Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Speech Season Starting Up

     The 2017-2018 speech season has officially begun with a new coach, new assistant coach, and a handful of new speechies. Brenda Lanphear, alongside Cheryl Welch, will be coaching and assistant coaching the speech team.
     Mrs. Lanphear competed in speech her 6th grade year all through her senior year. She was asked to join the speech team in college, but declined due to the priority of school and her studies. Mrs. Lanphear explained her want to coach because speechies are able to be silly and develop a strong sense of self. Strong communication skills are also grown through being in the extra curricular club. Mrs. Lanphear said, "I'm excited to be in charge of another extra curricular. It will be a new position of leadership, and I am thrilled to get to know my kids better, even if it is at 4:30 in the morning."
     Mrs. Lanphear said she is excited to grow a team that is 'positive and competitive.' "We have very dedicated and motivated upperclassmen. They will be great examples for the new people. I think we have a very good team with very strong members. I will support each and every one of these kids, but those that take the extra step will be the competitors. Overall, I am so excited to start the year!" Mrs. Lanphear finished.
     The speech season has finally begun with seven regular season meets to conquer. With two new coaches and a fairly new team, Chadron High School will come to compete with both new faces and  familiar skills.

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