Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Great Winter Debate

     At Chadron High School, there are many people who like and dislike winter for many different reasons.
     So let's start with the haters of winter just to get the negativity out of the cold air, so to speak.
     Adelia Fernau hates winter because it's always cold, and she hates the cold. She can not go to the beach or do anything fun due to the cold and icy roads.
     Lucy Biernacki says she dislikes winter because of the cold, icy roads plus getting sick, and regardless if it is snowing she still has to go to school. Lucy lives in Crawford so road conditions are a constant worry for her, whereas, when she lived in a warmer area that was not a concern.
     Mande Wolessen says she hates driving in the snow, but really dislikes walking outside and getting the feeling her face is going to fall off because of the cold. Mande said that the school has the worst heating system ever!
     Taylyn Clark says she hates winter because it is cold and wet all the time, no matter how hard you try to stay dry the snow gets everywhere.
     Karalynn Sierra says she dislikes winter because you are constantly cold and shivering, you can't escape the cold no matter what. She cringes when she hears winter is coming.
     All five haters concluded that winter makes them very grouchy because they are constantly cold and shivering which causes their bodies to be achy.
     On the more positive side are the lovers of winter, so let's get out of the grouchy funk that the haters put us in and read what the lovers say.
     Leah Huber says she loves winter because she can go out in the snow and cold to go cruise her snow mobile and go sled riding. Leah says the best part is winter gets her out of the house more plus it freezes her basement so she gets to sleep in the cold.
     Ayla Kephart loves winter because she loves to watch the snow fall, plus it gives her an excuse to stay inside and not go anywhere.
     Mrs. Williamson loves winter a lot, not only because of the winter clothing, but she loves how the snow looks, feels, and smells. Mrs. Williamson loves to play in the snow, plus winter makes life sort of slow down.
     Hayly Clark loves winter because she can stay at home and drink hot chocolate in front of a warm fire. Hayly says in the winter there is Christmas and snow, plus she doesn't get sunburned as easy as in the summer.
     Abigail Hyer loves winter because she can go sledding or stay in and get cozy by the fire. She loves how gorgeous the town looks covered by a blanket of snow. Winter brings Abigail closer to her friends and family by just being together, because they can't go out because of the cold weather.
     The five lovers of winter say they love winter because it brings them joy, peace, more family time, happiness; over all, more positive energy.
     The conclusion of winter Haters vs. Lovers is that there are good and bad points of this season, so maybe everyone should just enjoy each of the four seasons while they last.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Ogallala Speech Meet

       On February sixteenth, the Chadron Speech team attended the Ogallala meet in Ogallala, Nebraska. The team performed well, with many of its competitors making it to finals and earning medals.
       The Ogallala meet is infamous to many schools for being an extremely large and difficult meet. CHS Senior Claire Margetts, who has been to the meet all four years of her high school career, said, “The Ogallala meet is typically the biggest and most competitive meet that we attend. Everybody brings their A-game.”  Maddi Pelton, a CHS sophomore, weighed in on the subject, “It [the Ogallala meet] is usually so big that the commons area where teams set up camp is always flooded with people, so much to the point where it is hard to walk.” 
       Margetts and Pelton both compete in two events: OID and Duet. “There were nearly twenty-six teams in both OID and Duet,” Pelton said, “This is definitely a ton considering most meets barely have ten in each event.” Most students tend to feel extremely nervous before performing at this meet no matter how talented or skilled they are. “I felt very nervous at first, considering my OID accidentally left the books we need to perform with on the bus,” Margetts said. “After we got them back I relaxed. Since it is such a big meet I didn’t expect to final nor did I feel pressure to.” 
       Both ladies did very well in both of their events; both making it to finals and placing very high. Pelton’s OID placed 10th and her duet placed 6th. Meanwhile, Margetts’s duet placed 4th and her OID, “Hercules” were the 1st place champions of their category. 
      “By far, my favorite part of the meet was making Ogallala finals for the first time in all my four years of speech,” Margetts said. “It was such a satisfying feeling and priceless moment.” However, Pelton’s favorite part of the meet was the ride home. “It’s about three hours to Ogallala. On the way there everyone just tries to catch up on some extra sleep. But on the way home everybody is fired up and starts to play games! It’s always fun to hang out with friends on the bus!” 
       Overall, the Chadron Speech team did an amazing job at one of their hardest meets of the season.  They not only perform successfully and receive awards, they also have fun while doing it. 

Chadron's Newest Restaurants

       Recently, Chadron, Nebraska, has added two new businesses to its repertoire of local restaurants. In the span of one month, both a brand new chain of Runza and a privately owned restaurant called "Far West" have opened and attracted a fair amount of business.
       Early this year, Far West had its official opening day on January 11th. With its sister location, "The Ranch," stationed and owned by a couple in Hemingford, Far West has been placed in the old building previously used by Escaramuza's. They sell a numerous amount of various cuisines, including American, Mexican, Chinese, and Thai.
       Inversely, on the west side of town, in a brand new building right behind Maurice's, Runza was opened last Friday, the 8th and is the 47th in the state. Just as it is famous state-wide for it's iconic Runza, a pocket like sandwich stuffed with hamburger meat and other accessories, Ruzna is also famous for their special deals. For example, a fan favorite happens to be "Temp Tuesday," where a customer can buy a classic Runza sandwich for the same price as the weather currently is outside. For example, in the winter months, the sandwich pockets sell for a few cents every Tuesday due to the chilly weather.
       Far West seems to have many split reviews. Grace Sorenson, a CHS junior says that she really likes the food. "I have only been there a few times, but from what I can recall, they had relatively large portion sizes. I had so much that I took half of my pad thai home with my for lunch the next day!" However, Sorenson's fellow CHS junior, Abby Gardener has inverse opinions. "The food was average tasting, greasy, and priced way too high. I also had to wait for 45 minutes for my food each time I have gone. I'm definitely not the biggest fan of the place," said Gardener.
       Runza, on the other hand, has had glowing reviews from several students. “Maybe it’s just because it is new, but I absolutely love Runza,” Gardener said. “Every time I have gone the food has been delicious, the wait time has been short, and their service has by far stood out from the other fast food restaurants in town.” Sorenson agrees, “I have only gone once, but I really enjoyed it. I must say, their ranch dressing sauce was exceptional!”
       In all, depending on one’s taste in certain foods and preference between fast food or sit down restaurants, Chadron has the locations to appease their hunger.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Favorite Breakfast Food

