Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Glasses vs. Contacts

      More than six in ten people wear glasses or contacts. Many students at Chadron High School use visual aids.
      April Hardy, a student at CHS, wears contacts and glasses. She's had three pairs of glasses since fourth grade and contacts since eighth grade. April said, "I don't know the exact prescription, but my eyesight is pretty bad. For a couple days, it was hard to get used to putting contacts in. It was really hard to get up close with my eyes." April says that insurance paid for contacts, so it only cost her about fifty dollars.
     Taya Leija, also a student at CHS, wears glasses. She's had her glasses since January of 2016. Taya says that it's hard to see even with her glasses, "I would like contacts, but sadly I can't get them. During One Acts I have to take off my glasses, and it really affects my eyesight. I get really bad headaches and trip over a lot of things." Taya had to pay about three hundred dollars for her glasses.
      Greta Welch, another student at CHS, wears contacts and glasses. She has a prescription of -1.75 in both eyes. Greta has had contacts since eighth grade and glasses since fifth grade. Greta says that contacts can start to hurt if left in for a long time or she falls asleep with them in. It took her about a week to get used to them.
      Gabrielle King, also a student at CHS, has had glasses since she was seven. She is near-sighted and can't see anything without her glasses. Gabrielle says that she has been through seven or eight pairs of glasses, but the ones that she has now cost three hundred dollars.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Your Favorite Disney and Pixar movies

     There are many different Disney and Pixar movies that have been created. Many people like many different movies for many different reasons.
     Chadron High Librarian, Tracy Summerville, could not choose between her favorite movies, so she decided to go with the top three. She said her top three favorite movies were Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story and Aladdin. Chadron High Teacher Willie Uhing said his favorite movies was The Loin King. Nicole Scarrow said that her favorite was also Beauty and the Beast. Kendra Smyres says her favorites were also Beauty and the Beast. Others include, Cinderella and Snow White. Kayah Bynes said that her favorite movie was Wall-E. Kaylie Elliott said her favorite Disney Pixar movie was Finding Nemo
       Many people choose one favorite character out of a story. Summerville said that her favorite character from Beauty and the Beast was Belle. Her favorite character from Toy Story was Woody, and her favorite character from Aladdin is Genie. Kendra's favorite character from Beauty and the beast is Belle. Her favorite character from Cinderella is of coarse Cinderella. Lastly her favorite character from beauty and the beast is sleepy. Elliot said that her favorite character from Finding Nemo  is Squirt. Mr. Uhing's favorite Character from The Lion King are Rafiki, Mufasa, and the Hyenas. Nikki said her favorite character from Beauty and the Beast is Lumier, the little candle stick. Kayah says her favorite person from Wall-E are the fat people in the cars.
       Tracy says that Belle is her favorite character because she is kind hearted, and she looks past appearances. She likes Woody because he is cautious, and he thinks things through. She said she likes Genie because he is funny and has many personalities. Kendra states that she likes Belle because, "Instead of picking the obvious guy she goes for the complete opposite of what you would expect." She likes Cinderella because she is brave and true to herself. She also likes sleepy because he is adorable and has a bubbly personality. Mr. Uhing says he likes Mufasa because he is wise and noble. He also says that the hyenas are freaking hilarious.
      Mrs. Summerville, Kendra, and Kayah all prefer Disney over Pixar. Kaylie and Nikki like Pixar

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Speech team starts

     Kids talking to walls, muttering to themselves, talking in multiple voices, what does all of this have to do with what I am talking about... Speech session.  Speech session has finally started in Chadron High School.
     Practices began November 28th, and the first competition is January 21st, said speech coach Rebecca Dubbs. 
     Speech is a fun activity where students get to create and perform speeches, scripts, and stories, and you get to rehearse the same speech throughout the season, said Dubbs.  
     There are many different types of speeches: persuasive, informative, extemporaneous, humorous & serious prose, entertainment, poetry, duet, and oral interpreation of drama.  
     Speech meets are held with 3 rounds with 2 flights each.  Students present their speech two times for different judges.  If placed first or second in their round and flight, they will present one more time in a final round.  
     Meets are on Saturdays but districts and state take place during the week. Meets begin at 8:30 and don't get home till around 9 or 10 PM.

Quinton Aaron speaks at CHS

     On November 14th, Quinton Aaron, a well known actor from The Blind Side, came to Chadron High School to talk to students about bullying.
     According to Mr. Mack, principal, CHS did not have to pay for expenses in order to have Quinton as our speaker. A grant from Gering paid for his expenses. Furthermore, students sold tickets for $10 to have dinner with Quinton, but the money will go the Quinton Aaron to help with travel expenses.
     In 2009, Quinton Aaron's acting career launched when he played the role of Michael Oher. Because of the film, The Blind Side, he was nominated for several awards including Teen Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards, and Black Reel Award. Later on in his life, he was featured in several t.v. shows and movies.
     However, in 1990, he created a foundation called The Quinton Aaron Foundation. Through this, Quinton wants to reach out to kids who gets bullied and find ways to stop it. The foundations goal is provide hope, encouragement, and confidence to kids.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


     Thanksgiving is always full of family, fun and food. It's a time to think about all the things your thankful for, and also time for thinking, "Why did I eat so much?" 
     At Chadron High School, senior Kaitlyn Haug,  claims that the biggest thing she is thankful for is that her life is not a terrible one, and she has people around her that love her. Sophomore, Carstyn says that she is thankful for her friends and family. 
     Thanksgiving is the perfect time of the year to gather with family and enjoy their company. Many families have traditions for what they do every year and certain foods that they always have. Kaitlyn's family goes around the table before they eat and everyone tells about what they are thankful for. Every year the common foods that her family has consists of turkey, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and stuffing. As for pie, Kaitlyn is not a fan of any so she doesn't really pay attention to the pies her families have. 
     Carstyn's family doesn't have a typical "tradition" every year, while her family just comes together at her house and enjoys the holiday together. At her family's Thanksgiving they have both ham and turkey, as well as a huge variety of different foods. Her favorite pie is chocolate, even though that it's not typically at a Thanksgiving dinner and her least favorite pies are apple and pumpkin.

