Friday, February 27, 2015

State Dance Competiton

     The CHS Dance Team competed for the state title this last weekend (February 20th-22nd) at the Heartland Event Center in Grand Island, Nebraska. Teams from across the state of Nebraska joined to compete against state titles in categories including: pom, high-kick, jazz, and hip-hop. The classes were divided up into Class A, Class B, Class C1, Class C2, and Class D. The CHS Dance Team took on the category of pom in C1 and performed their state retinue on Saturday the 21st at 4:59 p.m.
     "I felt that the girls performed at a highly competitive level against the schools in our class. It was their absolute best performance they have had for the entire season. We all had a lot of fun and the fact that we choreographed everything ourself and didn't have a professional choreographer speaks volumes about their talents," said co-coach Jill Paopao.
     Mikaru Hirose, a senior, choreographed the state dance this year. She states that, "I had a blast at state dance! I will miss the girls dearly and wish them the best of luck next year!"
     Another senior, Lexi McMann, said, "I really enjoyed state dance and I am glad I ended the year with the awesome group of girls. I'm really going to miss the girls next year, and I am glad I got to be a part of the team."
     At the awards ceremony, that started at 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, the different cheer and dance teams rushed onto the court. Cheer awards were given out first and then the dance honors. The poms awards were handed out last. Starting at the top 15, CHS Dance waited until they were called with a tie at 6th place. The girls were ecstatic with their performance and we're glad they reached where they wanted. "I think our girls rose to the challenge of going in basically blindfolded, and did a dang good job doing it," said Mrs. Berry, the other co-coach.

Interacting with the community


     Interact has been working diligently to get new projects accomplished, and other projects set up for months to come. In the past, Interact has participated in dictionary deliveries to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, coat drives, canned food drives, sock drives, and many other projects.
     This February, Interact created Valentines for the residents at assisted living homes and nursing homes in Chadron and Hay Springs. Over 150 Valentines were made within a half and hour, and then were later distributed by Interact members to residents in each facility. Senior Lexi McMann explained, "I really enjoyed making Valentines. It was a fun way to interact with the people of the club and the community, and I am glad I could make the residents' days!"
     In the few short months available before the school year ends, Interact is planning to have two more community-benefitting projects, a t-shirt decorating day, a speaker about RYLA, and an end of the year project.
     An officer meeting took place February 26th, and the dates were determined for upcoming events. The community projects that will be seen in the next two months are letters to troops over seas (writing will be March 19th during the lunch Interact meeting), and a free community wide car wash May 17th with supplies being donated from Eagle Chevrolet. Sophomore Alison Garner says, "I am excited for the carwash, as well as the other upcoming events, and I really enjoyed making cards for the nursing homes."
     As a precursor to the car wash, Interact members are set to have a T-shirt decorating party in March to wear for the carwash. During the March 6th full chapter lunch meeting, Interact with have a guest Rotarian, Dr. Wess, to talk about RYLA. Interact has had one past participant in RYLA: Junior Allie Johnson. There will also be an end of the year Interact root beer float party for all members and the community.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Chadron Cardinals vs Sidney Raiders

      The Bird Cage welcomed the Sidney Raiders to the games on Friday evening February 6, 2015. The girls led the game up until halftime, and then allowed the Raiders to be only two points behind. 
      Sidney ended up beating the Lady Cardinals with a score of 44-32. "Our weaknesses would have to be the amount of turnovers and how we got beat in the fourth quarter. We need to improve on decision making. Not to mention, we played a great defense, and we can build off that," said Coach McLain.
      Recovering from their loss on Friday night, the Lady Cardinals defeated Douglas Air Force Base to 42-31. "Things they could improve on would be being more consistent, playing at a high level all the time, and tuning in all the details of the game. Their strength would include: even though they had a loss the night before, they had to wake up early, and travel they came out ready to play," said Coach McLain. 
     The girls' basketball team is 14-4 and is doing well this season. "The girls' have been giving the best of their ability and effort in the season. I appreciate the determination these girls are giving. For this weekend, I want them to improve in their pressure defense in order to play a great games." said head Coach McLain.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Scheduling for next year's students

