Thursday, December 14, 2017

Budget Challenge in Personal Finance

     The Personal Finance class of Chadron High School has been participating in the H&R Block Budget Challenge to better prepare the students for budgeting outside of high school.

     On the first of December, the budget challenge ended for the class of personal finance. For the past three years Chadron High School has participated in the H&R Block Budget Challenge under the guidance of personal finance teacher Mrs. Budler. The purpose of the budget challenge, Mrs. Budler said is "to give as close of a hands on experience as possible." The budget challenge is meant to challenge students to take on the real life issue of creating a budget around expenses they will most likely have while also saving money for emergencies and eventual retirement. The senior students, Pamela Fisher and Clayton Vahrenkamp, of personal finance agree, with Mrs. Budler that the challenge is an effective teaching tool that high school students will eventually use in their real life. 

     The most difficult part of the challenge Pamela said was "keeping the credit card balanced." According to Pamela the simulations' biggest lesson was that "using a credit card is not good" and can cause many issues. The personal finance class had previously been taught about the dangers of credit card use, but the budget challenge really brought the dangers to light. Even in the simple simulation, students were stressed out and wishing they could just get rid of the credit card. The most stressful portion of the challenge for Clayton was managing the reckless spending of the owner of the credit card as well. What Clayton learned from the challenge was similar to Pamela with keeping credit cards away from his life. According to Pamela the challenge has helped her "to get a real life experience of budgeting."

     According to Mrs. Budler, this year's personal finance class has been one of the highest ranked classes since the school has begun participating in the H&R Block Budget Challenge. This year, overall, the majority of students have had positive participation. 

     Mrs. Budler plans to continue teaching with the H&R Block Budget Challenge in the future. The challenge teaches students that life can't always be so easily planned out. Even if you set aside money for emergencies it might not be enough. It teaches just how easy it is to go crazy and overspend with a credit card without realizing it. This challenge is an important learning tool that teaches high school students a few of the difficulties they will face outside of high school. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Finals Underway at CHS

     At Chadron High, levels of stress are high, especially when finals roll around. Maddie Sandstrom, Cooper Wild, and Zayne Jones all use different ways to prepare for finals.
      Unlike the boys, Maddie will study every night for at least 15 minutes the week of finals. The boys, will look over their notes briefly, and Cooper believes a "one night cram session" helps pass finals.
     Cooper and Zayne both do not feel intimidated when it comes to taking finals. They feel as if it is just another day, and don't stress. Maddie on the other hand says finals make her feel like she will fail them and that they are very much so intimidating. All three of the students are nervous about different subjects; Maddie, Spanish, Cooper, English, and Zayne, Government. Maddie and Cooper both have English and Geometry finals, but Maddie also has Spanish to worry about, and Cooper also has art. Government is the only final Zayne has to take.
    Without teachers, there would be no finals. Mrs. Noble, the Spanish teacher, looks at what she has taught for the semester, pulls questions off of tests and/or quizzes, and will take questions asked from students and use them for finals. Mr. Hencey who teaches art, makes his finals based on his reflection on the semester, and thinks about what he wants to check the students understanding on. He will also hit weak spots the students have harder and review them more. When it comes to finals for Mrs. Drinkwalter, who teaches multiple levels of math, she feels spending three days of reviewing, each day with three chapters, is the best way to pass finals.
All three of the teachers agree that finals are a good way to see everything the students have learned throughout the semester. They all feel it is a good way to show them what the teachers themselves need to improve on. Ms. Noble says taking finals shows what students retained, and what she needs to work on. Mr. Hencey believes that taking finals is an excellent way to see what was accomplished throughout the semester. "If students failed the test, I failed at teaching," Hencey explains. The teachers all grade the finals differently. Mr. Hencey has no multiple choice questions, and each question is worth two points. Noble grades her finals like any other regular 100 point test, and Drinkwalter's finals are worth a two times more than a normal exam.
The three teachers seem to deal with stressed kids, other than Ms. Noble. When asked how she dealt with stressed students, she exclaimed "Not very well," but she hands out tootsie rolls, and gives out pretests to relieve stress a little bit. Hencey talks to the students, or attempts to, to figure out why they are stressed while trying to stay calm at the same time. Drinkwalter believes in doing the review with them and giving them the tools to feel confident in their skills. “More confidence leads to less stress,” she stated.
Although when finals come around, students stress levels shoot through the roof, having the right tactics will help relieve tensions and help you pass


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Cardinal Basketball Begins Season at Western Conference Tournament

     Chadron Cardinals Boys' and Girls' Basketball started their season on Friday Dec. 1 at Western Conference.
     The boys' team started its season against Sterling, Colorado. Sterling was state champions last year, and returned a plethora of players with starting experience. The Chadron Cardinals ended up losing to Sterling 36-68.
     The girls played against Mitchell, who is expected to win their district this year. Their speed and quickness put up a lot of points on the Cards. The final score ended up being a staggering 60-19. The leading scorer that game was Carstyn Hageman with eight points.
     As Friday rolled around, the Chadron boys played in a barn burner with the Gering Bulldogs. After missing three shots that could have put the Cards ahead with 10 second to go, the Cards fell to Bulldogs with a score of 44-45.
     In the second round for the girls, they took on the Greeley West Spartans. After being close the whole game, senior Dana Dunbar scored 10 points to put the Cardinals up 50-34 to win the game. This win put the Lady Cardinals in the 5th/6th game.
     On the last day of the Western Conference tournament, the Cardinal men took on the Mitchell Tigers in the 7th/8th place game. After balanced scoring among the Cardinal players, the Cardinals were victorious, winning the game 55-44. Sophomore Cooper Heusman ended the weekend scoring 55 points, which led the boys in scoring for the weekend. Senior, Coy Bila, stated, "We showed everyone we can play as a team, and showed we can be competitive. My favorite game was Gering, because of how close and intense it was; our team showed a lot of resilience."
     The girls took on a talented Scottsbluff team, and showed a lot of promise by keeping up with Bearcats throughout the game. As the Bearcats pulled away in the fourth, the final score was 56-43, giving the Lady Cardinals a 1-2 record for the weekend.
     Senior Dana Dunbar said, "We showed strength and had some bad times, but we overcame our loss on Thursday. I really felt like our team had a good starting point to the season."

