Sunday, January 29, 2017


     Social media is a big thing that teenagers seem to spend a lot of time on these days. There are plenty types of social media the biggest that teenagers seem to use the most is Snapchat. Snapchat is a way of communicating with friends by sending selfies and short clips. As of June 2106 snapchat had 150 million people using it every day.
     Teens like to use snap chat for many different reasons. They have said that it is a more entertaining way of communication by taking selfies and talking. Senior Keegan Shuck said the reason he has it is because everyone has it, and it is another form of communication among friends. Many students say that there are drawbacks to it though.
     There are drawbacks to this app like there is with any other app. Teens say that they hate that the snaps disappear in 10 seconds. Sophomore Dominic Nobling said the one drawback of the app is that it uses data. If you are not connected to WiFi then it will use a lot of your data, unlike texting.  They have said that there is always a problem with their snapchats not always sending. Senior Theo Marcy said that the huge drawback of snapchat is people using it badly.
     As snapchat is growing more and more these days with more teens using it, parents are deciding to try it out too. Teens don't really like that parents want to join snapchat as they like their privacy. Teens have said that if their parents join they would never snapchat them. Teens like to have their privacy, which is what snapchat gives them. Sophomore Moriah Hastings said, "I wouldn't care, but I don't like people looking through my stuff without a purpose." Some teens say that they wouldn't like it because they call it is an invasion in their privacy.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Movie Time

     There are so many different activities and events to participate in at Chadron High School, but one thing that all students love to do is watch movies.
          There are many different types of movies and students at Chadron High definitely have an opinion on which on is their absolute favorite. Sophomore, Dominic Nobiling and Senior, Sean O'Brien are both huge fans of action films. The two boys are in agreement that action movies are great for keeping you on the edge of your seat. Dominic's favorite action film is Avatar, and even offered up that he'd love to be an Avatar one day. Sean prefers a more life-like film such as Hacksaw Ridge. He said that "The story line was very interesting." While there are a few students who prefer action movies over the rest, some people, one girl in particular only needs a nice laugh to keep her happy. 
          CHS Sophomore, Moriah Hastings can be satisfied with a simple comedy. Any comedy movie can put her in a good mood but her favorite of them all is Napoleon Dynamite. The "classic" film is her favorite because is makes her laugh no matter how many times she watches it.
         Two genres that seem to be a rare favorite at Chadron High School are horror films and romantic comedies. Kaitlyn Haug is a big fan of horror movies, her favorite is The Lovely Bones. The movie has a "good plot and a great ending," said Haug. On the opposing side, Keegan Shuck is a surprisingly big fan of romantic comedies. He recently watched the movie Ten Things I Hate About You, and really enjoyed the film. He really liked the funny parts as well as the fact that the couple ends up happy and together in the end.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lunch Time Problems At CMS

     The Chadron Middle School Student Council is having problems with their new installment in the cafeteria.                  
      Chris Carattini, FCS (Family Consumer Science) teacher and para to Mark Wolleson, the adult supervisor for Student Council, stated that after a student's family donated a microwave to the school, the school staff failed to place it in the cafeteria. The microwave is currently located in Wolleson's room, potentially interfering with the class.
      "The Student Council had been planing to purchase another microwave [for the cafeteria] before the donation," said Carattini. The middle school's microwave, which was described as "disgusting and too small," always has a line during lunch period, said Carattini.  The second microwave has long been asked for by students, and was the first priority for Student Council after coming back from winter break.
        After the donation of the microwave, Student Council then asked the middle school faculty to secure a counter and extension cord for the second microwave, which would then be set up in the cafeteria next to the original. However, due to unknown reasons, the faculty has not responded nor have they helped. Wollesen has encouraged the Student Council to find and purchase it's own counter and cord, but due to budget problems Student Council can not buy these items.
        For now the problem is at a stand still as both students, parents, and employees wait for a solution from either groups involved.

CHS Grease Musical Auditions

     On Tuesday and Wednesday the 17th and 18th, the high school held auditions for Grease, the spring musical.  Grease is around a two-hour long production following a high school love story, in a comedy fashion, between a girl and boy of different social standings.
      Wendy Mahr, CHS Choir teacher and the sponsor of Cardinal Singers, is the director of this year's musical.  According to Mahr, interested students were required to act out a short monologue and sing a few bars of a song for their audition.  Mrs. Paoao, Mrs. Lanphear, and Mrs. Welch were also present at the auditions to aid in the casting process.
      Following the initial auditions, Mahr compiled a list that was posted Friday morning for callback auditions.  These auditions were meant to see actors read or sing for Mahr, in order to determine parts that the casting committee couldn't decide on.  These auditions were Monday the 23rd in the morning, with the cast list going up on that afternoon.
     Now that the cast list is out, the musical can get going in rehearsals to prepare for their performances on March 31st, April 1st, and April 2nd. Mahr hopes "that the students involved will learn about musical theatre and experience the production in a way that is fun and is beneficial to the students' growth" in CHS's 2017 production of Grease.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Scottsbluff girls' defeat CHS

Dana Dunbar led the cards in points against Scottsbluff.

     On January 17, the Chadron High School Cardinals girls' basketball team played Scottsbluff at home, where they were defeated.
     The girls started off strong in the first quarter, hitting a lot of shots, but fell cold towards half time. Chadron also had fairly good defense to help them get a lead, but forced a lot of turnovers to give Scottsbluff many easy baskets.
     Dana Dunbar led the Cardinals with 11 points, followed by Danielle Johnson, True Thorne, and Jadyn McCartney who all put up 5 each. Teagan Westemeier, Tyleigh Strotheide, and Shea Bailey also helped the girls out with 2 points each.
     The points together were not enough to win the game, and it ended in a score of 31-52. The Chadron girls now have a 7-7 record for the season and have two big games coming up this weekend against Gering and Gordon-Rushville.