Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Summer Plans

     This summer is going to be full of fun for different people. It sounds like a lot of people at Chadron High are excited for it to be summer.
     Kaelee Long is going to some volleyball camps, two concerts, and her birthday is on June 5th. She is traveling to the Gulf of the Mexico and expects to have a great summer. She is also going to workout for volleyball and do summer league. She will also be seeing family and will be working, but she is not quite sure where she is going to work at.
     Mr. Lecher will be working on finishing details of his home and has no travel plans this summer. It will be the first time in three years that he will be able to golf again regularly, which makes him very excited. He will be taking part in football camp and working as a substitute for the workout room. He will only be seeing close family.
     Cobie Bila is going to be lifting and playing baseball as well as traveling for baseball. His favortie part about summer is having free time off of school and getting to see family. He is going to be mowing lawns for his summer job.
     Peyton Underwood will be working at Wild's and going to the lake, as well as going to Indiana. Her favorite part of the summer will be making money. She will be playing summer softball and will be taking part in basketball open gyms and games. She will not be seeing any family besides the ones who live near.
     Savanna Sayaloune will be working at the State Park, hanging out with friends, and going to the lake. She is not going to travel, and her favorite part of the summer will be meeting new people. She will be doing cross country running this summer. She will be seeing her aunt and uncle this summer.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

FBLA Banquet

       The FBLA Banquet as held May 7th at 5:30 p.m.  At the banquet FBLA honored all the seniors: Aubree Noble, Brooklyn Stack, and Hunter Hawk. They also honored the previous officers Aubree Noble, Brooklyn Stack, Kellie Waugh, Lauren Collins, and Brooklynn Fritzler. The new officers were also installed at the banquet. They are Abby Gardner, Savanna Sayaloune, and Kennedy Stack. Kellie Waugh and Lauren Collins will be two year officers.
     Also honored were all who won an award at state. Many people won honorable mention for events that they participated in all year, but Grace Sorenson won 1st place in Emerging Business Report, and now she will be on her way to Nationals this summer. Nationals is held in Baltimore, Maryland.
        At the FBLA banquet there was also a supper for everyone to eat. Everyone had to bring a salad of their choice to share. 

Benefits of Taking Yearbook Class

      When someone goes into make their schedule for the upcoming year, there is a plethora of options for classes they can take. When they split up their fourth block they have to choose a forty minute class. As there are many options to choose from, like drafting to taking a PE class, the most beneficial option is Yearbook and Newspaper. 
     As there are many benefits to taking a yearbook class, there are clearly a few that outweigh the rest. The first is how many people you get to talk to. You would get a chance to communicate with as many people as you choose; through the interviews and communicating with other writers in your class. Another benefit is you are able to choose how you want your senior yearbook, if you are a senior when you take the class. 
     You will be able to expand your skills, and start to become a better writer. Writing countless stories on different clubs and organizations will fine tune your ability to be a writer. When you apply for a college in future you will be able to show that you were in Yearbook class, and were dedicated to a team. 
     Lastly, and most importantly, getting to gain a friendship with your editor is the most beneficial. He or she will help get your skills up and help learn the ins and outs of the high school yearbook. Everyone will have a exciting time learning about each of the activities in the school, and meeting the people that participate in those activities. 
    Clearly, when deciding to pick a class, yearbook will let you have fun, while working hard, but also meeting new people throughout the school. 

Friday, May 4, 2018


     On May 5th Chadron High School is hosting the annual prom. To start the night off at 7:00pm there will be the grand march, where all the students will walk across the stage and show off their dresses and tuxes, and the prom king and queen will also be announced there. Prom queen candidates are: Aubree Noble, Brooklyn Stack, Eme Craig, Kylee Garrett, Hannah Kennel and Alpine Hickstein. Prom King canidates are: Cody Madsen, Jeff Cerny, Logan Tiensvold, Hunter Hawk, Sam Rischling, and Billy Tidyman.
     At 7:45pm there will be a dinner, where they will be serving grilled chicken, lasagna roll ups with alfredo sauce, long green beans with silvered almonds, lettuce salad with dressing, breadstick and assorted cheescakes with lemonade or water to drink.
     After that the dance will start at 8:30pm and last until 12:00am. Tickets were $13 and for sale at the office. Prom activities include dancing, a photobooth and DJ. The dance will be DJ'ed by Mareks DJ service from Rapid City, who Mrs. Noble claims is "very upbeat." The theme of this year's prom is Roaring 20s. The decorations will include a combination of the Great Gatsby and Old Hollywood.
     Post prom will begin at 12:30am and include things such as prizes and a hypnotist.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Senior Decisions, Life Decisions

       Chadron High School has made it to the point in the year where the senior class is starting to choose their path for their future. This year's senior class has 43 that are walking onstage to get their diplomas. Out of those 43 kids, 3/4 of them are choosing to continue their education. The other fourth are either joining the workforce or joining the armed forces. Thirteen colleges have been chosen, so far, to be the future for the seniors. Among those schools are University of Nebraska, Lincoln, University of Nebraska, Kearney, Wayne State College, Chadron State College, Harvard University, Peru State College and more.
       There are many reasons why these students chose where they are going. Cody Madsen and Brayden Richardson are both going to Lincoln to study at UNL. Brayden said, "I like cities, and I wanted to go to a bigger college. I also wanted to get away from Chadron to try something new." Cody agreed with Brayden, "Lincoln offers my degree program, and I am able to experience more in a larger city." 
        Zayne Jones will be attending Kearney in the fall. He said, "I chose Kearney for their masters program for athletic training. I can modify my classes to what I want to do." 
        Alpine Hickstein is going to Chadron State College because, "It's in my hometown, has a beautiful campus and has great degree programs. They gave me great scholarships in both athletics and academics." 
         Dana Dunbar will be going into the DMACC to play softball over in Iowa. She said, "The campus is small, which I like because I will be able to interact my teachers. The softball program also had an impact on my decision. I really like the coaching staff and how successful the program has been. I will also be able to obtain a good education that will benefit me after my two years." 
         Mark Taylor is planning on enlisting in the air force because, "I want to serve the country. I want to be able to give back and provide for the country we call home."
       Overall, the 2018 senior class of CHS is ready to prepare and move on to their future. They will be left with their class quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."