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Break Plans at CHS

          Christmas Break is a very fun and exciting time of the year that kids and adults wait to celebrate all year long. The traditions, out of town traveling, delicious foods, and other Christmas plans all contribute to the fun times during Christmas Break. Plans for Christmas Break vary person to person.
          Some families travel shorter distances, while others travel farther distances. Mrs. Sommerville said she is traveling to Valentine to see family. Mrs. Noble said she is making a small trip to Fort Collins or Denver. Mr. Uhing said, "I will not be leaving town unless Santa needs me to."
          The other ones, who are staying in town, are mainly hanging with family and relaxing. Mande Wolessen said, "I plan on relaxing with family and being free from trig." Ms. Moore said she plans on being together with friends and family.
          The food is a very important factor during the Christmas holidays. Ms. Moore said she usually has prime rib and a variety of different pies. Claire Margetts said she has ham, cheesy potatoes, and pie. Mrs. Noble has prime rib every year for Christmas with mashed potatoes, salad, chocolate chip pie, and vegetables. Mr. Uhing said, "For breakfast we have cinnamon rolls and butter braids. For lunch we have cabbage burgers, calzones, or chicken and noodles." He says, "It has to be something very wintery."
          Different families have different traditions that are very important to them. Mr. Uhing drives around and eats pizza while looking at Chrimas Lights. He also sleeps beneath the Christmas tree the first night it is put up and has his very own song that is important to him during Christmas break, but the song has a very important disclaimer. "If the song is sung any moment BEFORE the actual start of holiday break OR any moment after break has ended, you will be cursed for a whole year... and the curse is harrowing. The lyrics are, "It's Chrimas breaaaaaak, and the future looks brighhhhhhhhht. It's Chrimas breaaaaaak, we're gonna party tonighhhhhhht." The copyright of the song is William Lawrence Uhing. 
         Claire said the traditions in her family consist of each sibling picking a new ornament to hang on the tree and putting the year on it with their names. "We watch the movie It's a Wonderful Life every year as well." Mande said, "We don't have many traditions, but we do get pajamas on Christmas Eve that we wear that night when we sleep and in the morning when we open presents."

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Speech Season Starting Up

     The 2017-2018 speech season has officially begun with a new coach, new assistant coach, and a handful of new speechies. Brenda Lanphear, alongside Cheryl Welch, will be coaching and assistant coaching the speech team.
     Mrs. Lanphear competed in speech her 6th grade year all through her senior year. She was asked to join the speech team in college, but declined due to the priority of school and her studies. Mrs. Lanphear explained her want to coach because speechies are able to be silly and develop a strong sense of self. Strong communication skills are also grown through being in the extra curricular club. Mrs. Lanphear said, "I'm excited to be in charge of another extra curricular. It will be a new position of leadership, and I am thrilled to get to know my kids better, even if it is at 4:30 in the morning."
     Mrs. Lanphear said she is excited to grow a team that is 'positive and competitive.' "We have very dedicated and motivated upperclassmen. They will be great examples for the new people. I think we have a very good team with very strong members. I will support each and every one of these kids, but those that take the extra step will be the competitors. Overall, I am so excited to start the year!" Mrs. Lanphear finished.
     The speech season has finally begun with seven regular season meets to conquer. With two new coaches and a fairly new team, Chadron High School will come to compete with both new faces and  familiar skills.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

One act play to take the stage

The Chadron High one act team will be presenting “John Lennon and Me,” by Cherrie Bennett, on Friday November 10th and Saturday November 11th. The play tells the story of a young girl who suffers from cystic fibrosis and has spent her life in a children’s hospital. It is a touching story of her battle with an incurable disease while learning about friendship through humor and hardship.

Friday’s performance will also include a dinner theater, which is served from 5:30 PM-7:00 PM by the Cardinal Singers.  For $12 individuals will be served a chicken noodle casserole, a side salad, rolls, a drink, and dessert, and receive entrance to the performance of the play.  Tickets are available at the door or in advance from any cast member or by calling the high school office at 432-0707.  

The play will begin Friday at 7:00 PM in the high school auditorium, with desserts to follow.  Those wanting to simply watch the play may do so as well.  The cost for the play is $5, which also includes the dessert bar.  

Saturday’s performance of the play will include a performance with Gordon-Rushville, where both schools will be critiqued by judges as they prepare for district competition. The plays will begin at 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM, respectively, in the auditorium.  The cost is $6.  

No passes will be accepted either day as this is the one act team’s fundraiser.  

The cast and crew will be traveling to Gothenburg this year on December 1st to compete at districts.  

We hope to see you at the show!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

High school students split on dressing up for Halloween

       Elementary aged kids everywhere countdown the days until they can dressed up in their long awaited Halloween costumes and go door to door to get as much candy as they can in one night.  In high school aged kids, Halloween is truly a hit or miss.
       In Chadron High, it is apparent that more kids do not dress up as opposed to kids that do dress up to celebrate the holiday.  So the big question is "Do you Dress Up for Halloween, Why or Why Not?" According to Haley Watson, her family does not participate in celebrating, so she does not find it to be a big deal. Patrick Rust said, "I do not dress up anymore because I tend to hang out with my friends and watch movies rather than go out and trick or treat." Sydney Brown also agrees on not dressing up because she tends to be out of town that night.  Lastly for the majority vote, Megan Stumph said, "No, I do not dress up because I don't have anyone to dress up with, and I don't really feel the joy in the event."
      On the other side of the spectrum, some students in CHS do in fact still dress up for the holiday. For example, Shelby Blundell said, "Yes, I do dress up because it's fun, and it's my job to pass out candy." The lively Hannah Kennell also dresses up. She said, "Heck yeah I dress up cause you can go around and get candy, and it's a fun thing to do with your friends. I don't think there's ever been a year that I haven't gone out and done stuff on Halloween."

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sam Rischling Injury

At the Mitchell game, Sam Rischling watches the game from the sidelines after his knee surgery.

     On September 29th during Chadron High School's game against Ogallala, senior Sam Rischling suffered a season ending injury. Sam took a wrong step on a screen pass towards the visitor's side of the field.
     The verdict on the injury at first was not so bad. However, after receiving a MRI the outcome became more grim. His surgeon informed him the tear in his LCL was too bad to return this year and would need surgery. Sam said, "Stuff sucks," when asked about his reaction to the news. The injury was unique because the LCL was torn but other ligaments that usually are affected also were intact. To repair it a surgery was performed that reattached the tendon to his fibula with sutures.
     Sam hopes to be back to playing sports as soon as possible. Sam has to wear a brace for six weeks. When asked about his recovery time he said he doesn't know an exact time frame. He is doing physical therapy to rehabilitate his knee and hopes to be back to full strength soon.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Plans for fall break at CHS

