Friday, October 11, 2019

Sophomore Prom Fundraiser

     The sophomores of Chadron High reached out to the community to raise money for the sophomore prom.
     For two weeks, the sophomores have been raising money in order to pay for prom expenses. They are raising the money through, where you can buy products varying from gift wrap to gourmet desserts. Mrs. Yager and Mrs. Budler, the sophomore and freshmen advisers, are in charge of this event.
     According to Mrs. Budler, "The sophomores currently have $1,600 in profit."
     The goal by the end of the fundraiser is about $3,500. About sixty percent of the cash earned will go to the class of 2021 for their prom and the other forty percent will go to the class of 2022 for their prom. Any money left over from the prom will go to graduation.   

Cardinals Softball defeat the Alliance Bulldogs

Kaitlyn Jensen pitches a strike against Alliance

     Chadron Cardinals varsity softball team took on the Alliance Bulldogs for a win, with a score of
     According to the head coach Jodi Hendrickson, the girls started out strong and played relaxed the entire game.
     Player Malia Burwell, explained that the girls had struggled with communicating with each other. The girls were tied 2-2 at the bottom of the third inning, Bristyn Cummings hit a single on a 1-0 count, scoring one run. From there the girls just kept scoring. Mikayla Wild and Ella O'Brien both had home runs in the fourth inning enabling them to run rule the Alliance Bulldogs.
     Hendrickson also stated that Kaitlyn Jensen had an outstanding game when it came to her pitching. She never walked a single player. "Her strike percentage was incredible and she ended up striking four girls out." Malia said, The girls hit into gaps, which made us score even more." The girls stayed up the whole game and only had one error the entire game.
     The team had played Alliance a few times this season, but never won. They pushed through in four innings, said Hendrickson.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Chadron High knows anime

     More than 1 million people on earth watch anime. Anime is one of the most popular genres of animation out there. Most people would think that because of where Chadron is, that they won't know what anime is. However, there's more people that know about it than one would think. 
Several people at Chadron High know about anime, but maybe not exactly what it is. A bunch of students said its, just Tv shows, or manga (a backwards comic book) but turned into a cartoon, or just a cartoon. Anime, is similar to what they said, but it’s actually a Japanese animation show.
What people generally like about it is the fact that it's, entertaining, there’s a lot of options of shows, the main character of an anime really stand out, and the fact that it’s got some great humor.
Things people generally don’t like about it is that fact that some “characters attitudes aren’t realistic” as Eva Hare pointed out. Other reasons people don’t like it is that the English actors don’t sound very good, or they don’t fit the characters they were assigned. 
Some of the anime shows that people picked as their favorite were, Ouran High School Host Club, Pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Sword Art Online. Elizabeth Faye Harrison said that Ouran High School Host Club was her favorite because “it’s funny but sad,” and only the people who have watched it would understand. 
However, there are some people out there that got into anime for a different reason. Some people got into it because they have a sibling who watches it with them. Elizabeth watches it with her siblings.
Anime can be entertaining, but some people don’t like it. There are lots of different anime out there, so give them a try. 

The Interact Club helps History in Action Day

     The Chadron High School Interact Club, a volunteer group dedicated "to making Chadron a better place" helped out at History in Action Day on September 29, 2019 at the Dawes County Museum.
     History in Action Day is an event that's held by the Dawes County Museum that shows how life was lived in the 1800's. Students' jobs included quartering apples, churning butter, working at a concession stand, which served free drinks, cookies, and homemade ice cream, and making apple cider. The Dawes County Museum has old toys, dolls, hair salon machines, a schoolhouse, and a 1800's style country house.
      Grace Sorenson, a senior and president of the Interact Club said, "We try to help the community in any way possible to make Chadron a better place. The Dawes County Museum has been a great asset to Chadron for many years." Sorenson says the Interact Club was, "just helping a part of Chadron."
      The Interact Club has been volunteering at this event for four years and they plan on volunteering for many years to come, said Roger Wess, a member of the Rotary Club, which sponsors Interact Clubs for high schools.
     "The goals for Interact are to develop leadership skills and active participation in community and international organization," Wess said. "Rotary Clubs sponsor Interact Clubs for high school students to prepare them to be community leaders as adults in their churches, civic clubs, community development projects, as well as state, federal, and international activities." He said that Rotary Clubs want to prepare to solve problems, not complain, and History in Action Day is "a good opportunity to work with adults, many quite elderly, to provide a hands-on experience with life as it was lived many years ago." Wess said that students, "often has to make decisions about helping children and others get the most benefit from their afternoon at Dawes County. Interact Students provided a service to our community."