     Mrs. Waston is all ready getting kids ready for next year. Last week she started with the Juniors getting their senior year all ready. Over the next few weeks she will helping other classes getting their scheduling done for next year.
    Scheduling is an easy thing to do there, but there is a lot of work and planning that takes place when making a scheduling. Course offerings and descriptions need to be made first (NEW this year all of our offerings and descriptions can be found on the guidance office webpage!). Mrs. Waston stated, "After that we take students' request and build a schedule that best fits the needs and wants of our kids." 
This year they are looking to make some pretty big changes in our “skinny” (1A & 1B) classes, moving them to 4th block instead of 1st.  Our hope is that students who miss classes due to activities will not miss as many core area classes and will have an easier time making a schedule.    
    Mrs. Waston stated, "I think Chadron High School has an amazing assortment of courses.  From my past experience at two Class B schools I can truthfully say that we have a much broader array of courses than I have experienced anywhere else." The school offers many courses in the areas of Fine Arts, Business, Industrial Tech and FCS and Health and Sciences. The school also offers dual credit and college course offerings. One of the classes Mrs. Watson would love to see grow is the Information Technology and Computer Science. "There are lots of 'techie' jobs out there now, so beef up those computer skills," said Mrs. Watson.
   There are always dislikes and likes in every job. Some of Mrs. Waston dislikes are trying to convince students that they should push themselves academically. "In order to truly be ready for college you NEED to take classes that are tough and challenging. Just meeting the graduation requirements of CHS and Nebraska is statistically proven to not be enough to be considered 'college ready.' Students really need to take four years of math, science, social studies, and English, in order to be college ready, along with taking electives that are career and future focused.  Courses should line up with your future goals and aspirations." 
She also says, "Taking tough classes help you do better on your ACT.  Students who push themselves to take tough classes (including AP courses) score much higher on standardized tests such as the ACT."
Scheduling is Mrs.Waston's favorite thing about being a school counselor. She loves having conversations with students about what academic and career opportunities they would like to pursue after high school. She also loves talking about after high school opportunities. She stated, "Many students think that a four year degree is the only option IT IS NOT! Many tech schools and community colleges are offering two years."

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day

        Valentine's Day is a topic widely talked about all over the world. With this holiday being a day of love, some people really enjoy giving and receiving gifts to and from their loved ones. Although many people do not like Valentine's Day as well, for similar reasons.
      Ahlaura Pouier, a sophomore at Chadron High says all she wants for Valentine's Day is a giant teddy bear. Ahlaura enjoys Valentine's Day and thinks that it is a wonderful way to show others how you truly feel about them.
      Emily Blaylock, sophomore says all she wants is chocolate because she doesn't really care about Valentine's Day as a whole. She says, "It's just another day of the year why make it so special?"
      Aubree Noble, freshman says, "Valentine's Day is a stupid holiday, and there is no point. I probably won't like it until I get married."
     Hanna Ottesen, a freshman says that she doesn't really care about Valentine's Day because, "I can buy myself chocolate; I don't need someone else to do it for me."
    Jared Fernau, freshman said, "I like Valentine's Day because it is four days after my birthday."
    Jeff Cerny, also a freshman says he doesn't like this holiday because it's all about lovers and well who really needs lovers bragging about their love lives?
     This holiday as you can see is not loved by all, but people in relationsips seem to really enjoy it. It's a time of the year to show someone you really care. That's what Valentine's Day is all about.

The New Girl: Ellen Petersen

   This semester, Chadron High school gained a new student named Ellen Petersen. Ellen was not only new to Chadron, but Nebraska as well. She was originally a Danish student, but is part of the exchange program that allows students to experience foreign cultures.
      Ellen is not new to the USA, but has been here two times beforehand. She was here once when she was six and another time last spring. She arrived once again in the United States on August 13 of this year. At that time she was in Alliance until January 14, at which point she arrived in Chadron.
      Why did Ellen come here? She said, "I was in Alliance before, which was good. But Shay's family picked me as their foreign exchange student, and CHS accepted me. It worked out pretty well." Living with the Chamberlains is easy, and for Ellen it is something she “loves”.
       Chadron seems to be working out pretty well for Ellen, as she is well involved at the many activities CHS offers. She participates in Cardinal Singers, is a member of the Interact Club, competes in speech, and is currently acting in the spring play. Ellen's favorite thing at Chadron High is the fact that "it has so many great teachers and students." Ellen has also made plenty of friends here, and many students perceive her as friendly and smart.
      When gone to another country, which can seem like a completely different universe at first, one may wonder if Ellen misses her home. She says, "Yes, I do miss my home, mostly my family and friends. Oh and the food, especially a Danish dish called rugbrod." Although Ellen misses home occasionally, she looks forward to the future. "I can't wait for graduation, and I will continue to enjoy meeting new people and just having a good time."

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Clash is life!

            In Chadron High every kid that chooses so has their own iPad along with teachers. These iPads were so generously dealt out to students and teachers to try to use technology in our learning. Using this technology can be very helpful and fun. They can be used for fun because students are able to play certain games to entertain themselves, even though games aren't appropriate in school.
            In Chadron High, and in other schools around this area, students are addicted to a game on the top charts on the free app list. This game is Clash of Clans, which is a medieval based game where you build a strong base to protect you valuables and use different types of warriors to go and take other people's valuables. This game has spread through our students and even in our staff. 
           Sophomore Joe Ritzen said, "I like to play Clash of Clans because it is entertaining and I it keeps me entertained when I bored." Another student at Chadron High that is involved with this game is Tyler Reitz, a senior. Tyler Reitz said, "Clash is life." 
           So as you can see, it is a very addicting game and takes a lot of work to become good at it. This game is not nonfictional at all as many factors about the game are made up. However, there are some parts of the game that could have been factual about life back in the medieval days.
           This game is truly climbing the popularity ladder in Chadron High. If it doesn't become a problem in school students will continually play this addicting game.