     Many students and teachers at CHS have many plans during fall break next Friday October 27. Some plan to stay in Chadron while others plan to travel.
     Students like Taya Leija and Rachel Sauser-Smith are planning to sleep in on Friday. Rachel said she is going to sleep in because she does not get enough sleep during the school week. 
     Busy students like Camie Keim and Cody Madsen are going to be spending their fall break working. Cody is also going to be studying for his college classes. 
     Caleb Hill and Dallas Kelso are going to be active during their break. Caleb will be going for a run, and will also be attending a wedding in Crawford, while Dallas is going to be climbing the roof.
     Keelynd Clinton and Katie Lewin are going to be participating in school activities next Friday. Keelynd will be participating in playoffs in football Friday, and Katie will be traveling back home from FFA Nationals.
     Many students like Megan Kickland, Hailey Watson, and Trev Clements are going to be hanging out with their families. Trev plans to see his grandmother over fall break.
     There are going to be many CHS teachers travelling for fall break this year like Mrs. Maribeth Moore, companion animals teacher, is going to be returning seven of the FFA team to nationals.
     The CHS English teacher, Mrs. Rachel Girard, is going to be traveling to Lincoln for a wedding.
     Mrs. Brenda Budler, foods and personal finance teacher, is going to be travelling to Des Moines, Iowa, to visit her mother, brother, and sister in law.
     There will be teachers who will be busy doing school activities, like Mr. Mike Lecher, football coach and science teacher. Lecher will be coaching a football game in Chadron for playoffs. 

National FFA

    On Tuesday, October 24, 7 members of the Chadron FFA chapter will be on their way to the National FFA convention for the first time since the chapter has been restarted in Indianapolis, Indiana.
     To qualify for the exciting event, 4 members had to win both district and state competitions in Livestock Management. Hunter Hawk, Katie Lewin, Cody Madsen, and Beau and Drew Jersild made up the winning team. Due to other activities, two members of the team could not attend the National Convention, so Mackenzie Scoggan will fill their place.
     The Livestock Management competition is a combination of tests about a variety of different animals and equipment associated with the different species. At both districts and state, there are 6 different tests. The tests include, beef, swine, sheep, horses, dairy and poultry. Because the team won first place at the state convention, they are able to participate at Nationals. The National competition is different because only poultry will be tested. Throughout the competition, members of the team will be tested on a variety of materials. Of these included are, judging live birds, both meat chickens and laying hens. In addition they will judge the chicken carcasses, and different byproducts such as chicken nuggets. The team will also be required to make a presentation and give reasons on why they judged the chickens the way that they did.
     Members of the team feel that the competition will be a good learning experience. Because the Chadron FFA Chapter is only 5 years old, resources are more difficult to come by than for bigger, older chapters. Some bigger schools around the nation are able to have poultry classes, so the Chadron chapter is at a bit of a disadvantage. Adviser Mari Beth Moore, said that members of the chapter are constantly being pushed outside of their comfort zones and are fearless. No matter what, "They will do their best no doubt about it," said Moore.
     Over the course of the trip, the members will be involved in numerous exciting activities. They will be attending the opening ceremonies where they will get the opportunity to listen to Laila Ali speak. In addition, they are planning to attend a Rascal Flatts concert, view the Indianapolis 500, and participate in an escape room.

Chadron High's news art teacher

     Some of Chadron High's hardest problems are finding replacements for our retired teachers. When Chadron Highs art teach Patty Bird retired CHS had to find a replacement.  With some work, Chadron High found a fantastic replacement of Travis Hencey. 
     There are plenty of reasons why he was such a good replacement. He became a teacher because he likes working with kids. He enjoys seeing their creative side and seeing how their minds work.
Hencey went to Chadron State College from 2005 to 2009 for an art degree. Then in 2014 he went back to get his teaching degree. He graduated in 2015. His previous teaching experiences before he came to Chadron High was student teaching at Upward Bound for five years. Then he taught in Halos Riverside Public Schools K-12 for one year. His best experience in learning how to teach was at Upward Bound. It was the best experience because he got to teach and work with kids for the first time. He learned many new things. Hencey said, "It was nice to test things and to prove my theories."
As a graduate of Chadron High, it's not as weird as he thought it would be teaching with his former teachers. Enough time has passed, and he got to know them. They are different people than when they taught him. He said that a wall has broken down. "It is interesting seeing the same techniques used as they taught me with, but now I understand why they used them," he said.

Most Popular Halloween Candy

     One of the most common traditions during Halloween is the distribution and eating of candy. At Chadron High School candy is popular throughout the students and staff.
   The most popular candy through the halls is the Snickers candy bar. In a close second is a bag of skittles. Behind that was a package of Reese's. Mr Nobiling said, "They are the best because there is two in a package."
     The least popular candy throughout Chadron High is black licorice. It came with comments of "It is nasty," said Logan Tiensvold, and "That stuff taste like poop," said Mark Taylor.  The next least popular candy ended up in a tie between Mounds and Candy Corn.  The majority of people preferred chocolate candy over sweet candy.

Interact Dictionary Trip

     On Friday, October 20th, 24 members of the Interact club distributed dictionaries to third graders at reservation schools as one of their many service projects of the year. The members distributed dictionaries to six schools, Batseland, Wolf Creek, Lady of Lourdes, Porcupine Elementary, Pine Ridge Elementary, and Loneman, according to Interact club sponsor Roger Wess. Out of the six schools that the students attended, they were only able to personally distribute dictionaries to the third graders at the first two schools, as unforeseen difficulties arose at the other four. For example, Abby Hyer, the Interact secretary, said that at Porcupine Elementary "A funeral was occurring in the gym and caused school to be out of session for the day."
     Mr. Wess said that one of the major reasons that Interact does the dictionary trip is because it " students an opportunity to visit the school system on the Pine Ridge Reservation, which is literally a different culture. It is a way to have two cultures interact, and that is important." Although the trip is used to provide an educational tool to the students on the reservation and allow two cultures to mix, students who go on the trip enjoy interacting with the children. Claire Margetts, a member of Interact, said, "My favorite part is talking to all of the little kids because they are so sweet and a lot of them are very interested in the dictionaries." Abby concurred by saying, "It is also really fun to see the kids and to have a hands-on service experience."
     The process of distributing the dictionaries is quite lengthy. First, members walk into the classrooms and introduce themselves to the children, said Mande Wollesen, Interact treasurer. They also introduce their organization and explain to the students that the dictionaries are personally theirs to keep. Then, "Each member takes one and visits a kid at a table, and we talk to them about the dictionary," said Mande. After discussing the dictionary and its contents, the members discuss other things with the students to personally connect with them, such as what their favorite things to do are.
     The dictionary trip has a profound impact on the members who attend and inspires them to continue going on the trip. This year was Abby's third year on the trip. Jameson Margetts, a freshman members of Interact, said that he plans on going on the trip again, because, he said, "It was really fun."

