Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Western Conference Tournament

       Last weekend, the Chadron men and women's basketball teams played in the Western Conference Tournament. The tournament started on Thursday, December 4. After both teams won their exhibition game against Bridgeport, hopes were high going in.
       The girls won their first game against Gering, 43 to 27, on Thursday. On Friday night, the girls lost to the Sidney Raiders, 31 to 38. The girls finished the tournament with in third place, after beating the Mitchell Tigers, 48 to 41. Jayden McCartney said, "It's really nice that some of the Eastern state teams came, it brought a different feel to the tournament."
       The Chadron boys had a similar tournament experience. In the first game against the Gering Bulldogs, Chadron won 43 to 32. On Friday, the guys lost on a buzzer beater to Sidney, 49 to 51. In their last game against Alliance, the boys won 54 to 36, taking third place overall. Jayden Stack said, "I'm glad we had the tournament to start off the season."
       The tournament was a success for both the men and women's teams. The Cardinals hope to continue their seasons with great success.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Phone cases: protective or decorative?

        Almost every student in Chadron High has a phone. One thing that makes these phones diverse, other than the brands, are the cases the students put on them. Cases may range from stylish and sparkly to protective and sturdy. Other people don't use cases and probably have a higher chance of cracking their phone screen.
       Julianne Dickerson is the owner of an iPhone 4 and prefers to have a protective case on it. She says, "I will risk putting on a stylish case when my contract is almost over, and I can get a new phone." Julianne has a pink and black Trident phone case that she hasn't taken off since the day she got her phone. "It works very well," Julianne says.
     Emmy Mills, a junior, has a shattered phone, but says, "Otter Box is a reliable brand of phone cases, that I use."
     Simon Rischling just got a new phone and doesn't have a phone case on it, but he is looking for a semi protective case for it. 
     Brooke Roes has an iPhone 4. On her phone she has a both protective and stylish phone case. It is not branded, but built like an Otter Box with polka dots. "I really enjoy not having to worry about breaking my phone, but still having a fun case," says Brooke. 
     Just like clothes, and personalities, phone cases make the students diverse.

Pink Nail Salon

     Most of the community has noticed the new nail salon, Pink, that is located on the corner of West 2nd and Chadron Avenue. It just recently opened this past week. 

     "I knew we were getting a new store, but I didn't know it was a nail salon," Brittani Piontek said.

     Every day more and more students are making their way down there to get their nails done. It is something new and different in Chadron besides a restaurant or clothing store. 

     Not all students have a need to get their nails done for various reasons. "I'll probably go there for pedicures, but since my mom does my nails for free that's all I will go there for," said Shay Chamberlain. "I have too much nail polish to go pay to get my nails done, but overall I think it is good for the community," said Ms. Mack.

     Pink might not be as exciting for the guys in Chadron, but it might be worth checking out. "I don't know...I might get a manicure down there," said Josh Hill.

     "The results have been phenomenal," said Sydney Blome. "They do a great job, and it is exciting to have a new business in town."

     Chadron is really expanding with new stores such as Pink. These stores help build Chadron up and bring more business into the little town.

Sophomore magazine sales

     Every year as a fundraiser for Prom and Graduation the sophomores of the school sell magazines to the public. This years class didn't do so well.  The goal this year was for each sophomore student to sell at least eight magazines. The goal was $500 total.
     Mrs. Budler, the sophomore  class representative tells how more money is going to be made. "The sophomores last year didn't reach their goal so now they are in their Junior year racing to find other fundraisers to do. This year's sophomores didn't do so hot either. They are going to have to do a lot of fundraisers just to pay for prom alone, graduation is a whole different story."
     According to Ms. Noble, more magazines may have been sold that have not been accounted for yet. Magazines can be sold online and be shipped to people who live out of town. Many students did that but did not tell the rep to be counted for.
     Mrs. Budler and Mr. Bach want to advise this years Sophomore class to start thinking about future fundraisers.