Cogdill's 100th wrestling win


     After four long years Willy Cogdill finally hit his 100th win in wrestling last Thursday. "It was a big accomplishment," said Willy. It took Willy a long hard four years before finally accomplishing his goal.
      With this accomplishment he plans to wrestle in Wyoming for college. Where he will continue to accomplish more goals.
      "Willy is a team leader and is a very good motivator for the younger wrestlers," said Coach Slingsby.  "I believe with his hard work he will go as far as he wants to. He has dedication and motivation to do what ever he can." Coach Slingsby said they had an idea that he would get his 100th win this season because he started with 86 wins.
      Willy has had a great winning season and plans to continue this winning streak all through the rest of the season.

Favorite classes

     Chadron High has a plethora of classes. This diverse span includes classes from your basic core classes, to dual credits, AP classes, and electives. Some classes are loved by many students, while other classes are loved by few or none. Despite that fact, every class plays an important role in the success of each student.
     A few classes seem to be the favorite among the students of Chadron High. These classes are: Construction, Basic Nursing Assistant, World Geography, English, Physical Education, and Art. While two of these classes are core classes, the other four are not. Is there a reason behind why these classes are the favorites?
     Chandler Hageman, a junior at Chadron High School says her favorite class is construction because, "It gives us a lot of information, and we are never bored."
     A senior, Ashley Hills, says, "Rarely do we have tests. We have only had two so far this year, and they were over safety. The class is very informal, and Mr. Cogdill is very patient which makes it fun."
     On the other hand Aubree Noble explains that her favorite class was World Geography. Since she loves "learning about different countries," World Geography is a perfect fit for her. Even though her favorite class, taught by Mr. Nobiling, brings homework about every other night, and no hands on activities, her passion for foreign learning is the incentive behind her love for World Geo.
     Another class that is favored, is PE. Kaitlyn Haug, a sophomore, and Emmy Mills, a junior, explain that Physical Education with Mr. Nelson is fun because it "is a nice break from everyday classes that always has hands-on activities, and no homework or tests."
     Overall, despite the wide range of classes, a few specific classes stick out and appeal to the student body.

Speech results

     Last week on January 24, the Chadron High Speech Team had another successful meet.
     In the Novice category, KayLee Morsett recieved sixth place in poetry, while Alex Westerbuhr received third in persuasive. KayLee Morsett and Kaylee Garvin received fourth place in their duet.
     In the varsity category, Case Spencer received fourth place in his informative speech. Harlie Kennell and Aaron Gaswick received second in their duet, as did Amrit Chima in his poetry presentation. In their OID (oral interpretive drama) speech, "Accused of Comedy," Brooklyn Stack, Seth Sloan, Emily Blaylock, and Walt Mays received third place. Once again, Shoilee Rahman won first place in her persuasive speech, making her champion in her division.
     This weekend on February 7th the speech team hosts their home meet.
     The Speech Team will be holding a quilt raffle to help fundraise for their trip to Noth Platte and for State Speech. This fundraiser will help with the overall cost for these trips. The quilt raffle tickets are $1 each or six tickets for $5. The quilt was made by Ms. Dobry's mom and is mostly black with a Nebraska theme. The drawing will be on March 1. Ask any of the speechies for information about the quilt raffle fundraiser.

Boys basketball

     With a record of 12-4, the Chadron boys' basketball team has a very busy schedule, but they are prepared.
     Friday the Cardinals played a very tough Sidney Raider team, and on Saturday they played Douglas Air Force Base. Coach Eric Calkins was happy with both games despite the loss on Friday night. He felt that his team played very hard although they came up short. "In order to beat Sidney we have to play flawless basketball. There is a reason why Sidney is 15-2." Coach Calkins said they are very big and a good basketball team.
     Although they have had some tough losses, the Cardinals have also had some huge wins against a couple of tough teams including the Scottsbluff Bearcats. During those wins Coach Calkins said the turnovers were reduced. "In our big wins we have rebounded well despite being the much smaller team, and we have taken care of the ball." They have done many things well, and they hope to continue that.
     Coach Calkins hopes his team continues to work hard and have fun. "If you are not having fun you will not improve, and you won't compete at your highest level. We need to stay upbeat and positive." They continue to win and lose as a team. "There are zero egos on this team this year. It makes a big difference when winning, and only winning, is the only priority of all the guys."
     The tough and busy schedule ahead will cause the team to stay strong. Coach Calkins says his team just needs to keep competing and get better from each loss. "Playing a team three times each can wear you down a little, but the competition also makes you better come district time." With that being said districts aren't too far away. This young team that continues to be successful may have a fair shot at state. With hard work and determination their chances only increase.