Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Auditorium to Get New Seats

      This upcoming Christmas break Chadron High School will be facing renovations to improve the seats in the auditorium. 

      The previous seats have been in the school since the fall of 1968.  The new seats will be more comfortable than the current ones by having a cloth-like material that will be cozy when sitting down. There will be a little bit more room to seat more people. Each of the chairs cost around $80, and there will be 467 chairs along with 6 seats for the handicapped, with the total cost being around 35 to 36 thousand dollars. Another thing about the new seats is that two rows are removable to make an orchestra pit.     

      Volunteers and Mr. Cogdill's class will help to remove the seats on December 19th. Then the new seats will be at the school January 7th, and the seats will be installed by 20th. The metal of the old seats will be recycled, and the seats will be either given away or trashed. 

      The money for the seats was earned through donations from the public and the Chadron Public Foundation. The high school is still accepting donations for the changes of the auditorium and after getting the seats renovated the next goal is to upgrade the lighting and sound.     

Boys' Basketball Takes 5th at WCT

     Chadron High's boys' basketball team ended the Western Conference tournament in fifth place, with a 2-1 record.
     The Cardinals faced the Scottsbluff Bearcats to start the tournament. They were able to stay with them for awhile, but couldn't hold the Bearcats the whole game. The Cards lost the game 48-64.
     Friday, they took on the Sidney Raiders. The Raiders gave the Cardinals another tough game. Sidney fell just short to Chadron with a score of 64-60.
     To wrap up the tournament, Chadron played the Mitchell Tigers and was able to find their way around the team. Chadron Cardinals beat Mitchell Tigers with the score of 74-42.
    Coach Mitch Barry said that his team did very well with offensive shooting, and the boys were able to play faster as a team.
     Junior, Trevor Berry, also said the team kept up their confidence. During the last game, against Mitchell, Trevor stepped up and took the lead score with 32 points. From this game, he was able to take over the boys’ three point record. He scored 10 out of 12 shots from the three point line. The previous record of eight, was held by Vonsinh Sayaloune, in 2014, against Gering. Berry said he didn’t know he was even close to the record, until assistant coach Vonsinh Sayaloune congratulated him.
     Coach Barry is looking for the team to be playing their best game by sub districts because the road for districts is going to be challenging. He said the team really just needs to work on their confidence in what they do best. “The team needs to learn and think about mistakes, but not hold on to them until the next game,” said Barry.
     Coach Barry has been the most proud of the effort that his team brought to each game so far.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Lip Dub Set for Dec. 21 at CHS

     Jill Paopao, Chadron High language arts teacher, is doing a lip dub on December 21st, using the song "High Hopes" by Panic! At The Disco. She is doing this because she thinks "it's a great way to end the semester with a lot of school spirit." She has done three successful and well received ones in the past, and she enjoys doing them and loves that everyone gets to be in it.
     Paopao will be running the camera, filming kids representing their activities of the school and each activity will be at a separate table in the Commons. Then everybody will end up in the gym with one big group shot. 
     "Students can sometimes be nervous about it, but once we start doing it they have a ton of fun, and they get pretty creative," said Jill Paopao.

Friday, December 7, 2018

One Acts Compete in District Competition


          On Friday, November 30, the One Acts cast competed in the district competition. They took second in the competition, performing "Rosie the Riveter."
           Taya Leija, makeup and hair designer, says, "The best part of participating in One Acts was the unbreakable bonds that I developed over the seasons." Taya has been in One Acts for all four years in high school. She says, "I really enjoyed being able to express myself, even though I was told I applied foundation roughly."
           The team had a lot of ups and down, but the worst part was when they placed second instead of first. Taya thought the worst part was trying to style 'victory rolls.' 
           There were many people in the cast, including Austin McCabe, who played Tommy. Austin says, "The best part of being in the One Act play was being able to hang out with all of the fun people." This was Austin's second year of being in the One Acts play. "The worst part was having to put on mascara and eyeliner," says Austin. Although they lost to Gordon-Rushville Austin feels that they performed very well and should do even better next year.
           It has been five years since the One Acts play got runner-up for districts, making this the third time Chadron High School has received this high of an award.

Cell Phone Policy

            At Chadron High school, many teachers enforce a strong no phone policy. When you look in a class, you almost never see students on their phones.
            Mrs. Lanphear has a phone policy mainly for testing. She said, "During tests students put their phones in the 'Parking Spot' in the back of the class room; otherwise, I want them off and in backpacks." During class, Mrs. Lanphear does have kids on their phones occasionally, but "My students are very respectful and understand phones are a tool." As a teacher, Mrs. Lanphear has enforced the phone policy a few times. She said, "Students have been using their phone for gaming which is not acceptable." Mrs. Lanphear usually only takes phones once or twice a semester, which is not a lot.
             Mike Lecher has a way different idea with enforcing the phone policy. When students come to class with Lecher. He said, "I do not have a policy as far as checking phones in at the beginning of class." Although Lecher does not have a policy at the beginning of class he does have students get on their phones. He said, "They do receive a warning and then they get it confiscated." To enforce his policy he places the phone in his desk drawer. Lecher does find himself taking phones about once a week.
          Morgan Rutledge is a student at Chadron High School, and she does think it's necessary for a phone policy. She said, "I think it's necessary for some people, because they can not stay off their phones. For me it's not a problem because I do not get my phone out because I don't have data." Rutledge thinks it is not helpful to the teachers to take phones. She said, "Not having something you want makes you want it even more, so kids try and sneak to have their phones." Rutledge doesn't believe it's hard on the kids, but it is hard for the teachers to enforce the policies.

Cardinal Singers Caroling


     The Cardinal Singers will go caroling in December and January this year. This has been a tradition for the Cardinal Singers.
       They will be visiting the nursing home, the college, and various businesses around town. The Cardinals Singers will also carol for a banquet at the Lions Club and help with it. When they sing at banquets it takes about 23 minutes. They sing for about three hours when they carol on Main Street and at Chadron State College.
       The Cardinal Singers will be singing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," by Pentatonix "Twelve Days of Christmas," by Straight No Chaser, "Light in the Hallway," by Pentatonix, "Carol of the Bells," "The Christmas Song," "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," and various Christmas classics upon request.
      Jameson Margetts and Alexis Conboy are two Cardinals Singers who are excited to go caroling.  Margetts said that going caroling is important because, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."  
     Conboy said, "I feel that the rest of the community loves to hear us sing, and it is so nice that we can go to them instead of them coming to us. I am grateful that others ask for us to sing at their events and because of this I believe that caroling is very important."