Curtain closes on this season's one acts play


     On Friday, December 5th, 2014, the One Acts team traveled to Ogallala to perform at the districts competition. Their play, "The Oldest Story Ever Told," portrays the classic Cinderella story in three different cultures; Africa, China, and India. Four performances had been displayed before competition; two for the public, one for grades K-5, and one for grades 6-12.

     "I thought that the play was well-performed when I saw it, and it was really interesting and funny to watch," said sophomore Raven Shouldis, who attended the high school performance on November 20th.

     "The Oldest Story Ever Told" was performed in Ogallala's High School Performing Arts Center around 1:45 p.m., and received good reviews and (mostly) constructive criticism from the three judges. Despite the team's performance and the judges' critiques, "The Oldest Story Ever Told" received sixth place out of the eight teams that performed that day. The cast remained in high spirits, however, and vowed to do better next season.

     "I think we did better than what we scored, and we deserved a higher rank; but, that just means that we have to do better next year!" said sophomore Cassie Sloan with a determined look on her face.

     "I felt that our performance at districts was one of our best, but our placing did not reflect that. While I didn't think that we won, I did think that we were in the top four, at least. Our district is very, very tough, and, with the exception of a couple of teams, they are all very good," said One Acts coach Jill Paopao.

Nebraska fires head football coach

     Nebraska football has had a rough few weeks. Last week their head coach Bo Pelini was fired. 
     Many people have mixed emotions about whether he should be fired or not. Ms. Mack said, " I have always been a Bo fan, but after the actions he has been showing I believe that he had it coming." Bo's record during his coaching career was 58-24.  He brought out a win, and everyone fell in love with his coaching. But, the actions he started to show on the side lines made a lot of Husker Fans upset.
    The staff Bo had, made many people question a lot of things. When Bo made the comment, "I will not let any of my staff go." This made many fans of the Huskers upset, so they made the big decision to let him go. Bo will receive a lot of money from the contract he had signed.
    The Huskers found a new coach for Nebraska, Mike Riley. He has a lower record than Bo did, but he his known to work very well with defensive players. He will not start until next year's season. Nebraska will play in the Holiday Bowl game in San Diego on the 27th of December. Hopefully, through all of the stress in the end of this season, Nebraska can pull out a win.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Teacher Jeopardy last day of semester

The last day of school, December 19, will be centered around technology. Students will be leading the instruction before lunch. After lunch, students will check in to their fourth block class, then gather in the auditorium for a special surprise. The teachers will be playing a jeopardy style game called “Are You Smarter than a High Schooler?” The teachers have been split into four teams. Each team has a panel of four students: a freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. These students will help advise the teachers. Further instructions will be given prior to the game. The teams are as follows:

Team 1:
Mr. Uhing
Mrs. Drinkwalter
Mr. Hoagland

Team 2:
Mrs. Lanphear
Mr. Bach
Mr. McCarty

Team 3:
Mrs. Budler
Mr. Lecher
Mr. Nelson

Team 4:
Mr. Bradley
Mr. Nobiling
Mrs. Paopao

Team one’s panel is Veronica Parish, Jayden Stack, Walt Mays, and Brooklyn Stack. Team two’s panel is yet to be determined. Team three’s panel is Keenan Johnson, Jayden Garrett, Michael Gieseler, and Coy Bila. Team four’s panel is Aaron Gaswick, Shoilee Rahman, April Hardy, and Mumbi Mwaura.



   Students in Chadron High School have been given the great opportunity to be a part of the new group ACT Prep. "The whole idea of this organization is to help students in any subject to raise their ACT test scores. Students meet on Tuesdays, mostly every week, unless announced otherwise," said Watson.
   In the program, teachers come and apply information to many subjects such as math, science, reading and English. Loni Watson, guidance counselor, helps and creates the curriculum for the ACT Prep. Students really appreciate the effort Watson has put into this new program. "It is has expanded my knowledge of tips to help me become a better test taker and help me raise my score on the ACT," stated Junior, Mikaela Hastings.
   Each week students are welcome to enjoy a free lunch and preparation program. "This program has became beneficial to me and how I will become stronger when taking the ACT," said senior Courtney Hudson.