How Allergies Affect Chadron High Students

      Grass, dogs, cats, fruits, dairy products, gluten, medicine, metals. What do these all have in common? They're all allergens, which can affect the daily lives of some Chadron High students.
      Taya Leija, a sophomore, is allergic to multiple things people are around daily. She is allergic to anything with gluten or dairy, grass, cats, Paraben (a chemical compound used in cosmetics and other products), latex, alfalfa, nickel, and copper, which are just a few. To deal with all of these allergens Taya said, “I can't eat anything that has gluten wheat or dairy. I take allergy medicine for cats. I just don't deal with the other three." However, when she comes in contact with her allergens above, Taya said, "I just have to use a steroid cream, but if I eat it I have to let it run its course.”
April Hardy, a senior, is allergic to Aspirin. When coming in contact with her allergen April stated that she "breaks out in itchy hives from my thighs, along my ribs, and underarms." However, no medical attention was needed when she came into contact with Aspirin at first.
Madison Stein, a freshman, is allergic to bananas. As a young child, she used to break out in hives, but now she gets really itchy for a short period of time. To be prepared, she carries cream to help soothe the itching.

Dog People vs. Cat People

    The age old question...cats or dogs? This has been a question asked for centuries and will continue to be asked until the end of time. At Chadron High, students have their own definite thoughts about what makes the perfect pet.
    Senior, Mallory Rhembrandt and sophomores, Luke Tiensvold, Alexys Fernandez, and Moriah Hastings all err on the side of the mighty K-9. All of these students are proud dog owners and make time in their busy lives to play with their furry friends for at least 30 minutes a day. Alexys even said, “I play with my dog periodically throughout the entire day.” 
    The students all have good reasons for being the dog lover they are. Mallory has had her dog, Stella for two years and has become very attached to her. Luke is also very attached to his seven year-old dog, and told that they even “sleep together some nights.” Moriah is also very fond of her three four-legged pets. She said, “They keep my stress level down, are great company, and always are there for me.” These students definitely have great reasons to back-up their unconditional love for their pups.
    Teagan Westemeier, a senior, and Michael Collins, a junior, both consider themselves cat people. Teagan recently got her cat, Smudge, and has been completely infatuated by it ever since. Although she is a dog owner as well, she swings more towards being a cat person rather than a dog person. Michael has multiple barn cats. He doesn't see them too often, but it's always nice when he does. They are very useful to have around because they “eat the mice and help out a lot.”

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cardinals Cards for Sale

       The Chadron High wrestling and basketball teams will be selling Cardinal Cards as a fundraiser. Each card is twenty dollars and has 20 plus discounts for stores around town. Assistant boys’ basketball coach Jordan Nelson thinks Cardinal Cards are a great way to get the community involved in the school. “It encourages students to get out of their comfort zones and develop their social skills,” said Nelson.
The Cardinal Cards encourage people to shop local because the cards only work for local store discounts. They are a great source of revenue for the winter sports that help pay for expenses. Colton Olson, sophomore, enjoys selling Cardinal Cards because he enjoys going out into the community and interacting with people. He also enjoys that it benefits the basketball team.

State Volleyball

     After winning the sub-state title, the Chadron High School volleyball team made it to state, held in Lincoln during November 10-12.
     The Chadron girls were matched up against Malcolm in the first round, an undefeated team. Head coach Donald Matt's first thought about Malcolm were, "They are big, but we can handle them."
     The game got away from Chadron very fast, and the first set ended 14-25. The girls never had the lead and the second set also went Malcolm's way, and ended 18-25. Going into the third set, not winning any sets, Coach Matt still had faith and told the girls, "We are still in it, we just needed to clean it up, and control the ball." Malcolm got ahead very quickly, and ended the last set 11-25, winning the game.
     The Chadron girls did a few good things. They served well and hit well when they set it up, and also Teagan Westemeier had a few ace serves that helped the girls gain a few points. They also had many weaknesses during the game. The girls did not ball control well, did not handle passing on any level, and just panicked.

Stein's Now-Literal "Green" Party

   In light of some claims that voting machines had been hacked, Green Party candidate Jill Stein began a fundraiser to pay for three states to recount their votes. In the three states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin), the margin by which Clinton lost to Trump is extremely narrow. In order to become the president-elect, Clinton would have to overturn all three states after the recount.
   However, Stein claims that she is not asking for the recount so Clinton can win. In an interview with PBS reporter John Yang, Stein said: "... this is not done to benefit one candidate at the expense of the other. This is being done because Americans came out of this election not happy campers. [...] I think Americans are looking for a way that we can improve the system."
   She continued: "This was an election in which we saw hacking all over the place - we saw hacking into the Democratic party's database, hacking into voter database in Arizona and Illinois, and evidence that it was attempted much more broadly [...] At the same time, we have a voting system which has been proven to basically be wide open to hackers. That is, we have voting machines in Wisconsin, for example, that have been barred from California (actually made illegal) because they have been proven to be drop-dead simple to go in and reprogram with malicious software."
   So far, Stein has raised over four million dollars to pay for the cost of the recounts. According to Stein's Twitter account, surplus funds will be rolled over into more election integrity initiatives, such as recounts in other states.

Nike's New Revolutionary Technology: Self-Lacing Shoes

     Last year Nike revealed their plans on a new project: self-lacing shoes. The project is based on the futuristic self-lacing shoes first seen in the movie: Back to the Future II.
     Finally, after a long wait, the shoes, marketed as the HyperAdapt 1.0, are being released on November 28, 2016. However, the HyperAdapts will only be released to two Nike stores: Nike's Soho and Nike+ ClubHouse for $720 according to Ahiza Garcia, published by CNNMoney Sport on November 15, 2016.
     "When you step in, your heel will hit a sensor and the system will automatically tighten. Then there are two buttons on the side to tighten and loosen. You can adjust it until it's perfect," said Nike senior innovator Tiffany Beers.
     So far there are two different designs. One is a black and white-blue lagoon color scheme, while the other is a metallic silver and black-white color scheme. The sneakers are light weight and must be charged (rechargeable as well). The battery life lasts about two weeks.

Chadron High Game Night

     On November 18th, the FCA Booster Club put on a game night in the High School gym from 8-10:30 pm.  
     According to Chadron High principal Jerry Mack, the activities consisted of team competitions like doge ball, spike ball, and mat ball.  All CHS students were invited to attend, and pizza and drinks were provided.  Mack stated that the event was chaperoned by Cardinals Committed sponsors and various FCA Booster Club members.
     During the night, the attendees were able to hear a speech from Former CSC All-American Football Player Trelan Taylor.  According to Mack, Trelan spoke on "the life of a high school and collegiate athlete."
     The game night was a night that has been in the works for many years.  Mack said, "Years ago, the weekends between fall and winter sports had little to do and there was the concern that students engaged in drinking or other poor choices.  This 'Fun Night' was geared to have a place for out students to come together and have fun and celebrate the transition between seasons."

