Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Benefits of Taking Yearbook Class

      When someone goes into make their schedule for the upcoming year, there is a plethora of options for classes they can take. When they split up their fourth block they have to choose a forty minute class. As there are many options to choose from, like drafting to taking a PE class, the most beneficial option is Yearbook and Newspaper. 
     As there are many benefits to taking a yearbook class, there are clearly a few that outweigh the rest. The first is how many people you get to talk to. You would get a chance to communicate with as many people as you choose; through the interviews and communicating with other writers in your class. Another benefit is you are able to choose how you want your senior yearbook, if you are a senior when you take the class. 
     You will be able to expand your skills, and start to become a better writer. Writing countless stories on different clubs and organizations will fine tune your ability to be a writer. When you apply for a college in future you will be able to show that you were in Yearbook class, and were dedicated to a team. 
     Lastly, and most importantly, getting to gain a friendship with your editor is the most beneficial. He or she will help get your skills up and help learn the ins and outs of the high school yearbook. Everyone will have a exciting time learning about each of the activities in the school, and meeting the people that participate in those activities. 
    Clearly, when deciding to pick a class, yearbook will let you have fun, while working hard, but also meeting new people throughout the school. 

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