     It's that time of the year when everyone is starting to get that winter cold again. The sneezing, couching, and runny noses are what everyone dread. Now that winter is right around the corner everyone is needing Kleenexes.
     Chadron Public Schools do not provide kleenexes for their students. Instead they give you toilet paper roles which some students say makes your nose raw.
     Jadyn MCcartney, sophomore at Chadron High said, "I don't think that it is ridiculous because I would rather get new sports jerseys that kleenexes for the classrooms."
     Alex Eisenbarth, junior said, "It doesn't really bother me that we don't have Kleenexes, but I don't like using the toilet paper instead."
     Mikki Hastings, junior said, "I really don't enjoy using toilet paper for Kleenexes. It doesn't really seem very sanitary and it makes your nose red and raw. This is very unpleasant to deal with."
    As you can see it doesn't really bother students not having Kleenexes, but using toilet paper does not appeal to anyone. It's that time of the year when we are needing Kleenexes but toilet paper just does not cut it.
     Mr Mack, Principal at Chadron High School said, "We were the last school to not purchase Kleenexes for their students and staff. We held on for about two years, but then decided it wasn't worth the over 3,000 dollars."

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Black Friday


    Black Friday shopping is an annual event that many people worldwide participate in. Every year new items are put on sale. These items include electronics, toys, clothes, appliances as well as many other things. Some of the most common places to find these deals include Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Kohls, and Cabelas. Many people get up way earlier than usual to stand in line for their wanted purchases. This may not have been the case for many people because of the early deals they put up this year. Many people started sales Thanksgiving morning while some started early that night. 
     Sales, depending on the year, will always vary. Last year's total Black Friday sales totaled around 59 billion dollars, 13% more than the previous year. This year's Black Friday totals are still be figured but are expected to increase. 
     Although many times certain items are the best sellers, sometimes you have some items that wow you. Two years ago Walmart claimed their best selling item was towels. This included bath and wash towels. Some items are more likely to have an even bigger sale on Cyber Monday, or Thanksgiving Day so always pick the best time to purchase your items. Thanksgiving day, Black Friday, small business Saturday, and Cyber Monday can all be great days to find your purchase. 
     Sometimes it is very interesting to compare the prices of similar items each year. Although many new things are added to items such as electronics some can still be very similar just more or less expensive. Wendy Waugh, mother of student Kaci Waugh purchased a 60" T.V. during last years Black Friday shopping for $700. This year that price was higher than the 2012 price. 
     Alex Eisenbarth was able to purchase himself a pair of beats headphones and Xbox games that were discounted greatly. "I usually will always find myself a rather good deal."
     Mrs. Noble had a little different take on Black Friday. She participated in the online shopping deals and received some very good ones. She said, "There was no way I could have gotten all of my items just on Black Friday because I would have needed 12 different people in 12 different lines. Online was my only choice." Her purchases online included an Xbox, Fit Bit, Beats by Dr. Dre, Bluetooth sounds bars, a drill, 132 piece tool set, suitcases and luggage, and other items. These items were all for post prom except for a couple of ones not listed. Her only two purchases not online were an iPad mini and a laptop. 
     Black Friday shopping online and in stores are both great decisions. Different days provide great deals and this is why so many participate in these events. Christmas may become a lot cheaper. 