Friday, October 20, 2017

A freshman's perspective on high school

     As we approach the second quarter of high school, freshman are learning the ropes of Chadron High. For many of them, they are liking and adjusting well to life as a high school student. In fact, Austin McCabe said, "I like all of it," referring to his favorite part of high school.
     High school offers more activities than middle school did. The students seem to appreciate that. Hanna Meier said, "My favorite thing about high school is that there are extracurricular activities for non-athletic people too." Many of the students are taking advantage of all the new activities as they are participating in many.
      The expectations the freshman had about high school were mostly completely different than they thought high school would be like. Hanna Meier said, "The middle school always told us we would have a lot of homework in high school. I figured we would be loaded with work every single night, but we were not." Madeline Pelton thought that high school would be "much harder" than it actually turned out to be.
     Compared to middle school, high school teachers have vastly different teaching styles. Austin McCabe said, "High school is more relaxed. The teachers do not rush you as much."
     Hanna Meier stated, "The teachers treat you more like adults here."
     As the school year continues, the freshman will continue to adapt and progress to being high school students.

National Honor Society New Members

   Six new members will be inducted into the National Honor Society on October 23rd at 7:00 in the high school auditorium. The new members include three seniors and three juniors: Logan Tiensvold, Zach Carattini, Sam Rischling, Kaylie Elliott, Dominic Nobiling and Clark Riesen. These students and the current members were selected by a group of Chadron Public Schools' faculty.
    "When I opened my letter and saw that I was accepted I felt great joy," said Clark Riesen, a new inductee. "I applied last year, but wasn't accepted. I become more involved in the community and became more responsible in my classes."
    NHS currently has a total of fifteen members, most of them seniors. To be inducted and remain a member, students must have a grade point average above 3.5 and be involved in school activities and volunteer in the community. The students in this group are some of the most involved teenagers in the Chadron Community.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fantasy Football

     Fantasy football often excites NFL fans all across the nation, including those students within the walls of Chadron High School. Fantasy football is a competitive hobby which gives fans an incentive to watch teams other than their owns. Fans, or in this case, students, join leagues with their friends. Those students participate in a live mock draft in which they draft players from various teams at various positions. Obviously, the best players in every position go first. The objective is to establish the best team possible. When players get hurt, you can swap that player with another player not owned by another team. Essentially, fantasy football users are the general managers of their own "fantasy" football team.
      Fantasy football seems to be a common theme around Chadron High School. Many football fans, usually male, seem to participate. Keelynd Clinton, junior at CHS, said, "It's fun and competitive. I get to have players that I like to watch, and it's always fun to play against your friends." Sam Rischling, Luke Tiensvold and Jay Milburn also enjoy playing fantasy football because they find it very fun. Most students are in leagues with between 10 and 16 teams. Keelynd, Sam and Luke enjoy smaller leagues more because they can have "more stacked teams" compared to larger leagues. Jay enjoys larger leagues for the challenge.
     Points per reception leagues seem to be a common favorite amongst CHS students. This gives every skill player (running back, wide receiver and tight end) a point for a catch. In non-PPR leagues, players only receive points for every 10 yards rushing and receiving. Players also get points for touchdowns and two point conversions. In PPR leagues, receivers gain points for all the non-PPR criteria along with a point for every reception. Quarterbacks gain points for every 25 passing yards and for every touchdown thrown for or ran. Kickers also gain points. Keelynd, Sam, Jay and Luke all use the ESPN fantasy app for their leagues.

Chadron FBLA: New Panhandle Chapters

At the instillation of Hay Springs FBLA, Chadron FBLA leadership team (left to right) Brooklyn Stack, Aubree Noble, Kellie Waugh, Lauren Collins, and Brooklynn Fritzler

     Chadron's FBLA chapter has been searching for local towns that will reactivate or newly activate an FBLA chapter in their town. "It has been a struggle for a long time getting more chapters in Western Nebraska," said adviser Brenda Budler, "It is actually a goal of the state FBLA board to get more chapters activated in the western part of the state and involved in competition." Being able to add these chapters will open up new opportunities for not only these western chapters, but it will also benefit the whole Nebraska FBLA chapter.
       In regards to activating the new chapters, Mrs. Budler said that the chapters are to register online on the national FBLA website, pay a $20 activation fee and turn in membership dues for at least ten members. Chadron's FBLA chapter is then able to travel to the town and activate the new chapter after a process of reciting the FBLA creed, explaining the duties as a chapter, and going over the guidelines and rules to be followed as a chapter. "The most effort we have to put in is coordinating and traveling to the reactivated school to hold the ceremony," Mrs. Budler also said.
       These reactivated chapters will lead to many new opportunities. These will include both local benefits and those at the state level. "At the local level, more chapters makes western Nebraska stronger when it comes to competition. Area meetings and business competitions will become a normality in our area," said Mrs. Budler. "At the state level, having more chapters in western Nebraska can result in more state representation at our end of the state. There will be more events, more state officer visits and hopefully more western Nebraska members running for office!"

Chadron Boys' Cross Country- State

The Chadron Boys' Cross Country start their race at the home invite.

     The Chadron Cardinal Cross Country boys' team will be heading to state in Kearney, Nebraska, at the golf course, on Friday, October 20th. Twelve teams will be competing in the Class C state cross country meet with six of the boys from Chadron running.
      Mark Taylor may be going to help with times and other things he may be needed for. When asked how Mr. Uhing, the cross country coach, felt about being the first coach to take the boys to state, he said, "I am very happy for the gentleman because they earned it through blood, sweat, and flesh." He also said they were very focused. "I would say 3, 4, and 5 placings are realistic, however I would not be surprised at 2nd place because of how hard they work."
     The district placings for the boys and their times were:
     Caleb Hill, 9th place- 18.14
     Oliver Fox, 14th place- 18.31
     Nathan Burch, 16th place- 18.39
     Jared Fernau, 21st place- 19.06
     Billy Tidyman, 22nd place- 19.11
     JashwaAlan Cummings, 31st- 19.38'

CHS Golf Takes Runner-Up at State-Hickstein Takes Title


The Class C-5 district champs and state runner up.(Left to Right) Taurie Pourier, Alpine Hickstein, Maddi Pelton, Aubree Noble, Kat Dodd (Back) Loni Watson