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trick or Treating for Canned Goods

     On Friday October 29th, the Chadron High School Future Business Leaders of America chapter separated into several groups and went door to door throughout the community "trick or treating" for canned goods.
      FBLA organizes this event every year to collect cans to donate back to the Immanuel Lutheran church for their food pantry. The students collected around 250 to 300 cans this year.
     This event has been a tradition for several years at Chadron High. FBLA participants dress up in their costumes, and the group that collects the most cans is the new champion. Not only is this event fun for the members, but it's a good way to give back to the community.
     The FBLA sponsors, Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Budler, have organized this event since 2005 and hope to keep the tradition going.
     Some of the students that participated were Greta Welch, Kaci Waugh, Alyssa Noble, and Myia Haymaker. 
     Kaci Waugh said, "By taking a little time out of my day, I am helping out my community and collecting cans that will go to a very noble cause." Waugh also said community service was one of her favorite things about FBLA and their Feed Nebraska campaign.

Sandstrom at the head of the class

     Eight years after graduating from Chadron High School, Michael Sandstrom has come back to teach Social Studies after a few years teaching at Yuma, Colorado. Sandstrom graduated from Chadron State College in 2012 where he participated in football. He graduated with a degree in secondary education with an endorsement in social studies.

     Sandstrom graduated from Chadron High School in 2008 where he is currently teaching US History, A.P. US History, Civics, and World History and helped coach football and will assist with girl's basketball. Though he is now a colleague with some of his former teachers and he says he is not afraid. "It's been fine having them as colleagues. I think that I'd been out long enough where I felt like everyone was pretty understanding that I had grown up and was no longer in high school where I was comfortable coming back."

     Coming back to Chadron has many up and downs for Sandstrom. "Working with the staff and being under Mack and being in the same department as Mr. Nobiling. mostly being with all of this great staff is amazing." Having his sister as a student gives Sandstrom little concern. He said, "Honestly I think that if anything I would border being tougher on her than on most kids. I'm not worried about showing favoritism. It will be a little bit different at first when she is in class."

What it is Like to be New at CHS

     Being new can be frightening in any situation, but being a new at a school is especially intimidating to a teenager because of the unknown. At Chadron High School, this is no different.
     As students move in, they have to adapt to their new school. Kendra Smyres, a new sophomore, said, "Moving to a new school, means knowing no one. You also don't know how the teachers will react, so it's hard to adapt to their rules."  Lindsay Tobacco, a new junior, stated, "I get excited when trying something new. Why care about what others think? Their opinions will not get you what you want. Only you will."
     Making friends can be one of the most difficult or easiest parts of moving depending on the person. The students at CHS gave Kendra and Lindsay good impressions, but if you tend to be shy, it's harder to branch out. However, for Kendra, on the first day she enrolled here, she said, “The first class period I had someone come up to me and declared me her new best friend.”
    There are many reasons to move to a new place. People move because of family, jobs, to save money from housing, and to establish their own household. For Lindsay, she moved for her passion; she wanted to play basketball and is hoping to make friends on the team.
     The town itself seems to please both girls, just like this high school. The education level shocked and pleased them both. Kendra Smyres said, "The school gives students great learning opportunities, with visits to the college and things like Upward Bound, which my old school did not provide." 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CHS one act play opens

This year's one act play is "Journey to the World’s Edge: A Folk Tale in the Irish Tradition." It is about a young girl who has a deformed foot and is treated poorly by everyone in the village until she decides she wants to change to fit in. She then discovers that it okay to be different.
The one act team will be performing Friday, there will be a dinner from 5:30 to 7:00. The dinner and play cost 12 dollars. They will perform Saturday with Gordon. Gordon performs at 1 and Chadron at 2. It costs 6 dollars to watch both.
One act coach Jill Paopao says it is a pretty difficult play, but it is competitive and creative.
Districts is December 3 in Sidney. Last year the team placed 3rd and were only 2 points away from 1st. There are 6 seniors on the team this year. The one act team is nervous for districts but feels confident says coach Paopao.

Heating and Cooling Issues in Chadron High

     The heating and cooling system of Chadron High School does not work properly, according to Principal Jerry Mack.
     The 25 year old heating and cooling system was built in 1968, and the school replaced the boilers 8 years ago, said Mack. It needs replaced, including all of the air handlers, so there can be control of the room temperature from room to room.  As of right now, the boilers push hot air to the ramp to get heat all the way to wing.  So the school doesn't have any control throughout the whole building, said Mack.
     Since the cost is $3 million or more to replace, there might not be a short term solution. Making changes is going to be hard, stated Mack, since in the spring of 2013 the community did not pass a bond to fund the renovations.  Mack stated, "We need to pursue another bond in the future or hope to find the money somewhere to replace the heating and cooling system."
     The temperature of the school definitely affects the learning environment of the students, said Mack.  Some days it has been 85 degrees in the rooms and some of the students have to bring blankets to stay warm in class.  This also affects the students' health.  Mack stated, "I think from going to hot to cold is hard on the body, for me it stuffs me up."  The body odor has also increased because of the temperature in the rooms.

Fall Choir Concert


     On October 27, Chadron Middle and High School held a fall concert in the high school auditorium. The Middle School concert started at 6 while the High School's concert started at 7:30.
     The middle school performance include middle school students, which consists of 5th grade choir, 5th and 6th grade choir, 7th and 8th grade boy's and girl's choir, and junior cardinal singers. While the high school fall concert consisted of the concert choir class, Cedar Street Women's choir, and cardinal singers.
     Mrs. Mahr, choir teacher for both schools, said they all did a great job, and she was proud of everyone.  

Senior Pictures

     Senior year is full of so much excitement and one of these excitements is to get senior pictures taken. A part of the senior picture process is to turn in a senior picture for the composite wall and the yearbook, and the deadlines for these pictures is fastly approaching.

     Yearbook adviser, Mrs. Paopao, has requested that senior pictures are turned in by January 15th. Pictures can be turned into her through her email, (jill.paopao@chadronschools.net) or may be turned in as a hard copy. The senior pictures for the wall needs to be a hard copy, vertical, wallet sized photos. Students may turn in two separate photos or the same photo for both the yearbook and wall composite.

     Although senior pictures can be very expensive, it is important that the school receives both the wall composite and senior picture by the deadline. If pictures are turned in after this the deadline, there is a risk that the senior picture will not be in the yearbook and a school picture may be used instead.