Chadron's Got Talent

     This year, Chadron's Got Talent, is being sponsored by the the students fundraising for the 2015 Europe trip, the Wanderlust Cardinals. Chadron's Got Talent is a talent show for middle school and high school students. The talent show is taking place at the Chadron High School Auditorium at 7pm on January 19. It costs $5 for adults and $3 for students to watch Chadron's Got Talent. Passes will not be accepted. 
     There will be two divisions; one for middle school students (5-8) and one for high school (9-12) students. Middle schoolers will be performing first. They will compete for prizes to see who has the top talent of Chadron. The prizes include cash, gas cards, gift certificates and more. 
     Applications are available at the middle school or high school office, and it costs $5 to enter the competition. Students can enter solo or in a group. The contestants must have three, two minute performances ready. This is because contestants go through three rounds of competition. The first two rounds will have two minute long pieces. For round three, there is a five minute time limit. For questions, please talk to Mrs. Paopao or Mr. McCarty.
     Contestants will meet at at 6pm to go over rules, organization, and questions. Contestants are asked to meet at the high school on Sunday January 18th from 1-2pm for a sound check, not for practice time.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winter Fashion Trends

     Tis' the season for all things fashionable...and functionable. Along with the delicate snowflakes and frost nipping at our toes comes a range of of wardrobe pieces to make the winter feel and look just right. Whether it be looks borrowed from the boys such as flannels and roughed up jeans, to the classic cozy sweater, infinity scarves or the staple of boots, this seasons trends are ones to try.

     This winter at Chadron High, students Mikaru Hirose, Veronica Parish, and Greta Welch were interviewed alongside Ms. Mack about their opinions on this years winter trends. Giving tips and knowledge about everything to the latest and upcoming pieces to their personal favorites, they  offered a fashionable expertise on this seasons most popular items.

     One of the overall favorites of the group was scarves and boots. As Mrs. Mack said, " Scarves and boots are comfortable yet fashionable. "Adding proof to this statement are the students Veronica and Mikaru. In Mikaru's words, "Boots most definitely! They are really cute." Veronica goes with the comfortable approach, choosing scarves because, "...they are really warm."

     Two main items that seem to be a must have for every girl is flannels and cozy sweaters. Some people seem to be for just flannels, or favor sweaters only. However, Veronica is a fan of both, " I like both flannels and sweaters, even sometimes together at the same time." Greta, however, is not a fan of flannels stating sweaters are better because, " don't have to button them unlike flannels." Mrs. Mack agrees saying, "I've never been a huge flannel fan."

     Another item trending at the moment is boots. Boots have always been a staple for girls, but as the years go by, more and more updates have been added to this well loved classic. From combat boots, to stacked, high heeled and riding boots, there are many options to choose from. A personal favorite of Mrs. Mack is the riding boot. " I have riding boots and quilted uggs, but I like the riding boot better. They come up higher on your leg and therefore elongate them instead of making them look short and stocky."

     Overall, the trend most seen at Chadron High School is the go-to of leggings and sweaters with accessories as stated above. As Veronica  said, " Any outfit is complete with leggings, boots and a scarf. It's what everyone is wearing. Even three out of five girls in this room are wearing leggings."

     No matter what you may prefer though, there is a winter trend to try out there for everyone.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mock Trial Regionals


     Tuesday, November 25, 2014, Chadron High Mock Trail traveled to Gering, Nebraska to participate in the regional competition to qualify for the state competition. After months of preparation and rehearsals, team one and two left Chadron at 7:15 am to arrive in time for their first competition at 10:15.
     Team one, consisting of three lawyers: Shoilee Rahman, Aaron Gaswick, and Walt Mays, and six witnesses portrayed by five people: Sarah Thompkins, Shay Chamberlain, Case Spencer, Josh Hill, and Mackenzy Petty, competed against Gering team three for their first round case. With a victory over Gering, Chadron team one moved on to the second round to face Gering team two.
     After winning their second round case, Chadron was sent to the championship round where they faced Gering team one in hopes to earn their ticket to state. Despite a well acted out court case, the judge ruled in favor of Gering, sending them to state mock trial.
     Team two, consisting of three lawyers: Andrew Smith, Greg McCallum, and Mikki Hastings, and six witnesses portrayed by three people: Pamela Fisher, Caleb Hill, and Mark Taylor, battled Scottsbluff team two for their first round case. Despite a very close case, Scottsbluff advanced, sending Chadron team two home and ending their season.