Monday, October 24, 2016

Doodlebugs: They're Probably Paying More Attention than You

   Everybody has seen it, some people hate it: people who doodle during meetings, lectures, or presentations. These people are often accused of not paying attention during said event, and are asked questions like "are you bored or something?" However, a recent study performed by psychologist Jackie Andrade at the University of Plymouth proves the opposite.
   In her study, forty participants were divided into two even groups and asked to listen to a dull recording that explained the details of a twenty-first birthday party. Half of the participants were asked to shade in small circles and squares on a sheet of paper; all forty of the participants were required to record the names of the party attendees.
   Afterwards, all forty of the participants were required to orally recall the names of the party attendees. The results showed that those who doodled remembered 29% more information than those who didn't. As for the reasoning, Andrade theorizes that doodling requires less cognitive focus than daydreaming.
   Two CHS teachers illustrate and advocate the positive effects of doodling: English teacher Brenda Lanphear and industrial tech instructor Clete Budler. Both teachers often doodle on spare pieces of paper or on the sides and backs of handouts given to them in meetings, presentations, and lectures.
   "[Doodling] helps me focus on listening," said Budler. "By having my mind occupied with listening, I'm less apt to say something that is out of context."
   On a similar note, Lanphear expressed that doodling helps her "tune into what [the presenter] is saying instead of how [she feels] about it."
   Budler often finds himself sketching mountain scenes when the presenter is dull. They are usually heavy in detail; if they aren't flowing, though, he will doodle geometric perspective drawings instead. Lanphear, on the other hand, fills her papers with smaller, simpler doodles of pond scenes, flowers (usually tulips), or broken infinity symbols with shells stemming off of them. 
   Both teachers commented that doodling does not distract them from the task at hand - it's just a way to keep their hands moving and their minds from idling. 

Stresses of the Senior Year

     Senior year is full of many memories and many lasts like school dances, sporting events, and club activities. But senior year is also full of many stresses. 
     At Chadron High, the stresses are real for seniors Kaci Waugh and April Hardy. Kaci states that her three top stresses this year are college visits during the busy school year, deadlines, and finding scholarships or other "free money." While April states that her top three stresses are applying to colleges with expensive application fees, finding motivation for anything, and wanting to be involved but being overwhelmed by a busy schedule. 
     As senior year approaches, many seniors find themselves thinking "I wish I would've....". Kaci wishes she would've taken college visits at the end of her junior year and the summer going into senior year. April wishes she would've saved more money, kept a better schedule, had better self-discipline, and planned ahead. Both seniors agree that the best advice for underclassmen is to get involved. It makes the "high school experience" so much more worthwhile. 
     Both seniors agree that a good way to cope with this stress is by talking to trustworthy adults like CHS guidance counselor, Mrs. Watson or parents. April goes into further detail and explains that ways she also copes with stress is napping, going outside, listening to music, watching her fish or petting her animals and lighting candles/incense. Mrs. Watson recommends that students talk to past CHS graduates who have "been there, done that." She believes that some good coping skills are to spend some time each day to reflect on both the positives and negatives, be able to accept support when you need it, and to spend quality time with the people you love. Stress is normal and natural, but too much stress can prevent you from reaching goals and being productive. Watson states, "If anyone at CHS feels that they need help and support coping with stress I want them to know they can always come to the guidance office. High school is just a pathway; the best experiences are yet to come."

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Perspectives on the 2016 Presidential Candidates

     With the pressure from the media around this upcoming election there are many opinions and thoughts towards the two candidates, however, Chadron High School's U.S. Government teacher Craig Nobiling hopes to share his unbiased thoughts to help others develop opinions on the candidates.
      This year's election is a pairing between the Rebuplican candidate Donald Trump and the Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton. This year many people, including Nobiling, say that it is a year of "choosing the lesser of two evils where you can't find which is better in that regard."
     Nobiling said, "This is definitely a unique election. I think something that started out as a joke on the Republican side of trying to find someone who is so outspoken or so outlandish that it would shock the Democrats, became a reality"
     Nobiling said, "Hilary Clinton, former Secretary of State, former Senator, certainly presents herself as more presidential in front of the camera. It's unfortunate about her past, but the public can get over her past by her being delightful and some of the decisions she has made."
     This election is believed to be so much different than other elections and by many, including Nobiling, to hopefully just be "a memory for future generations and just be a blip on the radar if we can get through the next four years with little to no issues." But this election will also be so much different because of the massive amount of publicity. According to CNN this election is the most televised of any campaigning up to date.
     Nobiling hopes that this election will provide insight to the younger generations who are getting to voting age to care more about politics and start to pay attention to who is being chosen to run our country, and the actual policies that are being campaigned by either side of the campaign.
     "I believe it is the middle ground. The non-Democrats and non-Republicans are the ones these two candidates are going to have to entertain, per say, to win this election, and whoever can do this will inevitably take the lead and win the election," says Nobiling.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Marshallese Students