     Senior year is full of excitement as well as precious time spent with family. Parents are asked to submit a baby picture and a congratulatory note for their senior. It is asked the the note is 25 words or less, when the note is longer than this it is difficult for staff to fit the note in the area given. The notes can be typed and emailed to Mrs. Paopao or sent to her at the high school. As for the baby pictures, they will be used in the baccalaureate slide show and returned by the end of the year.

Chadron High Blood Drive

At the Blood Drive, Marcus Fernandez donates for the first time.

The Health Profession's students sponsored, and worked, the blood drive.
Front (left to right): Kaylee Garvin, Kaci Waugh, Destiny Rhoden, and Danielle Johnson. Middle: Mallory Rhembrandt, Sylissa Jennings, Teagan Westemeir, and Marquis Burwell. Back: Corbin Johnson, Michael Geiseler, and Sean O'Brien.

            On October 26th, the Chadron High School health profession's club sponsored the annual blood drive, held in the CHS auditorium. 
            The blood drive had a great turnout and exceeded the club's expectations, as told by the club's leader, Mrs. Larson. This year's blood drive had a resounding 43 participants sign up to donate, breaking their goal of 38. 
            A third year member of the club, Mallory Rhembrandt, helped with the blood drive and said that the United Blood Drive services out of Rapid City, SD, traveled to Chadron to help with the event. 
           The club is hopeful that they will put another blood drive on next year to help the community and save lives. Larson said, "To run more efficiently next year, we will try to request more help to get people through faster, because we had to turn some people away." 
          The blood drive is a great opportunity for the health profession's club to get experience with job shadowing a seeing what a job in the medical field entails. Mallory said, "The blood drive is a great thing to do for out community and great experience for students at CHS."

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New teacher Cheryl Butler

     Chadron High School's new Physical Science teacher, Cheryl Butler is "having a great year" as a new faculty member.
     Butler moved here because her husband was given a raise to work for the forest service in Chadron. She stated that the best thing about Chadron is the people. She said, "Everyone here is just good people."
 She also likes the small town atmosphere here. She likes Chadron, and she doesn't know what she doesn't like.
     Butler was brn in Oklahoma but was raised in Colorado. She also went to high school in Colorado, and she has a daughter named Taya.
      Butler has worked as a teacher in Chadron before, but she was a professor of Chemistry at Chadron State Collage. She also taught as a high school and middle school teacher in Colorado. She said that education is her passion, and if she was not a high school teacher she would want to go back and be a professor at the collage. She also said that if she wasn't a science teacher she would want to be a math teacher.

Nintendo Switch

          Nintendo just announced the release of their new video game system, the Nintendo Switch. They plan of putting the product on the shelves sometime in March 2017. This system is the first to come out after the WiiU console was released five years ago on November 18, 2012. The starting price for the Nintendo Switch will be somewhere between $300 and $400.
          "The Switch has six different pieces of hardware: The screen equipped Switch itself, the TV-connecting Dock, the Pro Controller, the left and right detachable Joy-Cons and the Grip that can house them both," said Lucas M. Thomas in his online article "Nintendo Switch: The Unanswered Questions" published on October 26, 2016. All these products, except the Pro Controller, will be included in packaging. The Switch comes in black and white, and can be argued, to closely resemble the WiiU (unless the Switch is in Pro Controller mode). The control system can be played on your TV and/or control screen. This allows you to play on the TV screen or anywhere in your home.
          Zach Carattini, junior at Chadron High School and video game enthusiast, has been playing video games all his life. He heard of the Nintendo Switch through like-minded video game friends. Besides the video trailer uploaded on YouTube under the Nintendo Channel, he believes that the Switch hasn't had a lot of advertising, "I honestly haven't seen a lot," he said. 
         Carattini is also excited about the new games being released on the Switch, which include but are not limited to: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and Super Mario.

CHS Interact Members Deliver Dictionaries on the Reservation

     On November 1, the Chadron High Interact Club delivered dictionaries to third graders on the Reservation to help increase their vocabulary.
     According to Interact President Danielle Johnson, "The Dictionary Distribution consisted of passing out Dictionaries to third graders on Pine Ridge.  We traveled to different schools on the Reservation and showed the students how to use them and showed them the different resources it offers.
     Johnson stated that the service project was performed by high school Interact members, Rotary members, and the group's sponsor, Roger Wess.  The group left the school at 6 in the morning and returned at 4 in the afternoon.
     Student volunteer Kaylie Elliott said, "We gave them dictionaries because the children on the Reservation are bright, but the circumstances they are in don't always allow them to shine as bright as they can.  We gave them a tool they need to excel and expand their vocabulary, while also expanding their future opportunities."

Sub District Volleyball

     On Monday October 31, the Chadron High School volleyball team claimed the Sub-District title in Alliance by sweeping Bridgeport and Mitchell.
     The first game had them faced against Bridgeport, which ended quick with the Cardinals taking all three sets, 25-12, 25-16, and 25-12. The second game, against Mitchell, was also quite easy for the Cardinals, and they swept them 25-12, 25-14, and 25-15.
     "The girls had a lot of strengths and started fast right away in both games," said head Coach Matt. "The girls played good defense, and stayed competitive the whole time," he stated.
      The Cardinals did not have very many weaknesses during the games. "We had a little trouble with ball control, but it wasn't bad, just a little off at times," said Coach Matt.