     Many people never get to eat their favorite breakfast food. They don't always have enough time in the morning to make it or even eat. Many students today eat breakfast at the school because they just never have enough time. Many people like hot things for breakfast like, pancakes, bacon, eggs, and french toast.
     Student, Paige Carattini prefers her morning crepes. To Paige crepes are sweet, and it's just like eating dessert for breakfast. Paige's mom makes these crepes for her but only on occasion.
     Another student Haley Mahr says that her favorite breakfast item is pancakes. These fluffy pillow like objects are delicious according to Haley. Haley or her mom will make these delicious fluffy pancakes; however, that is only on the occasion as well.
     Moriah Hastings loves to eat breakfast sandwiches. Moriah says that Daylight Donuts has the best breakfast sandwich in town and "the eggs there are amazing!" Sadly for Moriah she cannot eat her favorite food everyday because money doesn't just grow on trees.
     Kellie Waugh who is also a student says that she prefers chocolate chip pancakes. Kellie likes this food because she loves sweet things. However, just like most students Kellie only gets this food on occasion because high school students do not always have time to make themselves food before rushing out the door for school.
     High school guidance counselor Loni Watson says that she loves runny eggs and corn beef hash for breakfast. To Mrs. Watson her favorite breakfast food is salty and delicious. Even though she is an adult, Mrs. Watson only gets her favorite breakfast on special occasions.
     High school athletic supervisor Meg Williamson says that her favorite breakfast item is just classic eggs. Mrs. Williamson loves her eggs because they are fast, easy, and nutritious. Mrs. Williamson is different than the rest in the fact that she eats her favorite breakfast at least once a week. She also makes this nutritious breakfast at home.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Favorite Kinds of Movies

     People have different interests in movies, whether it's comical, horror, sad, or action movies. Several students at CHS have interests in movies that are extremely different from one another. 
    Student, Dillan Sayaloune enjoys the movie South Paw. He enjoys this movie because it's sad and intense and tells a great story. The movie depicts a story of a man who is a fighter, and he fights to make money for his family. He never gives up. Dillan said, "I enjoy watching this movie with my family while eating popcorn."
     Student, Emajen Goings enjoys action type of movies. Her favorite movie is Bird Box. She enjoys this movie because the woman in the movie is so brave and passionate about her two children, and she is a risk taker. The woman in the movie will also do anything for the people she loves. Emajen enjoys watching this movie with her siblings while munching on takis and hot cheetos.
     Student, Kyrah Huss enjoys humorous movies. Her favorite movie is The Bee Movie. She likes this movie because it promotes saving the bees, and it provides a great amount of humor. Kyrah enjoys watching this movie with her family while eating M&Ms and popcorn.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sports Fanatics

     Many people are multiple sport athletes, but everyone always has that one sport they love the most.
     For Trevor Berry, Patrick Rust, and Zach Collins, that favorite sport is basketball. For Trevor and Zach, they enjoy being on the court with their friends and have been playing since they were young. Pat enjoys basketball because it is something that has always been there for him since he was young.
     Pat's favorite basketball memory is from his freshman year. "I got my first dunk, and everyone was so, so loud," Rust said. Trevor Berry also mentioned his favorite memory was when "I had ten three pointers in a game and broke a school record," he said.
     Another common favorite sport is volleyball. For Shea Bailey and Tyleigh Strotheide, this sport has been their favorite ever since they were in about 4th grade. Shea Bailey loves the game because, "It is a team sport, and you can not do it by yourself," she says. "You always have to work together if you want to win," she said. Tyleigh Strotheide also enjoys the game as a team and "getting to be with my friends." Strotheide and Bailey both have another year left with this sport and can not wait for the coming season with their team.

Dancing With The Decades!

     On Saturday, February 9th 2019, "Dancing With The Decades" was the theme of the winter formal dance. It was hosted from 9:00pm-12:00pm, the requirement to attend the dance was $4 with a canned food and or $5. "I think we earned more than 15 cans, more than we expected to earn," stated Mrs. Girard, student council sponsor. There were about 80 people who attended the dance.        
     The dance was decorated with a combination of records, hearts, balloon, and streamers of many colors. Since it was a decade dance there was a variety of songs that were played, to name a few; "Can't Help Falling In Love," by Elvis Presley, "You Belong To Me," by Taylor Swift and other Taylor Swift songs, and "Y.M.C.A," by Jeff Scott Soto. 
     Also students could dress any decade they choose. The clothing decades went from 1950's poodle skirts to fabulous prom dresses and tuxes."I decided to wear a comfy dress to the dance," stated Mande Wollesen. To name a few others, Kennedy Stack, Tony Sandoza, Paige Carattini, Charlotte Toftum, Claire Margetts, and Trace White attended the dance and more.