Thursday, January 23, 2020

Chadron High speech team finishes 2nd at Gering Invite

     Saturday, January 18 2020, the Chadron High School speech team competed at the Gering Invite and finished 2nd place in Class B.
     Brenda Lanphear, Chadron High School head speech coach, said she did not have very many expectations going into this early meet. She said, ¨Speech is very subjective, so I tell students to interpret their work the best way they can, and it will be enough. I also tell them how they practice during the week is how they will perform at the meets.¨ 
     The Chadron speech team had many top individual placers from the Gering Invite. In the championship finals flight the following students placed: Brendilou Armstrong, 1st in Poetry, Naomi Elliott, 1st in Humor, Brothers Grimm, 1st in OID, Alexis Conboy, 2nd in Poetry, Elizabeth Harrison, 4th in Humor, and Hannah Walker, 4th in Informative. 
     In the honors finals flight the following students placed: Ayla Kephart, 6th in Poetry, Jayrah Ngoi, 1st in Informative, Lateisha Ngoi, 1st in Serious Prose, Pitch Perfect, 1st in OID, Blaine Tewehade and Jayrah Ngoi, 4th in Duet, Cassie Neisheim, 5th in Extemporaneous, Kayley Galbraith, 4th in Extemporaneous, Gracie Jones, 4th in Persuasive, and Kennady Stack, 2nd in Persuasive. 
     After seeing the results from Saturday´s meet, Mrs. Lanphear was really proud of her team. She said they have put so much effort in not just their practices, but their school work and outside lives as well. 
     Saturday, January 25, the Chadron speech team will head to the Bridgeport Invite. The team will only be taking the JV team and brand new events. Mrs. Lanphear is looking forward to seeing the critique sheets so new members can continue to grow and improve. 

Should Teens Drink Coffee

     Lots of teenagers nowadays drink a lot of coffee. Some people would even say that teens are now the biggest population that drink coffee on the daily, and there have been studies shown to prove that. Coffee in teens can be viewed many ways as well. Some people believe it is fine for teens to drink coffee and that it won't affect them, whereas others see it as an issue. As the years progress the starting age for coffee drinkers becomes lower and lower, before we know it five year olds can and will be relying on coffee everyday.

     Although, the world thinks all teens drink coffee, that is not true. There are still a select few that do not drink coffee. Chadron High student Brook Herman is one of those people. She says that she does not drink coffee. She also believes that teens should not drink coffee and for those who do, she believes that they could get anxiety and possibly be hospitalized, which studies have shown is possible; if a teenager were to drink too much coffee it could put them in a hospital. Brianna Larson is also one of those teenagers who does not drink coffee. She believes that it depends on how much teens drink if they should or not. "So if they only drink like a cup then it's fine, but if they drink like 5 cups then they probably should not be drinking that much," said Brianna. Also, she believes that if teenagers drink a lot of coffee they can become very hyper.

     Even though there are teens that drink coffee they don't always drink a lot of it. Garrett Reece says that he does drink coffee but not every time does he drink a lot of it. He says that it depends where he is if he drinks it everyday. "Like when I am here at home getting ready for school I just have an energy drink, but when I am in Hawaii (where his grandfather lives) I drink coffee every morning," said Garrett. In a week he says he probably drinks about 1 or 2 cups, but that also depends where he is. He believes that teens should drink coffee but that they need to be careful and not abuse the use of it, or they could get a caffeine addiction. For Katie O'Donnell, she says that she does not always drink coffee, but she does sometimes. Also it depends on the day and or the week for how much coffee she will drink. She believes that it should be the teen's choice if they drink coffee, and for those who have drank it for so long they could get addicted and rely on it every day for a kick start to their day.

    There has been a study that states if a teen drinks 500-600 mg (3 cups) a day they can end up getting really nervous very often, anxiety, jitters, have sleep problems, gastrointestinal disturbances, tremors, increased heart rate, and even death according to Medical News Today's article. So teens need to be very careful and make sure that they are extremely cautious when they want to have some coffee.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Veterans Day Program

There was a Veteran's Day program in the Chadron High School auditorium, on November 11, put on my Mrs. Mary Traphagan, a middle school social studies teacher, and her students.

During this program, First Sergeant Brandon Yetter was the speaker. He spoke about Veterans such as Elizabeth Bernice Barker Johnson and Alexander Jefferson.

Elizabeth Bernice Barker Johnson is an African America female force from World War II. She worked in the Central Postal Battalion of the Women´s Army Corps, and was a member of an all African female unit. It was their responsibility to sort mail to make sure it got to where the package was supposed to go. If a dead soldier received mail, it would be sent to the family. They even made sure mail got to the soldiers on the front lines.

Alexander Jefferson was a proud, African American Veteran, who received a purple heart. He was part of the air force, and was a pilot of the Tuskegee Airmen. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first African American soldiers who had completed training for the Army Air force, and joined.