The Electoral "College": How Your Vote will Affect Student Debt

   What is quite possibly the most controversial and globally-publicized election in American history will come to a close tonight. People all around the nation will cast their vote for one of four candidates: Republican Donald Trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton, Libertarian Gary Johnson, or Green Party Jill Stein. For many kids who are graduating this year, or are just starting their college careers, this is the first election that they are able to participate in. One of the things that said kids are concerned about: student debt. Who has the best idea when it comes to payment for a public college education?
   Donald Trump wants to remove "regulations" to make college more affordable, but has failed to elaborate on what regulations should be removed and what new ones will take their place. According to his advisors, debt-free college is "absurd." While his current plans are very vague, Trump and his team are purportedly working on taking a market-driven approach to student debt. By having private banking institutions finance tuition rather than the government, colleges will have better lending discipline. They also plan to come up with a way to hold the colleges more accountable for the viability of any issued loans.
   Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, desires to make college tuition-free for students from families who make less than $125,000 a year, and debt-free for everyone. She also plans to allow students to use Pell Grants to cover living expenses and other costs year-round. To help cover said expenses, students would be expected to work at least ten hours a week. Unfortunately, Clinton's plan fails to address for-profit colleges, which play a huge part in the student debt crisis.
   Gary Johnson's stance on student debt is shaky. He has not stated a direct viewpoint on the situation - simply stated that he would "consider reducing student loan interest rates" if he becomes President. In the Goldberg interview, Johnson announced that he would "really take a hard look at how students might [...] receive some sort of benefit or reduced interest rate. [...] If the Federal Reserve can bail out all the big banks, it seems to me that we might arrange lower interest rates for these loans to get paid back."
   Jill Stein supports what she calls a "federal bailout;" just as the Federal Reserve bailed out Wall Street, it is able to purchase all of the student loans and nullify them, therefore putting the money back into the hands of the people so they can put it back into the economy. Stein is also a proponent of tuition-free schooling from preschool to college, and the knock-back of standardized testing. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Doodlebugs: They're Probably Paying More Attention than You

   Everybody has seen it, some people hate it: people who doodle during meetings, lectures, or presentations. These people are often accused of not paying attention during said event, and are asked questions like "are you bored or something?" However, a recent study performed by psychologist Jackie Andrade at the University of Plymouth proves the opposite.
   In her study, forty participants were divided into two even groups and asked to listen to a dull recording that explained the details of a twenty-first birthday party. Half of the participants were asked to shade in small circles and squares on a sheet of paper; all forty of the participants were required to record the names of the party attendees.
   Afterwards, all forty of the participants were required to orally recall the names of the party attendees. The results showed that those who doodled remembered 29% more information than those who didn't. As for the reasoning, Andrade theorizes that doodling requires less cognitive focus than daydreaming.
   Two CHS teachers illustrate and advocate the positive effects of doodling: English teacher Brenda Lanphear and industrial tech instructor Clete Budler. Both teachers often doodle on spare pieces of paper or on the sides and backs of handouts given to them in meetings, presentations, and lectures.
   "[Doodling] helps me focus on listening," said Budler. "By having my mind occupied with listening, I'm less apt to say something that is out of context."
   On a similar note, Lanphear expressed that doodling helps her "tune into what [the presenter] is saying instead of how [she feels] about it."
   Budler often finds himself sketching mountain scenes when the presenter is dull. They are usually heavy in detail; if they aren't flowing, though, he will doodle geometric perspective drawings instead. Lanphear, on the other hand, fills her papers with smaller, simpler doodles of pond scenes, flowers (usually tulips), or broken infinity symbols with shells stemming off of them. 
   Both teachers commented that doodling does not distract them from the task at hand - it's just a way to keep their hands moving and their minds from idling. 

Stresses of the Senior Year

     Senior year is full of many memories and many lasts like school dances, sporting events, and club activities. But senior year is also full of many stresses. 
     At Chadron High, the stresses are real for seniors Kaci Waugh and April Hardy. Kaci states that her three top stresses this year are college visits during the busy school year, deadlines, and finding scholarships or other "free money." While April states that her top three stresses are applying to colleges with expensive application fees, finding motivation for anything, and wanting to be involved but being overwhelmed by a busy schedule. 
     As senior year approaches, many seniors find themselves thinking "I wish I would've....". Kaci wishes she would've taken college visits at the end of her junior year and the summer going into senior year. April wishes she would've saved more money, kept a better schedule, had better self-discipline, and planned ahead. Both seniors agree that the best advice for underclassmen is to get involved. It makes the "high school experience" so much more worthwhile. 
     Both seniors agree that a good way to cope with this stress is by talking to trustworthy adults like CHS guidance counselor, Mrs. Watson or parents. April goes into further detail and explains that ways she also copes with stress is napping, going outside, listening to music, watching her fish or petting her animals and lighting candles/incense. Mrs. Watson recommends that students talk to past CHS graduates who have "been there, done that." She believes that some good coping skills are to spend some time each day to reflect on both the positives and negatives, be able to accept support when you need it, and to spend quality time with the people you love. Stress is normal and natural, but too much stress can prevent you from reaching goals and being productive. Watson states, "If anyone at CHS feels that they need help and support coping with stress I want them to know they can always come to the guidance office. High school is just a pathway; the best experiences are yet to come."

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Perspectives on the 2016 Presidential Candidates

     With the pressure from the media around this upcoming election there are many opinions and thoughts towards the two candidates, however, Chadron High School's U.S. Government teacher Craig Nobiling hopes to share his unbiased thoughts to help others develop opinions on the candidates.
      This year's election is a pairing between the Rebuplican candidate Donald Trump and the Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton. This year many people, including Nobiling, say that it is a year of "choosing the lesser of two evils where you can't find which is better in that regard."
     Nobiling said, "This is definitely a unique election. I think something that started out as a joke on the Republican side of trying to find someone who is so outspoken or so outlandish that it would shock the Democrats, became a reality"
     Nobiling said, "Hilary Clinton, former Secretary of State, former Senator, certainly presents herself as more presidential in front of the camera. It's unfortunate about her past, but the public can get over her past by her being delightful and some of the decisions she has made."
     This election is believed to be so much different than other elections and by many, including Nobiling, to hopefully just be "a memory for future generations and just be a blip on the radar if we can get through the next four years with little to no issues." But this election will also be so much different because of the massive amount of publicity. According to CNN this election is the most televised of any campaigning up to date.
     Nobiling hopes that this election will provide insight to the younger generations who are getting to voting age to care more about politics and start to pay attention to who is being chosen to run our country, and the actual policies that are being campaigned by either side of the campaign.
     "I believe it is the middle ground. The non-Democrats and non-Republicans are the ones these two candidates are going to have to entertain, per say, to win this election, and whoever can do this will inevitably take the lead and win the election," says Nobiling.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Marshallese Students

     Diversity is a unique way of learning. At Chadron High School we have diversity in our student body in our Marshallese students. A majority of the Marshallese at Chadron High School moved to Chadron for the opportunity of a better education and their church. The Marshallese here are Christian and go to church on Wednesdays at 6 and Sundays at 4.
    Some of their challenges at Chadron High are making new friends that have a different culture than them and when teachers use big academic words, but other than that they can speak and understand English well. 
    Some of their favorite parts about Chadron are the parks, basketball courts, and that it is safe enough to walk around. Many of the Marshallese at Chadron High stick within their small group of Marshallese and family, but some venture out and hangout with other students too.
    Music is big in their culture. They love to sing and dance and play the ukulele. A child's first birthday is huge also in their culture. For a child's first birthday they throw a huge party with lots of singing and dancing.
      There are about 15 Marshallese students that go to Chadron High. The Andres, Lakabung, and Eleuterios are all related and then the Wataks are just family friends.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Fashion Frolics at CHS

