. Mr. Matt has taught accounting before so it, "will not be a new experience." None of the computer classes will have to be dropped to make room for accounting, there will just be more students in a class.
           Mrs. Budler's schedule will go from having accounting and one foods and nutrition's class to having no accounting classes. She will be teaching all of the Family & Consumer Sciences next year. "This means I will be the only FCS teacher in the department, so I will teach all the classes currently being taught in that room," said Mrs. Budler. Those classes include Introduction to FCS, Foods, Nutrition & Wellness, Human Relations & Child Development, Culinary Arts I, and Culinary Arts II. The additional classes won't be a problem, because Mrs. Budler said, "I taught the Human Relations & Child Development class for 17 years!"
           Mrs. Noble will be teaching personal finance next year. "I don't think it will be as challenging for me, because I am only taking in one additional class," said Mrs. Noble. She will continue teaching Spanish I and II along with her additional class. Business was Mrs. Noble's original endorsement, so when she heard there was an opening she, "filed as soon as she could." Most of her classes will be fairly full due to her only teaching one block of personal finance.
           Mr. Mack, Chadron High School principal, said, "When teachers retire or resign we always look at it as an opportunity to make changes as needed ... or wanted." In this case, the teacher resigned which, "resulted in us having to find a full time FCS teaching, which Mrs. Budler requested to fill along with her current Culinary Classes." This made her schedule too full, which she had to lose her business classes. Mrs. Budler and Mr. Matt split her business classes according to what they taught previously. Swapping the teachers instead of hiring a new one made it, "easier for everyone." They didn't have to have two separate teachers teaching the same class. "It was stress free and fit everyone's needs," said Mr. Mack.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Favorite Flower

          There are many unique flowers around the world that people favor the most. Some people might like the Alstroemeria, Anemone, Carnations, or Cherry-Blossoms, just the name a few popular flowers. The high school is filled with many unique people who like very unique flowers.
     Taylyn Clark, sophomore student, has a liking to the orange snapdragon flower, "I love the orange color and how it sometimes fades into a pink color towards the end of the petals. Also the scent is very pleasant."
      Mrs. Berry adores Hawaii, her favorite flower is the hibiscus flower. "I love tropical flowers, because Hawaii is my favorite vacation spot."
      Mrs. Lanphear adores dandelions, "I love how large they can grow and their vibrate color."
      "I love peony flowers, because they are large blossoms, but the sad thing is they only survive for a little while," stated Mrs.Paopao.
      Mr. Mack favored not only roses, but wild roses, "They're often grown wild around the places I've grown up. I have sentimental memories of riding by on a horse smelling them in the air, stopping to cut a few to bring home."
      Lucy Biernacki and Turie Pourier chose flowers called the stargazer lilly," I love the pink and red mixing into each other for every pedal," stated Lucy. "They are super pretty and not many people like lilies," stated Turie.
      There are many flowers, from a tropical hibiscus flower to a stargazer lilly, and a Californian flower. Many people have many opinions on flowers whether they like the color or the scent of the flower. Chadron High School is filled with flower loving, unique people.

Spring Choir Concert

    On Tuesday April 30, 2019, the 7th, 8th, high school choir, Cedar Street Singers, Jr. Cardinal Singers, and Cardinal Singers all performed. The 7th, 8th, high school choir, and Cedar Street Singers all performed at 6 o'clock p.m. Then at 7 o'clock p.m. the Cardinal Singers, Jr. Cardinal Singers, and some solos and duets were performed as well.
     The 7th and 8th grade choir started off the concert with four songs in their set starting with the song "Dona Nobis Pacem," followed by "Fight Song," "Country Roads," and finishing with the song "All Night, All Day." Next the high school choir started their set off with the song, "Dona Nobis Pacem," followed by "Kilinka," and finished the set with the song "Perfect" while joined by the 7th and 8th grade choir. Cedar Street Singers finished off the first concert with their songs "Trouble" and "Rolling in the Deep."
     The Cardinal Singers jumped off the beginning of the second concert with singing the National Anthem. They then began their set singing, "Blue Skies," "Fever," "Soul With A Capitol S," "And So It Goes," "Attention," "Pass Me The Jazz," and "Feeling Good. Between the songs the Junior Cardinal Singers sang their Grease & 1650 Broadway Medley set. There were many other solos, duets, and group performances by the students as well. Lateisha Ngoi, Jay Milburn, Drew Milburn, Lauren Collins, Patrick Rust, Maralee Rischling, Taurie Pourier, and 5 Guys Wearing Ties, all showed off their mind blowing talents.