Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Traditions

     Students and teachers at Chadron High School have recently taken a break from school to celebrate Thanksgiving. What traditions and events that make the holiday special, however, is different for everyone.
     Teachers Mrs. Lanphear and Mr. Hoagland enjoyed a stay at home with family visiting. All of Lanphear's kids celebrated with her, including her step-son who came home from college. She tried a new recipe this year, but kept up with meaningful traditions like making crafty table decorations and playing board games with the family. 
     Hoagland's daughter and son-in-law came to celebrate Thanksgiving and also his granddaughter's birthday. He said he planned on "watching Nebraska beat Iowa" in football, but he enjoys the traditional turkey meal and taking it easy with family.
     Harlie Kennell and Tamra Garvin are students at Chadron High who spent their break out of town. Kennell traveled to Spearfish, South Dakota, to hang out with family while enjoying some ham, turkey, and occasionally lamb. He said his traditions include sitting around, watching football, and eating a wide variety of pies. 
     Garvin went to Crawford to eat Thanksgiving dinner with her grandparents. She and her family also watched football, had some fun playing outside, and later played some board games. Her tradition also includes an abundance of nearly 8 pies.
     Food and family played a huge role in student and teacher's Thanksgiving break and clearly, it was an enjoyable experience for these few.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Elites are the Socks of Choice

       For the majority of the guys at Chadron High, socks are a major part of their wardrobes. The most popular socks walking around the halls are Nike Elites.  "I buy socks that will match my clothes or how cool they look," stated sophomore Coy Bila.
      These socks come in many different colors and styles. Also according to Chadron High School guys elites are good for sports, not just because of style, but they help your worn out sport shoes be more comfortable. "My favorite pair of Elites are my blue and black, because of their pretty colors," said freshman Luke Tiensvold.
      Both Coy Bila, who owns 15 pairs of elites, and Luke Tiensvold, who owns 6 pairs, say they prefer Nike Elites over normal black and white Nike. For Keagan Shuck, Brooks Roberts, and Spencer Margetts all three own several pairs of Elites, but like their normal Nike socks the best. "Elites are cool, but they are expensive. So I'm fine with wearing normal Nike socks," said Spencer
     "If I'm wearing shorts I'll wear a pair of my Elites, because it makes my outfit look better," said Brooks.

Companion Animals Projects

     Mari Beth Moore's companion animal's class is currently working on their small animal projects. Each group of students has selected a different animal to make a presentation about. The students have to create a model of their animal, as well as a presentation to share with the class.
     "One of the best projects was created by Kyla Parish and Danielle Johnson," said Ms. Moore. The girls drew a large poster of a tortoise for their model and it was neatly done and easy to read.
     Brooklyn Stack, Aubree Noble, and Emily Blaylock are doing their presentation on chinchillas. They used colorful note cards and popsicle sticks on their presentation to make it unique. "I learned more than I originally had known about the animal, and thought it was fun to research them," said Brooklyn.
     Hunter Hawk, Travis Fankhauser, and Miakayla Koerber are doing their project on guinea pigs. They created a cage out of a shoe box, and drew their model."I learned guinea pigs are great pets and work really well for small families. They originated in South America and come in many different colors," said Hunter Hawk.
     Cody Madsen, Beau Jersild, and Drew Jersild chose a tortoise for their project. "I learned that it is important to plan what you are going to do so you don't wait until the last minute. I also had fun learning about different animals and creating our tortoise model," said Cody.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Semester Graduate Counting Down the Days

     The fall semester at Chadron High School is coming to an end and as many students are thinking about the next semester and their classes, senior, Mikaela Hastings is preparing for her college career.
      Hastings is the only senior whom has decided to graduate at semester. Hastings has planned to stay in Chadron after she is finished with school. Hastings will attend many of Chadron High's activities such as National Honor Society's senior trip and induction, baccalaureate, honors night, and graduation.
      She wants to find a job at a nursing home, using her Certified Nursing Assistant position. In, addition Hastings is planning on taking generals online through Western Nebraska Community College for the next semester. Hastings said, "I will eventually be attending the University of South Dakota to get a bachelors in nursing and then go on to become a nurse anesthetist."

Friday, November 20, 2015

Pinata Fun in Spanish

     In Renae Noble's Spanish class, she has had her students participate in making a pinata for the last 10 years.  This project is worth 100 points, unless the student, and or group goes above and beyond on their project. If this is the case, extra credit points are available. Mrs. Noble states that there has been many memorable pinatas, both good and bad. "One of my favorites is still the Finding Nemo character, Squirt, that is still hanging on the wall," says Noble.  According to Mrs. Noble, one of the worst pinatas that has ever been handed in, was one that a student took home and spray painted knowing that he/she wasn't going to get done on time. " I try to be open to all ideas. There are a few things I have to say no to, but I try to keep an open mind to all ideas," says Noble.
     Mrs. Noble usually allows 2-3 days to form their pinata, and then another week to complete the remaining parts. After that, students can come in and work during the day when they have free time, or they can take their projects home to complete. A later due date will be set towards the end of the semester. If a pinata is not complete by the given due date, the student will have to sit down with Noble to come up with a game plan to get it done. "We decide together what percentage of the pinata is complete. I have given grades as low as 50% on a project," states Mrs. Noble.
     According to Brayden Richardson, a sophomore at CHS, he is participating in a group to complete his pinata. " We are trying to do something simple, so we have enough time to get it done," states Brayden.
     Jared Fernau, also a sophomore in the Spanish class, says that he is going to go over the top on his project. Fernau thinks a week and a half is more than enough time to get the project done. A lot of students try to remake an already seen pinata, but Jared is coming up with an original idea. 
     Cody Madsen, another student in the Spanish class states that the "Pinata Project" is an appropriate project. "It is important to get us into the Spanish culture," states Madsen.