           When the autumn season rolls around, the tank tops and swimsuits are quickly traded in for sweaters and warm colors. Many of the students at CHS are big fans of cool weather coming in and fall fashion being in full effect, a few of them being Jadyn McCartney, Kaci Waugh, and Anabel Gardner. 
            The three are all big fans of the clothing options that come “into style” around this time of the year. These young women rattled off a list of clothing that they love to wear during the fall months, but the common interest between them all happened to be sweaters. Kaci said, “Sweaters are great for the fall because they are warm and comfortable.” 
           But sweaters were not the only clothing item mentioned as a favorite for autumn. Among them were scarves, jeans, boots, The North Face jackets, and sweatshirts. Not only do these items come into style in the fall, the preference for colors of clothes also becomes a key factor in what students wear everyday. Jadyn McCartney said that “warm colors” such as brown, orange, and maroon were some of her favorites colors to wear in autumn. 
              There definitely some huge fans of the fall season, as well as the options of clothing available at this time, but there are some people who prefer other seasons more. Jadyn said that she prefers summer to fall because of the weather, but fall fashion is definitely her favorite. 
             Others like Anabel and Kaci can strongly say that fall is their favorite season of them all. 

Clowns terrorizing towns

     For the past couple of months clowns with weapons have been terrorizing towns.
     According to Lieutenant Hickstein, of the Chadron Police Department, on Friday October 7th, there was a clown siting at the Chadron High School football game. This raises suspicion and fear to the public. He said, "There will be additional law enforcement this Halloween." In addition, there will also be press releases to educate people on how to be safe.

Success at Girls' State Golf

     Monday and Tuesday, October 10th and 11th, the Chadron High girls' golf team earned an 8th place finish in North Platte at the state golf tournament, with junior, Alpine Hickstein tying for the 2nd place title in class C-1.
    According to head coach, Loni Watson, "The first day was amazing, it was the best out of the two days."  Making state fun was having a huge crowd from Chadron come down and cheer the girls on, Watson said.
     According Watson, "It was cold to start, and by cold I mean frigid, but it got warmer as the day progressed."  The weather was definitely a disadvantage to tee off in the morning because of the fog and how many layers the players had on, she said.
     Day two the team finished right above their average, stated Watson.  The second day wasn't the best for some of the girls, but the team was still right by their average scores, said Watson.  The weather in the beginning of the day was freezing with the girls layering sweatshirts, socks, and gloves.
     First day results:
     Ahlaura Pourier, Senior, 102.
     Alyssa Noble, Senior, 117.
     Danielle Johnson, Senior, 103.
     Taurie Pourier, Sophomore, 112.
     Alpine Hickstein, Junior, 77.
     Second day results:
     Ahlaura Pourier, 112, which ended her with a 214 for both days.
     Alyssa Noble, 115, which ended her with a 232 for both days.
     Danielle Johnson, 101, which ended her with a 204 for both days.
     Taurie Pourier, 121, which ended her with a 233 for both days.
     Alpine Hickstein, 77, which ended her with a 144 for both days.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

CHS Volleyball Wins against Sidney

As Teagan Westemeier passes the ball, Sylissa Jennings, Jadyn McCartney, Alex Nobiling, and Carstyn Hageman prepare for the next move.

On Tuesday October 11, there was a volleyball game between the CHS Cardinals and the Sidney Raiders. The set scores were 18-25, 25-22, 25-20, and 25-18.
Team coach Don Matt said, "I was overall happy with the game. There were some things I would have changed, but I thought the team did pretty good."
They player's defense was great, and they made Sidney play extra balls they normally don't usually play.
He stated some parts of the game went very well and others the team needs to work on. Matt says the team needs to learn to play within themselves. They are a great team and can beat many teams but can also be beaten, Matt said. "There are always new things you can learn and make better," Matt said.
Matt stated the team has come a long way since the beginning of the season, but there is also a long way to go. He says he would change how prepared they were in the beginning of the game and not to be pressured.

CHS Takes Part In Theater Day at CSC

     On Thursday October 6th a group of Chadron High students went to Chadron State College for Theater Day.
    Theater Day is where students from different high schools go to Chadron State College and learn how to show their talents in different ways. There are two sessions and each year there are different classes you can take. Some of those classes are "No Fear Shakespeare," which was taught by Kyle Baumann, "All That Jazz" taught by Taylor Thies, "Theater Games" taught by Nathan Wojciechowski, "Take a Knap (hand-to-hand combat)" taught by Wacey Gallegos, and many more. These sessions last for an hour each and there are two rounds of sessions. At eleven students had a break for lunch and then they had to be back at noon to watch the play. This year the play was "Peter and The Starcatcher," directed by Roger Mays.
     Brenda Lanphear, English Teacher and One Acts Coach, stated, "I am very proud to have had the chance to watch not only my students and actors but my seniors as they displayed their talent and senior leadership."
     Mrs. Lanphear said that the first session she went to was the Theater Games. There she had the chance to watch and participate. "Theater Games was definitely my favorite session to be a part of," stated by Mrs. Lanphear.
     Grace Sorenson, student and actress, stated, "I am content with the sessions I went to and would not change any of the sessions she attended for anything."
    Claire Margetts, student and actress, states that "Theater Day helps kids feel comfy with who they are, and it teaches them to not care about what others' think about them."
     Margetts has a passion for acting. She said that if she could have gone to any session in the day she would have gone to makeup.
     Sorenson, on the other hand, made it to makeup for the first session and she said it was a blast. "By far my favorite class," is what Sorenson said.
     As a whole they all had the same feeling about how Theater Day affects students.

Monday, October 17, 2016

CHS Volleyball Team Wins Western Conference Tournament

    On Saturday, October 8, the Chadron High School volleyball team won the Western Conference title by defeating Scottsbluff, Alliance, and Sidney, for the fourth consecutive year in a row.
     In the first game against Scottsbluff, "The girls came out strong, and Scottsbluff was struggling," said head coach Don Matt. Chadron defeated Scottsbluff in the first set 25-10, and finished the second set 25-17.
     Chadron also swept Alliance in the second game, 25-22 and 25-17. "The girls played good, and their serve receive helped them a lot," says Coach Matt. The win over Alliance helped them to advance into the championship game against Sidney.
     Chadron and Sidney went back and forth in sets, as Chadron took the first set 25-16, Sidney took the second set 11-25, and the Chadron girls battled back in the third set to defeat Sidney with a score of 25-21. "The third set was good, and the girls moved and played as a team, and their defense was good," according to Coach Matt.
     "Overall, the whole tournament was good, and the girls played very well," said Coach Matt.

