Monday, April 3, 2017

Chadron Swimming Pool

     The town of Chadron opened up their new swimming pool late this winter. The pool was the existing outdoor pool that they just put a roof over. The pool now has a splash pad, zero depth entry, a walking track and a water slide. There are many people that have gotten use out of this pool already. High school kids have been swimming in it after school or for some P.E. classes.
     Many of the high school students have liked the pool so far and say they are going to use it. Madison Cogdill, a sophomore said, "I will use the pool a lot because I have a year round pass." 
     Many people like that it is a friendly environment. Taya Leija, a sophomore at Chadron High, said, "I like that the pool is now heated and can be used all year long and that staff is great."  
     Lots of families have bought a membership pass. Some Chadron High students believe that the family pass is a little too expensive. Shelby Blundell, a sophomore, said, "I understand why the pass is so much, but it is still a lot of money, but they have to find a way to pay for it somehow." 
     The pool has done great things for the community already. Hopefully it will help this community grow more.