Thursday, April 14, 2016

Local Author Talks To Students

     On April 8, the author of Rebellion, Ethan Proud came to CHS where he talked to students about his career as a writer.
     Proud started writing in seventh grade with his brother, Lincoln Proud during hockey trips that were a 5-6 hour drive. Ever since seventh grade, he developed an audience for teens and his writing "naturally flowed" for teens as he grew up.
     Although his writing is mostly of teens, Proud has also written some short stories for adults. He is also thinking about making a blog for his adult audience, but Proud is currently more focused on marketing Rebellion.
     Ethan Proud published him and his brothers book through a non-traditional publisher, but had some issues with it. So he advised young writers to publish their first book through print on-demand route. He also advise those to market their first book locally to gain experience before they meet strangers.
     At first Proud went to college undecided, but now he is a senior at Chadron State College where he majors in environmental resources management. Proud said he likes to write as hobby instead of writing for a deadline or writing something that disinterests him. Even though he doesn't major in writing, he still likes it much more than what he majors in now.
     Proud was asked what is his advice for his younger self and he replied, "Tell him not to delete his other writing because some of the things was actually decent."

Fiddler On The Roof: Mozeltov!

     Chadron High School is proud to present their spring musical Fiddler On The Roof! This musical takes you through the life of Tevye, a poor milkman whose love, pride and faith help him face the oppression of turn-of-the century czarist Russia. As his daughters find love and beg for his blessing, he does not have the strength to say no.
     This musical will be performed April 15 and 16 at 7 PM in the high school auditorium, and Sunday 17th at 2 PM. Tickets are being pre-sold for $5 a piece and will jump to $7 on showing nights. 
     "It will be an amazing play. The kids have worked so hard to get all their lines and choreography down to be able to put the show together. I am so excited to not only show off their talent, but also to perform a musical unique to Chadron," said director Wendy Mahr. 

Chadron High School Track

     The Chadron High School track team traveled to Mitchell Thursday, April 7, 2016. The teams competing were Alliance, Sidney, Crawford, Hemingford, Bayard, Mitchell, Morril, Hay Springs, Scottsbluff JV, Gering, and Chadron.
     The Chadron boys placed 5th with 41 points overall, whereas the girls placed 7th with 24 points. Kiya Passero placed first in the 3200 meter run with an impressive time of 12:43. In the three hundred hurdles, Chandler Hageman placed second in her first hurdles race of the season. The girls 4x4 relay placed 4th out of eight and the boys 4x4 placed 6th out of eight.
     The Chadron track team has another meet on Saturday April 16th in Scottsbluff.

Summer Plans

     Now that school is coming to a close and everyone is getting excited for summer., people start thinking about the trips happening, camps to participate in, and work to be done over the summer months. Parents, students, and teachers are getting ready for the end of the school year by planning trips, getting tickets for concerts, and doing whatever is going to happen over the summer.
     Summer is full of possibilities and adventures if you know where to look. If you are going on a trip then are some things that you can do while vacationing are catching fireflies at night, ride a roller coaster, and build sand castles at the beach. To stay cool over the summer you can eat watermelon, sip a cold glass of iced tea, and eat ice cream with every topping on it.
     There are lots of great things to do outside besides taking a nap under a tree and working in the garden. You can go find an outdoor concert and lie in the cool grass with a blanket, have a picnic in the park, pick wildflowers in a field, collect shells at a beach or lake.
     Then there are small things you can do to beat the summer heat like staying inside and reading a trashy novel, sleeping with the windows open, make a summer playlist that you can listen to while riding your bike or going to the pool. Playing miniature golf with your family is a great activity to do over summer and you can do other sports like sand volleyball, water polo, hiking, and bicycling.
   There are many things to do over summer with family and friends so don't spend summer cooped up in your house with the air conditioner on full blast. Go outside and find something fun to do with friends, family or by yourself. Summer is the most exciting time of year because so much stuff can get done over the summer. Towns have special events that happen over the summer and you can go attend those events and make memories that will last for years.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Year, New Members


Front row left to right: MiaKayla Koerber, Myia Hamaker, Alex Nobiling and Kat Dodd.
Back row: Billy Tidyman, Mark Taylor, Hunter Hawk, and Brooks Roberts.

       On Monday April 11, eight new students were inducted into the National Honor Society. To become a member these students had to through several steps. The first step is they are are required to have a cumulative GPA higher than 3.65. Then they had to submit additional information about their leadership, service, and character. Once they meet requirements, the committee chooses the who will be the next members. Out of the eight that were selected five were sophomores who are, Billy Tidyman, Mark Taylor, Hunter Hawk, MiaKayka Koeber, and Kat Dodd. "I felt surprised that I got inducted, because not to many people get inducted as sophomores," stated Hunter.
      The other three were juniors, Brooks Roberts, Myia Hamaker and Alex Nobiling. "I feel really good about getting to receive this great honor and blessed opportunity," said Alex.

FBLA Qualifies 9 for Nationals

     Recently, Chadron High's FBLA association took a trip to Omaha, Nebraska, for state competition.      According to sponsor, Renae Noble, 19 students from CHS attended. One of them being Brooklyn Stack, a sophomore. Brooklyn stated that not only is FBLA good to put on a resume, but it is also fun.
     The first night the group was in Omaha, they had the privilege to go to the Cheesecake Factory and Mosie Around. Aside all of the fun, Stack also stated that the trip was very busy.
     After the opening ceremony, there were tests that took up the entire day. Renae Noble stated that 9 ribbons were given to Chadron participants, a few of them being Alison Gardner, Corbin Johnson, and Greta Welch.
     According to Noble, "FBLA is a great group that teaches teamwork, community service, and business skills. These skills can be used in any field a student would plan to pursue after high school. It's important to get involved during high school." FBLA teaches citizenship and economic awareness as well. Noble also informed that the benefits of FBLA are great for involvement and real world skills .