Road Construction Continues in Chadron


     The Department of Roads in Nebraska has been running the construction site in the streets of small town, Chadron, hoping to be done by the end of mid November. However, if plans do not go according to plan because of weather, they will just extend the date, coming back next spring to polish it up.
     According to Lieutenant Hickstein, of the Chadron Police Department, construction includes a base for roads, water drainage, material for streets, the renewal of the sidewalk, curve, gutter, and street lights. Because of this, accidents have tripled in the construction areas, according to Hickstein.
     Roads are the main thing that are being renewed. The roads that are being renewed, or are already renewed, include 2nd St., Main St., and a portion of 7th St. According to Hickstein, they are being renewed to make sure they can handle motor vehicle traffic safely, weight from semi trucks driving through, and just to renew them.

Football: Chadron vs. Gordon

The Cardinals celebrate their win over Gordon-Rushville.

       On Friday, October 7, the Chadron football team beat Gordon with a score of 22-14.
       The football team has a win loss score of 3-4. CJ Bach, assistant football coach, said, "[The] kids were focused... They worked hard."
       While practices leading up to the game had been mostly normal, Bach said they had tried different defensive and offensive plays. Bach also said that, "Gordon was a big game," and would be crucial in their trek to the play offs.
      The first half ended with the Cardinals barely in the lead. During the second half, the team was carried by the offense, and it ended in another win for Chadron Cardinals
      The football playoffs are a goal for the football team and their coaches. But the question is, will they make it? Bach said, "I don't know. It'll be close. If we win the next two games, we might make it."

Friday, October 14, 2016

FBLA Holds Chili Feed


On October 7th, last Friday, FBLA members and advisers held the annual Chili Feed during the football game between Chadron and Gordon Rushville.
    The Chili Feed went from five o’clock to halftime during the football game, in which they served chili and a variety of desserts.
This year was the most profitable year for FBLA members, as they sold 520 tickets. Unlike previous years, they had just enough chili and desserts for everyone who attended. Even though football watchers from both teams were the target, some people came just to eat, which, Mrs. Budler, an FBLA adviser, said brings the community closer. The Chili Feed will be annual for many years to come, according to Mrs. Budler.
   Each ticket sold by a FBLA member goes towards their fees for state competition that is held later this year. In the future, FBLA members will be selling tickets for cake raffles, and there is a possibility of FBLA members selling pecans.

Homecoming Week at CHS

     Next week, Chadron High School will participate in Homecoming festivities put on by student council to celebrate school spirit.
     According to Rachel Girard, Student Council sponsor, Homecoming week will consist of the following dress-up days.  Monday will be Awkward Family Photo Day.  "You can either dress in an ugly sweater or as the one who stands out in a family picture," says Girard.  Tuesday is Duo Day, where you dress up as a famous pair with a partner.  On Wednesday, students will dress as their favorite superhero or villain, such as Iron man or Cruella De Vil.  According to Girard, Thursday is throwback day, where you dress as someone from your favorite decade.  Friday will be spirit day, where you sport the school's colors in preparation for the Homecoming game that evening.
     On Monday night, after the junior varsity football game, there is going to be a bonfire in the back parking lot.  Girard stated, the band has been invited to play and the dance team will give a short performance.  Following the burning of the "C," the football players' jersey auction will take place in the gym.
     "The pep rally is going to be a great time!" says Student Council representative Claire Margetts.  On Friday afternoon there will be a pep rally in the gym to get the student body excited for the Homecoming game that evening.  According to Margetts, there is going to be a competition between the sports teams with multiple rounds.  The activities will consist of things like a lip synch battle and minute-to-win-it games. Following the pep rally, Girard stated that the Chadron High football team will play against Chase County at 6 p.m.
     To bring the Homecoming festivities to an end, there will be a Homecoming dance in the high school commons Saturday evening from nine to midnight.  The theme this year is black, gold, and white. "The decorations should be some of our best yet," says Margetts.  
     The dress is semi-casual and admission will be $5 per person at the door.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Local Author Talks To Students

     On April 8, the author of Rebellion, Ethan Proud came to CHS where he talked to students about his career as a writer.
     Proud started writing in seventh grade with his brother, Lincoln Proud during hockey trips that were a 5-6 hour drive. Ever since seventh grade, he developed an audience for teens and his writing "naturally flowed" for teens as he grew up.
     Although his writing is mostly of teens, Proud has also written some short stories for adults. He is also thinking about making a blog for his adult audience, but Proud is currently more focused on marketing Rebellion.
     Ethan Proud published him and his brothers book through a non-traditional publisher, but had some issues with it. So he advised young writers to publish their first book through print on-demand route. He also advise those to market their first book locally to gain experience before they meet strangers.
     At first Proud went to college undecided, but now he is a senior at Chadron State College where he majors in environmental resources management. Proud said he likes to write as hobby instead of writing for a deadline or writing something that disinterests him. Even though he doesn't major in writing, he still likes it much more than what he majors in now.
     Proud was asked what is his advice for his younger self and he replied, "Tell him not to delete his other writing because some of the things was actually decent."

Fiddler On The Roof: Mozeltov!

     Chadron High School is proud to present their spring musical Fiddler On The Roof! This musical takes you through the life of Tevye, a poor milkman whose love, pride and faith help him face the oppression of turn-of-the century czarist Russia. As his daughters find love and beg for his blessing, he does not have the strength to say no.
     This musical will be performed April 15 and 16 at 7 PM in the high school auditorium, and Sunday 17th at 2 PM. Tickets are being pre-sold for $5 a piece and will jump to $7 on showing nights. 
     "It will be an amazing play. The kids have worked so hard to get all their lines and choreography down to be able to put the show together. I am so excited to not only show off their talent, but also to perform a musical unique to Chadron," said director Wendy Mahr. 