     2017 marked the third year in a row the Chadron High Girls' Golf team has made it to state. The CHS golf team took home the Runner-Up title on Tuesday the 10th after a first day team score of a 382. With 20 mile per hour winds, rain, snow, and sleet, the score proved the team was tough and didn't let the elements get to them. "I told the girls after the first day that I have played a lot of competitive golf, and that’s about as bad as I’ve ever seen a tournament played in," said Coach Loni Watson.
     After seeing scores after the first day of the tournament, Coach Watson said, "They were excited but definitely had nervous energy, which I think can be a very good thing when keeping your edge." That nervous energy did prove to show good for the team. Junior Taurie Pourier shot an all time low of a 88 and senior Alpine Hickstein shot a 2 under par for a 70. The low rounds from the two golfers helped the team shoot a team low score of a 375. To make a two day team total of 757, the CHS golf team brought home the runner up trophy by a whopping 27 strokes in front of third place. "It takes a lot of composure to compete from the front of the pack. I was impressed by the girls’ ability to compete at the highest level. As far as individuals go, for Alpine and Taurie to improve strokes under pressure, it's an amazing feat," said Coach Watson.
Alpine, who shot an even par 72 on Monday, was even better over the 18 holes on Tuesday by posting a 2-under 70. Alpine carded a 34 on the front nine and finished the round with five birdies and three bogeys. The senior's score tied the best 36-hole score of 142 that was set by Doniphan-Trumbull's Danielle Lemek in 2010. Her second round 70 is also among the tournament's best. Her 70 ties four other golfers for the lowest state round in 18 holes.

Chadron Individual Scores:

Alpine Hickstein-(72-70-1420
Taurie Pourier(99-88-187)

Maddi Pelton-(112-110-222)
Aubree Noble- (105-107-212)
Kat Dodd- (106-112-218)

Fall choir concert at CHS

     On October 26, in the High School Auditorium the Chadron Middle School and High School choir concert will be taking place. The first concert is the 5th and 6th grade students, who will start at 6 pm, but the 7th-12th grade concert will start at 7:15. If you would like to go to the concert it is free, but they are having a cookie fundraiser afterwords.
     Why are they having this concert? "Because we want to share our work," said Mrs. Mahr, choir teacher, "We practice everyday." 5th grade will be singing jazz and folk, high school is mixed genres, and Cardinal Singers will sing songs from musicals.

New Health and PE Teacher

     Chadron High has introduced a new health and physical educational teacher, Kyle Sanders. Mr. Sanders teaches PE and health. Mr. Sanders loves the environment and plans on teaching for awhile.
     Mr. Sanders graduated from Alliance High in 2012. After that, he moved on to go to college at Chadron State. There, he took a variety of classes to get his degree. Sanders's degree is K-12 physical and health education. 
     Mr. Sanders is a part of many things in and out of Chadron High. Intermediate PE, PE 9, life time activities and health are all the classes Mr. Sanders teaches at Chadron High. In his free time, Sanders coaches 7th grade football and is going to coach freshman basketball. 
     Mr. Sanders is very happy with the position he has right now. "Getting kids active in PE and building relationships," says Mr. Sanders is what he likes about teaching.  There is a lot about CHS that Mr. Sanders likes. He said, "The positive school environment, great staff and students are what I like, and I really love the block scheduling."

Monday, April 3, 2017

Chadron Swimming Pool

     The town of Chadron opened up their new swimming pool late this winter. The pool was the existing outdoor pool that they just put a roof over. The pool now has a splash pad, zero depth entry, a walking track and a water slide. There are many people that have gotten use out of this pool already. High school kids have been swimming in it after school or for some P.E. classes.
     Many of the high school students have liked the pool so far and say they are going to use it. Madison Cogdill, a sophomore said, "I will use the pool a lot because I have a year round pass." 
     Many people like that it is a friendly environment. Taya Leija, a sophomore at Chadron High, said, "I like that the pool is now heated and can be used all year long and that staff is great."  
     Lots of families have bought a membership pass. Some Chadron High students believe that the family pass is a little too expensive. Shelby Blundell, a sophomore, said, "I understand why the pass is so much, but it is still a lot of money, but they have to find a way to pay for it somehow." 
     The pool has done great things for the community already. Hopefully it will help this community grow more.  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

NCAA Tournament

     In Chadron High School there are many teachers and students that fill out brackets for the NCAA Tournament. This is a single elimination men's basketball tournament featuring 68 different teams from Division I, to determine the national championship.
     Some of the different teachers that play are Mr. Bach, Mrs. Noble, Mr. Nelson, and Mr. McLain. A few students that play are Dom Nobiling, Brooks Roberts, Bryce Hudson, and Theo Marcy.
     One of the major reasons people participate in the NCAA bracket, is to win money. Mr. Nelson plays for "a little money, because it makes the tournament more fun to watch." Dom, Mr. McLain, Theo, Bryce, and Mr. Bach also fill out brackets for a little bit of money.
     Playing for fun is another reason to fill out a bracket. It is fun to see which of your teams do good, and it is fun to just watch all of the games. Mrs. Noble and Brooks both play for the fun of it, instead of for money.
     Many people find the NCAA tournament a fun time of the year, and many people love playing and filling them out. It is fun for all ages, and even if your bracket does not win, it is still fun to be a part of the tournament.

Mrs. Bird Retirement

     2017 is the last year for Chadron High art teacher, Patty Bird, before she retires. Mrs. Bird has been a teacher for CPS for fifteen years. 
     When she first started teaching for CPS, she began at the middle school full time, teaching art for fifth through eighth graders and industrial technology for seventh and eighth graders and then later began switching between the middle school and high school. Before she taught at CPS, Mrs. Bird taught for two years at Alliance High School, Emerson Elementry and Grandview Elementry, three years at Sandy Creek Jr./Sr., which is located near Kearney, NE., and two years at Central Community College in Kearney, NE. 
      After being part of the Chadron schools for so long, Mrs. Bird will miss the students and faculty a lot. Because Mrs. Bird was part of the Chadron Public Schools for so long, she had many opportunities to make memories that she will remember forever. Her favorite thing about Chadron Schools though, is that she had the privilege of "watching the 5th graders come into the Middle School so small and unsure of themselves. Then, having the privilege of watching them grow through 6th, 7th and 8th grades. And the best part is also having them as students again in High School where I can see them mature and become independent. I am able to see their accomplishments and share memories with them before they graduate and leave for work or college life."
      She states the students' "humor, fun ways of making art, and attacking life are always the highlight of my day." She'll miss working with "kind, interesting, unique people with great ideas and humor." 
     Although she's sad she's leaving, Mrs. Bird has a whole plan ready for after she retires. Her and her husband plan on moving to South Dakota in the Hills somewhere, because they both love it there. She will continue making art work, and in between all of this, she will be visiting her daughters in Chicago, Denver, and Montana while continuing to travel to places such as Scottland, Europe, Canada, Washington State, as well as many other places to continue expanding and learning more about her passion for art. 

