Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Glasses vs. Contacts

      More than six in ten people wear glasses or contacts. Many students at Chadron High School use visual aids.
      April Hardy, a student at CHS, wears contacts and glasses. She's had three pairs of glasses since fourth grade and contacts since eighth grade. April said, "I don't know the exact prescription, but my eyesight is pretty bad. For a couple days, it was hard to get used to putting contacts in. It was really hard to get up close with my eyes." April says that insurance paid for contacts, so it only cost her about fifty dollars.
     Taya Leija, also a student at CHS, wears glasses. She's had her glasses since January of 2016. Taya says that it's hard to see even with her glasses, "I would like contacts, but sadly I can't get them. During One Acts I have to take off my glasses, and it really affects my eyesight. I get really bad headaches and trip over a lot of things." Taya had to pay about three hundred dollars for her glasses.
      Greta Welch, another student at CHS, wears contacts and glasses. She has a prescription of -1.75 in both eyes. Greta has had contacts since eighth grade and glasses since fifth grade. Greta says that contacts can start to hurt if left in for a long time or she falls asleep with them in. It took her about a week to get used to them.
      Gabrielle King, also a student at CHS, has had glasses since she was seven. She is near-sighted and can't see anything without her glasses. Gabrielle says that she has been through seven or eight pairs of glasses, but the ones that she has now cost three hundred dollars.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Your Favorite Disney and Pixar movies

     There are many different Disney and Pixar movies that have been created. Many people like many different movies for many different reasons.
     Chadron High Librarian, Tracy Summerville, could not choose between her favorite movies, so she decided to go with the top three. She said her top three favorite movies were Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story and Aladdin. Chadron High Teacher Willie Uhing said his favorite movies was The Loin King. Nicole Scarrow said that her favorite was also Beauty and the Beast. Kendra Smyres says her favorites were also Beauty and the Beast. Others include, Cinderella and Snow White. Kayah Bynes said that her favorite movie was Wall-E. Kaylie Elliott said her favorite Disney Pixar movie was Finding Nemo
       Many people choose one favorite character out of a story. Summerville said that her favorite character from Beauty and the Beast was Belle. Her favorite character from Toy Story was Woody, and her favorite character from Aladdin is Genie. Kendra's favorite character from Beauty and the beast is Belle. Her favorite character from Cinderella is of coarse Cinderella. Lastly her favorite character from beauty and the beast is sleepy. Elliot said that her favorite character from Finding Nemo  is Squirt. Mr. Uhing's favorite Character from The Lion King are Rafiki, Mufasa, and the Hyenas. Nikki said her favorite character from Beauty and the Beast is Lumier, the little candle stick. Kayah says her favorite person from Wall-E are the fat people in the cars.
       Tracy says that Belle is her favorite character because she is kind hearted, and she looks past appearances. She likes Woody because he is cautious, and he thinks things through. She said she likes Genie because he is funny and has many personalities. Kendra states that she likes Belle because, "Instead of picking the obvious guy she goes for the complete opposite of what you would expect." She likes Cinderella because she is brave and true to herself. She also likes sleepy because he is adorable and has a bubbly personality. Mr. Uhing says he likes Mufasa because he is wise and noble. He also says that the hyenas are freaking hilarious.
      Mrs. Summerville, Kendra, and Kayah all prefer Disney over Pixar. Kaylie and Nikki like Pixar