Chadron High School Track

     The Chadron High School track team traveled to Mitchell Thursday, April 7, 2016. The teams competing were Alliance, Sidney, Crawford, Hemingford, Bayard, Mitchell, Morril, Hay Springs, Scottsbluff JV, Gering, and Chadron.
     The Chadron boys placed 5th with 41 points overall, whereas the girls placed 7th with 24 points. Kiya Passero placed first in the 3200 meter run with an impressive time of 12:43. In the three hundred hurdles, Chandler Hageman placed second in her first hurdles race of the season. The girls 4x4 relay placed 4th out of eight and the boys 4x4 placed 6th out of eight.
     The Chadron track team has another meet on Saturday April 16th in Scottsbluff.

Summer Plans

     Now that school is coming to a close and everyone is getting excited for summer., people start thinking about the trips happening, camps to participate in, and work to be done over the summer months. Parents, students, and teachers are getting ready for the end of the school year by planning trips, getting tickets for concerts, and doing whatever is going to happen over the summer.
     Summer is full of possibilities and adventures if you know where to look. If you are going on a trip then are some things that you can do while vacationing are catching fireflies at night, ride a roller coaster, and build sand castles at the beach. To stay cool over the summer you can eat watermelon, sip a cold glass of iced tea, and eat ice cream with every topping on it.
     There are lots of great things to do outside besides taking a nap under a tree and working in the garden. You can go find an outdoor concert and lie in the cool grass with a blanket, have a picnic in the park, pick wildflowers in a field, collect shells at a beach or lake.
     Then there are small things you can do to beat the summer heat like staying inside and reading a trashy novel, sleeping with the windows open, make a summer playlist that you can listen to while riding your bike or going to the pool. Playing miniature golf with your family is a great activity to do over summer and you can do other sports like sand volleyball, water polo, hiking, and bicycling.
   There are many things to do over summer with family and friends so don't spend summer cooped up in your house with the air conditioner on full blast. Go outside and find something fun to do with friends, family or by yourself. Summer is the most exciting time of year because so much stuff can get done over the summer. Towns have special events that happen over the summer and you can go attend those events and make memories that will last for years.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Year, New Members


Front row left to right: MiaKayla Koerber, Myia Hamaker, Alex Nobiling and Kat Dodd.
Back row: Billy Tidyman, Mark Taylor, Hunter Hawk, and Brooks Roberts.

       On Monday April 11, eight new students were inducted into the National Honor Society. To become a member these students had to through several steps. The first step is they are are required to have a cumulative GPA higher than 3.65. Then they had to submit additional information about their leadership, service, and character. Once they meet requirements, the committee chooses the who will be the next members. Out of the eight that were selected five were sophomores who are, Billy Tidyman, Mark Taylor, Hunter Hawk, MiaKayka Koeber, and Kat Dodd. "I felt surprised that I got inducted, because not to many people get inducted as sophomores," stated Hunter.
      The other three were juniors, Brooks Roberts, Myia Hamaker and Alex Nobiling. "I feel really good about getting to receive this great honor and blessed opportunity," said Alex.

FBLA Qualifies 9 for Nationals

     Recently, Chadron High's FBLA association took a trip to Omaha, Nebraska, for state competition.      According to sponsor, Renae Noble, 19 students from CHS attended. One of them being Brooklyn Stack, a sophomore. Brooklyn stated that not only is FBLA good to put on a resume, but it is also fun.
     The first night the group was in Omaha, they had the privilege to go to the Cheesecake Factory and Mosie Around. Aside all of the fun, Stack also stated that the trip was very busy.
     After the opening ceremony, there were tests that took up the entire day. Renae Noble stated that 9 ribbons were given to Chadron participants, a few of them being Alison Gardner, Corbin Johnson, and Greta Welch.
     According to Noble, "FBLA is a great group that teaches teamwork, community service, and business skills. These skills can be used in any field a student would plan to pursue after high school. It's important to get involved during high school." FBLA teaches citizenship and economic awareness as well. Noble also informed that the benefits of FBLA are great for involvement and real world skills .

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Assembly held at CHS

     Devin Hughes, a motivational speaker, author, and former basketball player, came to visit Chadron High School kids, where he taught and spoke about anti-bullying on Friday February 12.
     Hughes, grew up in a society where he felt isolated and confused by his identity due to his black father and white mother. This made him fight for a bright future. After years of hard work, he now speaks at schools, universities, corporations, associations, and organizations that helps others thrive.
     Last week was anti-bullying week and the CHS and CMS students were lucky to have Devin Hughes who talked about spreading happiness and how to prevent bullying. Although anti-bullying was supposed to be the main topic, other students thought it wasn't.
     Isabella Sanchez, sophomore said, "He talked more about happiness than bullying." He was a good, energetic speaker, but "wasn't focused on one thing," said ELL teacher, Mrs. Welch. She wished he would have focused a little bit more on the high school students and had a theme.
     Although the assembly wasn't what students excepted, there were some things they liked about it. Edna Galey, sophomore, and Isabella liked the different things they had to do with their neighbors. They thought it was fun and enjoyable.
    Even thought the assembly speaker wasn't very relevant to the topic anti-bullying, students still want speakers that'll talk about relevant materials that students will find inspiring.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Anti-Bullying Week at CHS

    Chadron High School civics class organized an anti-bullying week to help create positive energy. On Monday February 8th the civics class kicked off the week with a video promoting a new hashtag #BeTheChange. 
Throughout the weekend Mr. McCarty's class wrote positive sticky notes and placed them on the bathroom mirrors. Some of the sticky notes were posted on social media and had some very positive feedback. On Wednesday the class went out and wrote uplifting quotes with sidewalk chalk outside the school, in the front and the back. On Friday, the school brought in a speaker to discuss bullying for the 5-12 graders. Also, there was an anonymous twitter account, @AllCardsMatter, which tweeted about students in the school doing great things. The twitter account remains anonymous, and the students seem uplifted by the encouraging tweets.

2016-2017 Football Schedule Released

     The Chadron High Football team finished last year's season with a 3-5 record, but with the new schedule released they are hoping to improve from last year.
     They will start the 2016 season at home against long time rival, Alliance. They will follow with a four hour trip to Cozad and return home for the next two games against Broken Bow and Gering. Then in weeks five and six, the Cardinals will have two long trips; one to Gothenburg and one to Ogallala. The team will return home for week seven to play Gordon-Rushville. On week eight the Cardinals will travel to Mitchell and finish the regular season at home against Chase County. The 2017 schedule will have the same opponents with home and away locations being switched around.
     "We expected those were the teams we were going to play. It will be challenging," stated head coach Mike Lecher.