Favorite foods of CHS

       There is a diversity of food around the world because of different people's ethnicity. All this diversity in ethnicity makes for a wide variety of choices for favorite foods. Chadron High students and faculty have all kinds of favorite foods, from seafood to steak to cheesecake.
        Pasta is a favorite within the Chadron High community. Jill Paopao, language arts teacher, said her favorite food is spaghetti because, "The flavor is so good. It touches every element of your pallet." The best spaghetti she ever had was at Pompeii in Italy.  Kathy Kaus, school librarian, said her favorite food is lasagna.  Lasagna is her favorite food because it is something her grandmother always made for her. She loves homemade lasagna and would prefer that then at a restaurant.
        Another food that people enjoy is seafood. Karen Larsen, guidance office assistant, says her favorite food is salmon because she just likes seafood. Larsen's favorite way to eat salmon is homemade smoked salmon. Katelyn Briggs loves shrimp scampi. She likes shrimp scampi because it's just something she likes. Briggs loves shrimp scampi when it is homemade.
        Another big food group people like is meat. Mrs Watson and Mrs. Noble both love prime rib. Mrs Watson said that prime rib is fulfilling, juicy, wonderful, and savory. The best prime rib she's had was in Spearfish, South Dakota. Mrs Noble loves tender cut prime rib. She says it is like a butter explosion in your mouth. She loves it rare with lots of seasonings. The best prime rib she ever had was at a Texas Roadhouse. Michael Collins's favorite food is homemade biscuits and gravy because it tastes good.
     Others say that different desserts are their favorites. Linda Drinkwalter said that her favorite food was homemade cheesecake because it makes life unique. Mrs. Summerville says that her favorite food is her homemade chocolate chip cookies because she always has some every time she goes to her mom's house.

Sophomore Servers for CHS Prom

        The sophomore servers were announced last week for the 2017 CHS Prom.
        Ms. Renae Noble is a prom sponsor of the junior class. She stated that the sophomore servers has been a tradition for more than 30 years. 
        Noble explained that the servers are chosen by evaluating which sophomores will be going to prom as dates, and the remaining pool is voted on by the entire junior level. Then a total of 12 students out of the average 60 students per grade (6 boys and 6 girls) are announced to the school and given special contracts which they must sign and turn in. The contracts entail time (arrivals and dismissals), dress wear, rules, and a warning of "occasional teasing" (Noble). Only 5 contracts have been turned in, and they are due next week. Despite the lack of contracts, Noble is excited about this new group and wished them good luck.

Hoffman Named New Head Volleyball Coach

          Blakelee Hoffman, a sixth grade language arts teacher and sports fanatic has been named the new head volleyball coach at Chadron High School. Hoffman was extremely "shocked and excited" upon receiving this position, and it is safe to say that Cardinal fans can expect big things in the upcoming season.
          There is no doubt that Hoffman is 100% qualified for her position as head coach. She brings numerous years of experience in both playing and coaching into this next chapter of her coaching career. Hoffman attended Torrington High School where she excelled tremendously in her athletic career, which included participating in volleyball, basketball, and track & field. She was a four-year varsity volleyball and basketball starter, and had a phenomenal track & field career which included setting six school records and one overall state and class 3a record for the 100m hurdles. Hoffman also won a slew of awards for the multiple sports she participated in including; Scottsbluff Star-Herald Wyoming Volleyball Player of the Year (1997), 4-time Basketball All-Absaraka Conference and All-Western Conference, and Star-Herald Co-Track Athlete of the Year (1998).
          For college at Black Hills State University, Hoffman reduced her athletic obligations, slightly, and decided to focus on just two sports, volleyball and track & field. Her collegiate athletic career was just as successful as the past four had been in high school. Hoffman started all four years in volleyball at Black Hills, in which she played primarily in the outside hitter position and showed great success there. She was selected four-time All-Conference, one-time All-Region (1999), and one-time NAIA All-American (1999). She also broke nine school records, which was nothing new for the incredibly talented athlete. Hoffman went on to break two school records and qualify for nationals twice during her time on the track.
          As for the upcoming season, Hoffman expects great things from the team that she will be working with stating, "I think the best way to approach the upcoming season is to set realistic goals and expectations. With only one returning starter, Carstyn Hageman, we'll be lacking the experience we would need in order to compete at the same level. However, I know the talent is there to be just as good and competitive." Hoffman plans to bring great change and positive adjustments to the volleyball program. She urges anyone who is "on the fence" to give volleyball a shot, but just "don't wait too long."

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

District Speech

     On Thursday March 16th, the speech team brought the season to a close at districts in Sidney, Nebraska.  
     According to head coach Rebecca Dubs, the speech bus left at 5:30 in the morning to make it to the meet before the first flight of competition began at 8:30 a.m.  After a long day of presenting speeches, awards were handed out in the early evening. From the Chadron team, Paige Carratini earned sixth place in informative speaking, JashwaAlan Cummings earned sixth place with his poetry, and Hunter Hawk took home fifth in persuasive speaking.  "Sadly, we did not have anyone qualify for state," said Dubs.
      With these results, the speech season has officially come to an end.  

New Art Teacher

     For the 2017-2018 school year, a new art teacher has been selected for Chadron High and Middle school due to the retirement of Mrs. Bird.  That teacher is Travis Hencey.
     In order to select a teacher, a committee, which includes two teachers from each school and both principals interviewed applicants and then came together in the end to make a decision. This position is opened up to everyone, according to principal, Jerry Mack. 
      After interviewing the applicants, the committee decided to chose Travis Hencey, a 2005 Chadron High School graduate. Because of his extensive background in computer graphics, computer coding, and talent in teaching art, he was selected for the job. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Break

           Following the completion of the third quarter, Spring Break is now upon us, and everyone at Chadron High School has plans for the four day weekend. Whether their break will be filled with fun events or filled with a lot of relaxation, everyone has got an idea of how they want to spend their long weekend.
            Those who have anticipated Spring Break for sometime now and scheduled out their days off have a great plan for the weekend. Haley Mahr, CHS sophomore plans to go to Rapid City, SD, and spend a few days shopping and eating with her family. Haley and her family also plan to stay at the Watiki Resort as well as go ice skating while they are in the city. As for the rest of her time off, she will relax and enjoy the days not having school.
           Another CHS sophomore, Moriah Hasting's plan for break is to do absolutely nothing. She will sleep in late every day just because she never gets the opportunity to do so. She also is looking forward to spending the time off with her family and enjoying the nice weather that the forecast has predicted for the upcoming days.
          Trysha Brierly, sophomore, will take advantage of the free days and work at Donald's Drive Inn to make some money. She will work every day of the break and is quite excited, for the income that is, not the work.
          Dominic Nobiling, sophomore, will also spend a little bit of his break making some money working at the local movie theater a few nights, but other than that he will also relax and enjoy the days he has away from school.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