     Diversity is a unique way of learning. At Chadron High School we have diversity in our student body in our Marshallese students. A majority of the Marshallese at Chadron High School moved to Chadron for the opportunity of a better education and their church. The Marshallese here are Christian and go to church on Wednesdays at 6 and Sundays at 4.
    Some of their challenges at Chadron High are making new friends that have a different culture than them and when teachers use big academic words, but other than that they can speak and understand English well. 
    Some of their favorite parts about Chadron are the parks, basketball courts, and that it is safe enough to walk around. Many of the Marshallese at Chadron High stick within their small group of Marshallese and family, but some venture out and hangout with other students too.
    Music is big in their culture. They love to sing and dance and play the ukulele. A child's first birthday is huge also in their culture. For a child's first birthday they throw a huge party with lots of singing and dancing.
      There are about 15 Marshallese students that go to Chadron High. The Andres, Lakabung, and Eleuterios are all related and then the Wataks are just family friends.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Fashion Frolics at CHS

           When the autumn season rolls around, the tank tops and swimsuits are quickly traded in for sweaters and warm colors. Many of the students at CHS are big fans of cool weather coming in and fall fashion being in full effect, a few of them being Jadyn McCartney, Kaci Waugh, and Anabel Gardner. 
            The three are all big fans of the clothing options that come “into style” around this time of the year. These young women rattled off a list of clothing that they love to wear during the fall months, but the common interest between them all happened to be sweaters. Kaci said, “Sweaters are great for the fall because they are warm and comfortable.” 
           But sweaters were not the only clothing item mentioned as a favorite for autumn. Among them were scarves, jeans, boots, The North Face jackets, and sweatshirts. Not only do these items come into style in the fall, the preference for colors of clothes also becomes a key factor in what students wear everyday. Jadyn McCartney said that “warm colors” such as brown, orange, and maroon were some of her favorites colors to wear in autumn. 
              There definitely some huge fans of the fall season, as well as the options of clothing available at this time, but there are some people who prefer other seasons more. Jadyn said that she prefers summer to fall because of the weather, but fall fashion is definitely her favorite. 
             Others like Anabel and Kaci can strongly say that fall is their favorite season of them all. 

Clowns terrorizing towns

     For the past couple of months clowns with weapons have been terrorizing towns.
     According to Lieutenant Hickstein, of the Chadron Police Department, on Friday October 7th, there was a clown siting at the Chadron High School football game. This raises suspicion and fear to the public. He said, "There will be additional law enforcement this Halloween." In addition, there will also be press releases to educate people on how to be safe.

Success at Girls' State Golf

     Monday and Tuesday, October 10th and 11th, the Chadron High girls' golf team earned an 8th place finish in North Platte at the state golf tournament, with junior, Alpine Hickstein tying for the 2nd place title in class C-1.
    According to head coach, Loni Watson, "The first day was amazing, it was the best out of the two days."  Making state fun was having a huge crowd from Chadron come down and cheer the girls on, Watson said.
     According Watson, "It was cold to start, and by cold I mean frigid, but it got warmer as the day progressed."  The weather was definitely a disadvantage to tee off in the morning because of the fog and how many layers the players had on, she said.
     Day two the team finished right above their average, stated Watson.  The second day wasn't the best for some of the girls, but the team was still right by their average scores, said Watson.  The weather in the beginning of the day was freezing with the girls layering sweatshirts, socks, and gloves.
     First day results:
     Ahlaura Pourier, Senior, 102.
     Alyssa Noble, Senior, 117.
     Danielle Johnson, Senior, 103.
     Taurie Pourier, Sophomore, 112.
     Alpine Hickstein, Junior, 77.
     Second day results:
     Ahlaura Pourier, 112, which ended her with a 214 for both days.
     Alyssa Noble, 115, which ended her with a 232 for both days.
     Danielle Johnson, 101, which ended her with a 204 for both days.
     Taurie Pourier, 121, which ended her with a 233 for both days.
     Alpine Hickstein, 77, which ended her with a 144 for both days.