Monday, February 26, 2018

Reading Preferences at CHS

     Students around Chadron High School all have differing preferences when it comes to reading for recreation outside of the classroom
     Reading for recreation is a common past time for many students around Chadron High School. Many students enjoy reading not just for assignments, but on their own time outside of the classroom. Senior student William 'Billy' Tidyman often enjoys reading outside of his classes. Billy usually reads different fiction genres. His favorite genre, if he had to choose, would be science fiction. One of the few genres that he does not enjoy reading is romance. If he could recommend a book, it would be the Eragon series by Christopher Paoloni.
     Another senior student, Mia Brodrick, who also enjoys reading outside of school from time to time prefers relatable sources. Mia does not dislike any particular genre, stating that "I've learned to enjoy reading different genres." Mia especially enjoys Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland and would recommend it to anyone who also enjoys reading.
      A third student, Dawn Dunbar, doesn't usually read outside of school, but when she does she enjoys post apocalyptic titles. She doesn't usually enjoy fantasy genre books such as Harry Potter. Dawn was not able to recommend any specific books for other readers.

Mrs. Drinkwalter Retiring

     Linda Drinkwalter, Chadron High math teacher, is retiring this year after spending 24 years at CHS.
     Mrs. Drinkwalter did not always teach here at CHS. She served three years in the U.S. Army in Germany, managed a ranch with five employees in the Sandhills, spent two years working on a ranch in Stuttgart, Germany, and was a short time banker. 
     Mrs. Drinkwalter's greatest accomplishment at CHS was taking a leadership role in changing regular scheduling to block scheduling. She also said, "I am very proud of making the change to a math department that serves all students to the best of our ability, not just to students that have an 80%." 
     Although Mrs. Drinkwalter had a lot of memories here at CHS, she is going to miss the students most of all.
     Jerry Mack, CHS principal, said that Mrs. Drinkwalter had always been his mentor since he got here, and that he is going to miss having one.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Mrs. Bauer Retiring


      At the end of the year, Mrs. Bauer will be retiring after 40 years of teaching at Chadron High School.
     Chadron High School is, in fact, the only place she has ever taught. Although Mrs. Bauer has only taught FCS, she has taught a variety of courses within that subject. Her favorite class to teach throughout her years of teaching was Foods and Nutrition.
     Her biggest memories about teaching is having all the wonderful connections with students.
     The biggest challenges she has had when teaching is making sure she has connected with each and every one of her students.
     Mrs. Bauer is very excited to retire and be with her family. She says, "I was blessed to love to come to school everyday but am ready to enjoy my grandchildren, travel, and spend time with my grown children." She will miss seeing her colleagues everyday, as well as the kids in school.
   Mr. Mack said, "I will miss the fruit pizza her students always brought me."

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Data Match Fundraiser

      On January 31st each student at Chadron High received a data match questionnaire for an FBLA fundraiser. On February 6th the results came back. Each student could purchase their results for three dollars which Mrs. Noble said, "Three dollars is the suggested price from the company."
       According to Mrs. Noble, the co-adviser of the FBLA club, this fundraiser goes into the FBLA's general fund which supports their chapter and also provides money for their pizza night every Monday during their week night.  Mrs. Noble also explained that the data match questionnaire is a fairly easy fundraiser for the club to put together. They just have to order the survey and hand them out. Once all of them have been handed back, the club members look through to make sure the bubbles are filled in completely. After that, Mrs. Noble and Mrs Budler, who is the other adviser, send the questionnaire back and a computer generates the results.
      Many students seem to be surprised with their results. Cody Madsen stated, "I felt surprised, because I did not feel like the matches had similar personalities as me." Maddi Pelton and Kaycee Kittel agreed that most of their matches in the women's section were accurate to their friend group, but the male category shocked them, because they were mostly guys that they did not know. According to Gavin Woodson, "I mostly matched with people that I did not even know who they were."
      Out of the 230 surveys taken about 115 students bought their results. Many of the students said that this was the first year that had bought their results and they also said that they would purchase their results again in the future.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

FBLA Week Overview

       Chadron's FBLA chapter just concluded their FBLA week celebration in the school. FBLA week is celebrated locally, state wide, and nationally the 2nd week of February. At all three levels, a proclamation is signed by the authorities of each level to recognize FBLA and all the celebrations that will be taking place that week. Chapters are encouraged to publicize their activities. FBLA week is their week to shine; it is a time to celebrate and show thanks to people who make FBLA a success. It is also a great time to showcase what FBLA has to offer and promote it to students who are not members and, hopefully, will become future members!
       Throughout the week, different activities were taking place encouraging the student body to be exposed to the world of business. Brenda Budler, one of the two advisers for Chadron FBLA said, "We usually try to follow whatever theme was chosen at the beginning of the year during the officer planning retreat. Depending upon the theme, we will choose events or days that correspond with the theme. However, pretty much every year we do have a chapter meeting at lunch and provide lunch for members, as well as, a speaker or another form of entertainment. This year we brought back the DataMatch survey, which went over very well. It has been 3 years since we have done this fundraiser. We also served lunch at Closer to Home as a community service event. The past few years we have done a fundraiser for Pennies for Patients and the local food pantry by playing the annoying music at breaks and paying a $1 to wear a hat. It is our goal to do good for others during our week of recognition."
       Monday started off with a game board in the commons for students to play. Later in the day, a work night took place, as well as, the signing of the FBLA proclamation. The dress up day for Monday was crazy sock day.
       As Tuesday came, the data-match results were available for purchase and students dressed up as twins for Twin Tuesday.
       Wednesday encouraged the color green, as well as, day two of data-match sales.
       On Thursday, a chapter meeting was held at lunch and was the last day that data-match results were sold. Members were told to wear their chapter shirts for the dress up day.
       Finally, Friday came around and wrapped up the week. Students and staff took part in dressing up professionally and concluding the busy week. 
       Budler said, "I feel it was successful - it seems FBLA week is always during one of the busiest times of the year, so getting everyone involved in always a challenge. But for the most part - every member of the leadership team fulfilled the day they were in charge of and all events took place. I wish we could get more involvement from our chapter and student body when we choose school wide events such as dress up days - but even if we get a few members and/or student body to participate, we were successful."