Favorite movies at CHS

      Students at Chadron High School have different favorite movies.
      Cathy Galley loves watching Harry Potter movies while she's at home. She started watching them after the fifth season, also her favorite character in the movie is Ron Wesley. She loves watching Harry Potter because it's about fantasy and adventure.
      Brianna Larsen's favorite movie is Spirit Of Zamora. She loves watching that movie because it's about fiction and western. She started watching that movie when she heard that it was about horses. Also her favorite character in that movie is Spirit. She likes that character because he goes on adventures throughout his life.
      Katie O'Donnell's favorite movie is Courage. Her favorite character in that movie is Adam Mitchell and Javier Martinez. She loves those characters because Adam feels bad about people that struggle, and Javier is always making people laugh even when people are feeling down. She started watching this movie when it first came out in theaters. Also she loves the movie because it's based on real life events, it shows that people are very courageous, and it makes you really emotional. "It tugs at your heart strings," said Katie.

Girls' golf competes in Alliance

     On Monday, September 30 the girls' golf team competed at Alliance competing against 7 schools in Division 1.
     According to Mr. Bach, the girls' golf coach, the team was able to get themselves out of trouble when a miss-hit occurred. However, he also said that there he saw some weaknesses, but there are always things to improve on.
     According to Mr. Bach, Maddi Pelton, Jackson Smith, and Raeleigh Bridges all PR'ed with a score of 87, 118, and 120 respectively. Maddi Pelton has been the leading team this year, however, the girls have all cut down their scores and have all set personal records at some point this season, said Mr. Bach. The team also had a PR of 424, said Mr. Bach.
     Jackson Smith, varsity player 4, said that her strong suit was putting, however, her drives were horrible. Maddi Pelton, varsity player 1, said that her strengths were drives and fairway shots. She feels that she has improved on "the mental aspect of the game." She said she doesn't get as nervous as she used to, and she "just tries to go out there and play [her] game of golf."
     Mr. Bach said that the Alliance meet was the coldest meet that they had attended of the season, and the wind chill made it feel a lot colder.
     Smith said that the weather affected her performance by freezing her hands which made it harder to swing. Mr. Bach said, "I think playing in cold weather is always difficult. The thing about it is all the girls have to fight through the same weather."
     Mr. Bach was very happy with the team's performance and said they have improved every meet.


     With fall starting a couple weeks ago, some Chadron High School students have had the season of fall on their mind.
     Many students indicated that fall was their favorite season. Multiple students said this because they enjoy the activities that fall has to offer. These activities include cuddling, watching scary movies, hiking, or going for a walk in the fall time. Ryan Vahrenkamp said, "I love cuddling with my girlfriend."
     Students also seemed to enjoy the fashion of fall. Many students say that they enjoy the comforting sense of the clothing that most people wear during the fall. Kristan Rassmussen said, "I love the comfy, big, baggy sweaters."
     They also said that they like the seasonal food that comes along with fall. This includes the limited-time drinks, soup, and holiday specials. Tatum Bailey said, "I like the sweetness and warmness of fall food."
     Though fall has its positive sides, it also has its downsides for others.
     Many people brought up that they dislike how fall brings along the snow and chill with it. "I hate how cold it is," said Jacie Coupens. However, she also agrees that it is the "Perfect fall weather"
      Another student said they dislike how the amount of mud increases.