CHS love for music

Music. Most people around the world listen to music, whether they listen to the musical element or the lyrics. At CHS, many students listen to music and each have their own favorite genre.
Brystin Cummings, a 9th grader at CHS, loves country music because she feels it’s “fun to listen to and easy to relate to.” However, she listens to all types of music including country, rock, and today’s hits.
Alyeea Lopez, another 9th grader, listens to today’s hits. She also listens to hip hop, rap, and country. Both Brystin and Alyeea dislike the jazz genre.
Twilah Saksek, listens to all types of music ranging from rock, classic rock, rap, hip hop, German rock, heavy metal, and much more.
All four of these students listen to music to relieves stress and makes them happy. But it doesn’t stop at students. Teachers love to listen to music too. Mrs. Madsen, a CHS para-professional, only listens to country, nothing else. Mrs. Paopao loves not a genre but a band: The Beatles, because of her father. She believes music is, “The voice of generations.”

State Dance

     The state dance competition was held in Grand Island on the 17th and 18th of February. The CHS dance team attended this competition, however, not all went. Those who were chosen included Abby Orton, Kat Dodd, Ahlaura Pourier, Alyssa Noble, and Aubree Noble. Those five girls along with there coaches, Heather Barry and Nicole Pourier, were fortunate to go to state.
     Attending state dance for the first time, Heather Barry, said she had a fun experience where she enjoyed seeing other dance teams perform.  
     Competing in hip hop and poms, the girls placed 8th in both categories. According to Barry, the girls were disappointed in their placing, however, she thought they did well. Out of those two dances, her favorite dance was poms, because it was upbeat and fast.
     In the end, the judges comments included pointing toes more and having more energy.

Phobias Strike Fear!

       Many people are afraid of many different things. These phobias range from anything form heights and wasps.
       Most of Chadron High Students and faculty are afraid of something to do with animals. Cathy Kaus and Dylan Jamison are afraid of snakes. They both say that snakes are slimy, slithery, creatures that bite. Mrs. Kaus says that when she sees a snake her heart starts beating, and she immediately tries to figure a way to get out of there. Dylan says that when he sees a snake he will jump and yell, and he will run away as fast as he can.
          Brock Mittleider says that his biggest phobia is being impaled by a deer as he is driving down the highway. He says he drives down the highway all the time, and it's just something he thinks and worries about. He says if it ever does happen that he hopes to live to tell. Kylie Garrett says that her biggest fear is sharks. She said that she started to be afraid of sharks after all the movies she watched about sharks eating people. She said if she ever saw a shark she would probably die.
      Isabela Sanchez, Reid Hankin, and Mande Dotson all say that they are afraid of bugs. Isabela says that she hates spiders because they are discussing hairy and gross. If she sees a spider she makes her brother come kill it. Reid Hankin says that insecst are small, they have more than four legs. They can fly, crawl, or something freaky. Reid will "...kill it no matter what, unless it is a ladybug. Ladybugs are cool." Mandee Dotson says that her biggest fear is wasps. She says that wasps are big and scary, and they make a weird buzzing noise. "When I see a wasp I run inside the house," Mandee says.
       People can also have other phobias that don't have anything to do with animals. Nikki Scarrow and Tricia Berry are both afraid of heights. Nikki says that heights scare her, and Mrs. Berry says that when she is in a really high place "it makes my stomach turn and the ground feel like it's moving. Heghts hinder doing something fun and exciting like zip lining, roller coasters, and mountain climbing. It makes my heart feel like it's beating out of my chest, and if it's really high I start crying." Both say that they will freak out and scream. 
       Loni Watson says that one of her biggest phobias is small spaces. She says it not one of her favorite things to be in small spaces, and when she is in a small space she "has to pace my breathing, so I don't freak out, and I have to remind myself to breathe."
       Phobias come in many different way, but it can be agreed that no matter what they are they strike fear in those that suffer from them.

CHS Night of Forensics

     On Tuesday March 14, the Chadron High speech team will be hosting Night of Forensics in the High School.
     According to Head Speech Coach Rebecca Dubs, Night of Forensics is an evening for the "speech team to perform their events for members of the community."  The event will begin at 5:30 pm in the auditorium, with the speeches being presented in various room around the high school.  Afterwards, there will be a $2, or free will donation, dessert bar. "Awards, like JV/Varsity Letters and pins will also be awarded after the presentation of speeches," Dubs stated.
     So far, the speech team has had a fantastic season, with competitors placing at every meet and several first place awards. According to Dubs, the speech team has also won the Class A/B team Sweepstakes Runner-Up for the most points as a team at Western Conference and Class A/B Overall Team Sweepstakes at the Mitchell Speech Meet. "I hope we have a good turnout at Night of Forensics to support our wonderful, hard-working speechies before competing at Districts," Dubs stated.

Mitchell Speech Meet

        On March 4 the CHS speech team traveled to Mitchell for a speech tournament. More than half the Chadron team placed in finals, and they won first place in their division.
        Those who placed include: OID Sydney Brown, Katie Lewin, Claire Margetts, JoshwaAlan Cummings, and Kaylie Elliot (1st), Duet Abby Hyer and Claire Margetts (6th), Duet JashwaAlan Cummings and Gabe Ramos (4th), Duet Alyssa Noble and Emily Blaylock (2nd), Poetry Evelyn McEwen (1st), Poetry JashwaAlan Cummings (3rd), Informative Paige Carattini (2nd), Persuasive Paige Carattini (5th), and Persuasive Hunter Hawk (4th).
         The speech team will perform two more times in their speech season on Night of Forensics (March 14), and Districts (March 16). If any of the speech team makes 3rd place and up in their categories, they will go to state.

