Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Heart conditions In Chadron High

     The month of February is usually associated with love, which is associated with hearts. But what about those with heart conditions? There are a number of students, and even teachers, attending Chadron High School that have/had heart conditions or other problems with their heart working correctly. They have learned to overcome the struggle in different ways. 
     One of these teachers is Mrs. Paopao who has a condition known as mytrial valve regurgitation. This means that one of the valves in her heart does not close all the way, leaking out blood. Every two years, Mrs. Paopao has to get an ultrasound to make sure nothing has changed. She did not even know she had the condition until she was pregnant with her oldest son, Jace. Mrs. Paopao has to take antibiotics before any kind of surgery or dental work because of her heart condition. 
     KayLee Morsett is a student that has a heart condition known as Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome. This means that there is an extra electrical pathway to her heart and her heart beats at a speed of almost 200 beats per minute. KayLee takes heart medication every day and takes emergency medication when she has her heart episodes. 
     Another student with a heart condition is Kyia Passero. She has trachaecardia and low blood pressure. This means that, like KayLee, one of the valves in her heart has problems because of the electrical pathways. This can be dangerous and has caused her many problems. Kyia takes beta blockers to help her control is condition.
     These are only some of the students that have heart conditions in Chadron High School. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

State wrestling

     This past weekend five wrestlers from Chadron High School went to state. 
     Willy Cogdill won the state championship. He pined two of his guys, and he won by points in his last match. His record for the season was 41-2.  Coach Slingsby states, "His two losses in January, I think, made him realize that he need to work harder which he did." Willy woke up every morning and worked out, and he also went a lot harder in practices according to Slingsby. 
      Willy said it was the best feeling in the world when the referee lifted his hand up. "I never have never been so proud of myself," said Willy. 
      It has been Willy's dream to become state champ, and he has been working hard since day one. "It just proves that if you want something and work hard for it you will achieve it." Coach Slingsby is very proud of Willy for always working hard. This is not Coach Slingsby's first state championship but was his "best" one. Willy plans to wrestle in college, but he does not know where yet. His options are University of Wyoming and Chadron State College.

Girls' basketball makes it to state!

        Chadron High girls' basketball is going to state again! They played Ainsworth in Valentine on Friday March 27th.
         Chadron will be playing a tough team at state, but the team and Coach McLain believe that if they work hard like they have all season they can come out on top. "It feels great being a coach to a team that works really hard, and deserves going to state. I am one proud coach," said Coach McLain.
Jadyn McCartney said, "I think we were mentally prepared for the district finals. Going into state we know that we must be at our best, and we will prepare all week to be successful."
        "The game was a close one!" said the girls manager Lexi. "I couldn't be more blessed with the best team. I am so proud of them and I can not wait to be at state with them again." The defense was great. They had really good shots coming to them. The girls boxed out very well, which helped with the shots.
        Chadron High will be playing Kearney Catholic at 3:45 at the Devaeny Center in Lincoln. The girls' basketball team has played really hard this season and came out on top.

One of the top grossing apps in the nation is this app called Clash of Clans. This game is based on a medieval layout and is mixed with methodical characters. In Clash of Clans you build up your castle and all of its defensive components such as cannons, archery towers, etc. Joe Ritzen, a sophomore at Chadron High, said, “A strong defense is important, but, in my opinion, a good offense is just as important, if not more important.” You can build a strong offence by upgrading barracks to get more powerful troop. Another way is to upgrade your troops and make them stronger and more powerful.
Clash of Clans is growing throughout Chadron High School. Many students have just recently started and are hopelessly addicted. Tanner Kickland, a senior at Chadron, said, “I haven't been playing it for too long, but I enjoy playing it when there is nothing else to do.” 
Along with the students, many teachers play this fun game. Coach Slingsby and Coach Bach are two of many examples of who play Clash. They both enjoy playing when they are home, and they are relaxing, but it can be very time consuming.

Significant others: what do you prefer?

     Every song, book, or movie seems to have love involved. Today you can get in your car and turn on your radio, and the chances are the song that come on will be about love. New movies come out revolving around a relationship, and books get printed with boyfriends and girlfriends written all over the pages.

      So basically, you can not avoid having "love" shoved down your throat these days. Whether you like this or not, relationships are a significant part of our culture. When it comes down to it, we all have a desire to have a significant other. So what do you look for when you search for this person?

      Often, we can narrow down the search of a significant other by looking for three specific qualities. On the male side of things, Tyler Westlake said the top three that made his list were "looks, personality, and height." Keegan Shuck's reply differed, "The top three things I look for are kindness, humor, and an adventurous personality."