After the speech, the audience was guided outside to watch Mr. Rishling, Chadron High and Middle School band director, play "Taps," with middle schooler, Lucy Rishling, before a 21 gun salute.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Jackson Smith Travels to Italy

     Recently, sophomore Jackson Smith traveled to Italy with her family for a vacation. Smith and her family left on October 19th and they were back in school on November 1st.
     She traveled to Italy because her grandfather works there and he decided to take her family with him for two weeks, according to Smith. Her grandfather is a political science professor who teaches a class in Rome, Italy. Smith says that it was her, her mom and dad, her brother, her aunt, her uncle, and her cousin that went together.
     They visited Rome, Naples, and the Amalfi coast, says Smith. According to Smith, first, they stayed in an Airbnb in Rome and then they stayed at Hotel Bellini in Naples.
     Smith really enjoyed visiting the Amalfi coast in Naples. She said her favorite place they visited was probably Positano, which is a town on the Amalfi coast. Jackson said, "There are lots of lemons there, and we also got some yummy pastries." She said Positano was her favorite because it had the best view, they spent the most time there, and she got to do some exploring.
      Smith said her favorite meal was probably the seafood that they had along the Amalfi coast.                Although Jackson Smith really enjoyed her time there, she said by the end she was ready to come home because she missed her home and friends.
     Smith said she has been to Rome before and that she went because of the same reason. Smith has also traveled to Paris, France because her grandfather took her.
     Jackson Smith said that when she travels to other countries she only feels out of place sometimes, but mostly she feels normal. Smith noticed that in Italy everyone smokes and drinks and parties a lot more than in the United States.
     According to Smith, she flew from Denver to Germany and that flight was about 9 hours, then the flight to Rome from Germany was about 2 hours. On the way back, the flights were the same but in the reverse order, said Smith.
     Jackson Smith said that traveling changes her perspective on life only a little bit. She says it affects her perspective but not in a life-changing way.
     Smith would like to continue traveling and currently, the top country on her bucket list is Germany.

Chadron High School applies to college week

     On Wednesday October 30, Chadron High School seniors visited Chadron State College. According to Loni Watson, the high school guidance counselor, this visit to the college is an official visit of Chadron State College and its campus. It helps the incoming college freshmen have a better understanding of the campus.
     The seniors sat down in the Lakota room on the Student Center and were showed a presentation, while some of the other seniors went on a tour of the whole campus. The presentation gave them information about the finical criteria, about how to apply to CSC, and the variety of majors students are able to get into. 
     One way Mrs. Watson prepares seniors for this day is a doing senior transition talk on a 1:30 out, so that they know what is going on.
     Mrs. Watson said, "Seniors' favorite part about the tour is the CSC lunch on campus because of the buffet and the different options of ice cream flavors you are able to pick from." The most important part about the visit is all students are able to attend. This is important because some seniors are not able to go on college tours at other colleges because parents are not able to take them to the college, so this gives them a feel of what it is like to go on a college tour.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Chris Singleton Assemably

     On Thursday, November 7, Chris Singleton a retired baseball player came to speak with the Chadron High students.
     In the beginning he asked everyone to stand and hug someone that looks different than them. He did this because his mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton was shot and killed, along with nine other church goers by a 19 year old white male. The shooting took place in Charleston's Emanuel AME church in a racially motivated attack on June 17, 2015. He wanted to start a race war, but he started the opposite of that. According to Singleton all races came together to promote love over hate.
     Many students had different opinions on if they liked or didn't like the assembly. Annamae Gardner explained how she learned if a student seems fine and they are smiling doesn't mean they are. According to Annamae, "If you make a joke it will actually hurt them, and they most likely will go home and cry." She explains how if something were to happen to you it doesn't mean you should turn that into a bad experience. Annamae Gardner said overall that Chris Singleton was a good speaker.
     Jacie Coupons thought the speaker was very good and inspiring. She explained how the speaker encouraged her to power through hard times in her life.  Jacie said the speaker "had a big impact on me."

What do you like about CHS

     There are a lot of things students like about Chadron High School.
     Cathy Galley said she likes the teacher Mr. Sanders because he doesn't give the students crap, and he does his job. Her favorite class in school is Immediate PE because it never gets boring in that class. In school she studies while she's doing her homework. Also the one thing she likes about school is looking at scholarships for colleges.
      Neffie Brooks's favorite teacher is Mrs. Paopao because she looks out for the kids, and she's also hard working. The class she likes to be in is English Exploration because she sees what the students can communicate. She does her mock trial practice, studies, and does her homework while she's in school. She also likes it when school gets you ready for college after graduation.
     Madison Waugh said she likes Mr. Hency because he's very sweet, nice, and he's not so hard on rules. She loves being in art class because she gets to listen to music, draw in her sketchbook, and be free. The one thing she likes about school is listening to lectures, working on assessments, drawing, animating, and she only studies if she has too.
     Mandee Dotson's favorite teacher is Mr. Hency because she likes how he has so much knowledge about art. Her favorite class is painting and drawing because she likes to let her creative juices flow and make amazing artwork for her family. When she's in school she usually plays on her phone and watches the "Little Fox." The one thing she likes about school is being in art classes.
     Alexis Keith said her favorite teacher is Mrs. Budler because she's nice and makes her class cook for food labs. Her favorite class is Foods and Nutrition because she gets to eat food. In school she learns in class, studies for tests or quizzes, and does her homework.