Boys' Golf Team

     The Chadron High School Boys' Golf Team has a new head coach this year, Jordan Nelson. Coach Nelson is very excited for his first year as head coach. Nelson said, "With a lot of experience coming back this season there is potential to make a push for state as a team." There are many talented seniors coming back this year such as Corbin Johnson, Sean O'Brien, Keegan Shuck, Michael Gieseler, and Tyler Westlake. 
     Practice for the golf team starts on March 13th, two weeks before their first competition. Coach Nelson said, "Golf is a game that is dependent on consistent repetition that will cone from a lot of practice." 
     The boy's team will practice hard to get ready for their 10 meets, and districts and state. They will be a very strong team with a lot of talent from past years. Coach Nelson can not wait for season, and the golf team is very excited for it to finally be golf season. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Summer vs. Winter


     It is winter! Do you enjoy winter? I hope you do enjoy it because you have a while to go with all this snow. Are you eager for summer to arrive? With any season that comes you are always going to have to deal with, even if you don't enjoy it. Students in Chadron High School seem to like summer more than winter.
     There are many reasons why students enjoy summer more than winter. Sophomore Kaylie Elliott said, "I resent the cold, and adore the heat."
     Many have said that they just don't like the snow. Senior Alex Nobling said, "There is more freedom in the summer and driving is a lot easier." Students have also said that they enjoy the heat and the longs day of sleeping in and staying up late.
     Students have also said there are many more activities in summer than there are in winter. You can go golfing, swimming, gardening, and many more. Sophomore Mackenzie Scoggan said she can get back to her rodeo in the summer.

Valentine's Day is Coming!!

         Valentine's Day is approaching, and who doesn't LOVE this affection filled holiday? Well students from Chadron High definitely do, with the exception of a few, that is.
          Moriah Hastings, CHS sophomore, is a big fan of aspects of Valentine's Day. She loves that people are happy because it makes her happy. She loves the excessive amounts of food and candy, but thinks that the heart-shaped candies are "corny." She does think that the holiday can sometimes be a little too "extra" and "unnecessary." Overall, Moriah thinks it is a fun day to celebrate and eat, but really isn't too important and shouldn't be taken too seriously.
           Dominic Nobiling, CHS sophomore, has strong feelings against the holiday. He feels that it is unimportant and does not need to be celebrated. His favorite part of the holiday is when it's over, (because all of the candy is on clearance). Dominic also feel's that it is definitely one of the most useless holidays "right behind Columbus Day."
            Mackenzie Scoggan, also a CHS sophomore, feels that this holiday is slightly "forced" because love and affection shouldn't just be shown on one single day, it should be spontaneous, but she does think that this day is important. "It gives people a day to show their love for another," Mackenzie said. She is in agreement with I'm sure many other people, when she says that her favorite part about Valentine's Day is the large amounts of candy available to her. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Favorite winter activities

     There are many things to do in the winter. People have different ideas on the perfect winter day.          Mrs. Summerville says her favorite thing to do in the winter is to sit next to the fire place with a fire going and read a book while drinking hot chocolate. Mrs. Summerville says that it is very relaxing and a feel good moment to sit and read a book. She also likes to go sledding. 
     Mr. McLain says his favorite thing to do is play basketball and workout with Mr. Sandstrom and Mr. Bach. McLain stated, "I enjoy being active. It makes me feel alive, and Mr Sandstrom is my best friend, even though he constantly reminds me how much stronger he is than me." 
     April Hardy says the best way to spend a cold winter day is to drink hot chocolate or tea and play video games all day. April is an introvert ,and she really loves video games. 
     Both Maggie Hughes and Shelby Blundell both say they love to play with their dogs in the snow.
     Jill Paopao likes to sled with her kids. Paopao said, "My kids love it and going down a hill really fast is thrilling." 
     Nikki Scarrow says her favorite thing to do is to build snowmen. Nikki says she gets exercise, and she has fun making snowmen.

Chadron High Getting Vending Machine

     Chadron High School is finally getting a vending machine. You may be asking yourself where CHS got the money for this vending machine. Well, they were given the money through a grant.
     The grant for the Vending Machine was written by Brenda Fritzler, Coordinator of Lunch Time Solutions. Jerry Mack, High School Principal, has been working on getting something to help with food for those students who have after school activities because most students do not just have one but they have multiple activities they participate in after school.
     There will be a variety of foods inside this vending machine. Lunch Time Solutions will be stocking the vending machine with healthy, fresh foods. The vending machine will fit the nutritional foods policy. The snacks that are behind the counter in the lunch room are some of the snacks that will be in the vending machine. 
     Even if you have food allergies there will still be options for you. Mr. Mack stated, "The prices will be the same as the prices for the foods behind the counter," which will be beneficial for students.      The money that this machine makes will go towards buying the food for the machine.  Mr. Mack stated, "We should be getting the vending machine in the next week or so. It has been ordered and is on its way."

CHS 8th Grade Orientation

Everyone who has attended high school remembers their eighth grade orientation; the big step of becoming a high school student. On the afternoon of May 10th, 69 eighth grade students will be attending eighth grade orientation to become Chadron High students.
    At orientation, students will be listening to a speech  by the principal, Jerry Mack. Later, enrolled CHS students will lead group discussions about activities, clubs, and athletics. In addition, they will be talking to the school counselor.
    To enroll these students Loni Watson, the guidance counselor, will be attending meetings with teachers and departments to decide what courses can be offered to the students. In addition, Mrs. Watson stated that she would “meet with each student individually and make a 4 year game plan” for their high school career. Hopefully, this process will make the eighth graders become more comfortable with the idea of high school and being in the high school.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CHS Home Speech Meet

The CHS speech team hosted their home meet on Saturday Feb. 4.
        The Chadron Home Speech was a massive success on February 4.
        Rebecca Dubs, head coach of the CHS speech team, arranged almost the entire meet and a total of ten teams arrived. Dubs planned and executed everything from the judges hospitality room to announcing finals to cleaning up after the meet. Her work resulted in a happy audience, contented contestants, and jolly judges. By the time awards were announced, by Dubs's calculations, the entire ceremony was early. 
        The few bumps Dubs encountered were easily fixed, and hardly noticed. Her accomplishment is surprising since she has only been speech coach for two years, and only received help from Zach Banzhaf, first year assistant coach of the speech team. 
        While the speech team didn't win its flight, more then half the team placed in finals including: OID Abby Hyer, Mande Wolleson, Grace Sorenson, and Hunter Hawk (The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet, 4th), OID Madison Sandstrom, Madison Stein, and Wren Chamberlain (Gee, 5th), OID Sydney Brown, Claire Margetts, Katie Lewin, JashwaAlan Cummings, Kaylie Elliot (Greek Mythology Extravaganza, 2nd), Duet Abby Hyer and Claire Margetts (Santa Runs a Sweatshop, 6th), Duet Alyssa Noble and Emily Blaylock (How to Survive a Horror Movie, 4th), Humorous Walt Mays (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, 3rd), Humorous Madison Sandstrom ("10 Easy Steps to Humiliation" 5th), Poetry Colette Mahr (3rd), Poetry Evelyn McEwen (2nd), Poetry JashwaAlan Cummings (1st), Persuasive Paige Carattini (5th), and Persuasive Hunter Hawk (4th).