     The girls also had some specifics in mind when looking for Mr. Right. Alex Nobling said, "I look for honesty, intelligence, and looks." Another girl, who wished to remain anonymous, said, "My top three are for someone to be funny, smart, and, tall." For girls brown hair seems to be the most popular hair color when given a preference, and brown or green eyes took first for most attractive eye color.

     Boys were completely different. Travis Fankhauser said that "blonde hair and blue eyes" were his favorite, which seems to ring true with most of the other boys' answers. But when it came down to looks or intelligence being more important, the responses varied. Keegan Shuck said, "Both equally, but it doesn't really matter because she has it all." A freshman boy, who remains anonymous, said, "Looks matter more to me. I'm not going to date an ugly nerd." But Tyler pretty much summed it up by saying "both because it is always good to have a smart significant other who is also beautiful."

     But perhaps Alex Nobling and Kaitlyn Haug said what we all secretly keep in mind. Together they agreed that they value looks and intelligence the same. Although they pointed out that looks must be a factor certainly, it would be really hard to deal with a stupid person. In the words of Alex Nobling, "It would be difficult to be with someone who is unmotivated and does not care about their grades."

     Overall, it seems that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" among other things. The students at Chadron High all have different options when looking for that someone special, as you can see above.  You've seen what others look for, but when it comes down to you, do you know what you want in your significant other?

Student section 2k15

     This year Chadron High School has been very successful with the number of students coming to  support their fellow student athletes. As basketball season goes on, more and more students are going to the games to cheer on the Chadron Cardinals.
     Harlie Kennell, junior said, "I am fairly proud of this years student section. As the children these days say it, we have been getting up recently!"
     Jayden Stack, junior basketball player said, "The student section really does help us win games. They are very enthusiastic and bring a lot of energy to the game. They also seem to throw the other team off the other team."
     Although it is not just the players who enjoy the company of the student section. Many parents feel that the student section is helpful to the team and not only brings energy and enthusiasm to the game but also the whole gym. It's said that games where the student section is not present, or even when the student section is not very large, that the game is not as fun or enjoyable to watch or hear on the radio.
     Ahlaura Pouier, sophomore, said that she believes the student section is a lot better this year than they have been in the past.
      "I think the students in the student body has been very good this year with participating in the student sections. I also appreciate that the student leaders of the student section come and talk to me and Mr. Mack, principal, about the themes to get approval before the games. The turn outs have been fairly good this year, but my favorite theme would have to be superhero. It's a lot of fun to watch the students be part of the game and be all dressed up and bring school pride to the games," said Mr. Pope, Athletic Director.
        The student section is going to be making their way to state to watch the Lady Cardinals in Lincoln. And will be in Gordon to cheer on their Bird Men in the district finals game on March 2nd.

Signing Day

     Three Chadron Cardinal football members have signed to play football at Chadron State College. Wide receiver Jackson Dickerson, defensive back Lane Jersild, and linebacker Keenan Johnson all signed February 4th. As part of the Chadron High football team each one of them excelled.
     All three seniors are very excited to continue their journey, playing their favorite sport. Jackson Dickerson said he loves that he can play his favorite sport yet still be around other ones that he loves. Each of them have always thought that playing at Chadron State would be awesome. "I've wanted to be an Eagle ever since we moved here in fourth grade," Lane Jersild states. Jackson is pleased to be playing for the team he "grew up watching on Saturday mornings." Keenan has always dreamed of playing college football, so this opportunity is very exciting for him.
     Sometimes making a college decision can be very difficult, but for these three making one wasn't as hard. Having a college in their hometown that they have experienced is very important. "I chose Chadron State because of the tradition. There has always been a winning tradition at CSC and winning is important to me. I also love the way the community gathers to support the football program," Jackson Dickerson claims. Keenan thinks along the same lines. "I chose Chadron State because the program has done very well over the past few years. That's important because I want to win."
     Being a part of the Chadron State tradition is nothing new for Lane Jersild. Lane's father Craig Jersild has been a defensive coach for the Eagles for many years now. Lane was offered his scholarship and did not hesitate. "I have always wanted to play here."
     Because high school and collegiate level athletics are so different, it is very common for athletes to be put into new positions they hadn't played previously. Jackson believes he will play the same position with maybe just a few alternatives to what he did in high school. Lane was very versatile in high school. He believes they will put him at safety, a very similar position to what he played in high school. Keenan was recruited as a linebacker and believes he will play that in college because that's his "strong suit."
     Managing their time between academics and work for the field will be a challenge for each of them. They each hope to excel although the pace may be much quicker. The experience that these three young men will get will be awesome. Their time as a Chadron State Eagle with always be one that they as well as others will remember.