Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Traditions

     Students and teachers at Chadron High School have recently taken a break from school to celebrate Thanksgiving. What traditions and events that make the holiday special, however, is different for everyone.
     Teachers Mrs. Lanphear and Mr. Hoagland enjoyed a stay at home with family visiting. All of Lanphear's kids celebrated with her, including her step-son who came home from college. She tried a new recipe this year, but kept up with meaningful traditions like making crafty table decorations and playing board games with the family. 
     Hoagland's daughter and son-in-law came to celebrate Thanksgiving and also his granddaughter's birthday. He said he planned on "watching Nebraska beat Iowa" in football, but he enjoys the traditional turkey meal and taking it easy with family.
     Harlie Kennell and Tamra Garvin are students at Chadron High who spent their break out of town. Kennell traveled to Spearfish, South Dakota, to hang out with family while enjoying some ham, turkey, and occasionally lamb. He said his traditions include sitting around, watching football, and eating a wide variety of pies. 
     Garvin went to Crawford to eat Thanksgiving dinner with her grandparents. She and her family also watched football, had some fun playing outside, and later played some board games. Her tradition also includes an abundance of nearly 8 pies.
     Food and family played a huge role in student and teacher's Thanksgiving break and clearly, it was an enjoyable experience for these few.