Chadron High Wrestling Begins

     Ever since the fall sports came to a close, Chadron High boys have shifted their attention to a specific winter sport: wrestling.
     The Chadron High wrestling team, under the coaching of Jamie Slingsby, began conditioning early Monday morning Nov. 16th at the school.
     The seniors on the wrestling team this year include Tate Cullers, Kane Wellnitz, Isaac Brodrick, and Curtis McMann.
     Last year, senior Willy Cogdill took home a gold medal from Lincoln. Seniors on the team have high hopes of making it to state this year.
     The team consists of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors who will compete against teams from all around the Panhandle including some teams from Wyoming.

Speech Season: Talking to Walls

     The 2015-2016 speech season started Tuesday the 17th. With Joe McCarty and Rebecca Dubs as the head coach and assistant coach, they say that they are excited for this year. "This is my first year helping with an activity like this in Chadron," said Mrs. Dubs. "I'm excited to work with these kids!"
     Speech consists of nine different events ranging from a serious speech to an oral interpretation of drama (OID) that can be performed with multiple people and is usually comedy. "It's time to go hard and not stop. I'm determined to make my speech goals and dreams come true," said senior Amrit Chima.
     Although this is Mr. McCarty's last year, the team is sure to make it last. With practices after school almost everyday and more, the group is preparing to earn their way to state or doing well at districts. "Speech is what I look forward to," said junior Emily Blaylock, "I'm ready for waking up early, traveling, and being able to do what I love to do."

Girls' Basketball is Finally Here

     Girls' basketball season has officially began. "The team seems to be very excited and should do well throughout the season," said Coach McLain. 
     According to McLain he has a very good team. "We seem to have good depth this year, which is a strength, as well as competitive practices. We also have several girls who are capable of tearing down the backboard at any given time with 360 reverse between the legs boom boom thunder slam dunks, which should make games very exciting," said McLain. 
     There are 21 girls out for basketball reaching for their goal of winning the championship at state.  The girls seem to be working very hard in practice. "We push ourselves to the fullest to reach our goal," said Chandler Hageman. 
     The basketball team was struggling to find a manager. Coach McLain said, 'We currently have 19 girls applying for the managing position this year. After a very tough interviewing process led by Mr. Lecher and CHS alumni Rick Barry, we have cut that number down to 3. With their expertise, we are fairly confident we will get the best manager possible for the gig." 
    Coach McLain is excited to see where he girls go this year. He believes they should make it far in the season with the talent of girls he has on his team. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Take the ACT!

    Chadron High School students can take their ACT whenever they want either at the college or the high school at 8 a.m. on the dates that it is offered.
    During the Junior year in April and June is the best time to take it, because students have more knowledge in English, Math, and Science "under their belt," said Mrs. Watson, guidance counselor.       The test costs $39.50 unless the student has a free and reduced lunch, then they can take it for free two times. If students are late for taking the test, then the money that was spent for the ACT is wasted, as students are not admitted after the 8 a.m. start time.
    The students have around four or less hours to finish it. Mrs. Watson says, "Guess everything before the times runs out." A score above an 18 is the goal to get into college, but the higher the score, the more scholarships the students get. The best score any student can get is a 36.

Do You Use Your Locker?

      Chadron High School is filled with lockers. However, how many people really use them? Brice Hudson said that he hasn't used his locker once this year as he carries everything in his backpack. "Probably less than half of students use a locker, maybe even less," said Mr. Mack.
      So why do we have so many lockers if there not being used? According to Dustin St. Andre he used his locker once a day until it broke, so now he carries his things with him. "I don't think we should get rid of the lockers, because then where would we put our stuff?" said St. Andre. "Do our lockers get repaired?" asked St. Andre. "We do have locker replacement on our strategic plan for the district.... which means it's probably a few years out," said Mr. Mack.
      "We should get cubbies," said Hudson. "Or bigger lockers so it's would be easier to get into to," said Elijah Dryden.  However, St. Andre doesn't think these ideas are right, because then students wouldn't have a place to put their stuff.
     "We'd want to replace them with bigger lockers, so they would be used more," said Mr. Mack.
      The idea of replacing the lockers with benches was never thought of. "That's not a bad idea. We haven't had it recommended before. We have looked into adding benches or more seating in the commons area and near the office," said Mr. Mack.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thanksgiving Break: What do you do?

      Chadron High School has Thanksgiving break the 25th, 26th, 27th of November. Students and teachers make plans for the long, peaceful break.
      Elijah's Dryden's favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the delicious food. "I love the varieties of foods that are displayed during the Holiday," said Elyjah. Mrs. Lanphear is also excited for the food but mostly the cherry pie.
      Unlike Mrs. Lanphear, Elyjah travels to 45 miles to Oelrichs, South Dakota, where most of his family is from.
      Mrs. Lanphear's family has a ton of fun and loves to wake up late and hang out in pjs with family. Elyjah also likes spending time with his family and "pigging out" during Thanksgiving.
       Most people have there favorite dishes that they are excited for. Mrs. Lanphear family loves her husband's pecan bars. Dustin St. Andre's family has different favorite dishes.
       However, Dustin's and Elyjah's personal excitement for the break is being able to relax and go hunting.

Cardinal Singers excel at Best of the West


On November 7th, the Chadron Cardinal Singers competed at Best of the West in Scottsbluff. The group performed a Grease medley, 1650's Broadway, and Lost in the 60's Tonight. They received two silver ratings and one gold rating on their performance, which is a step up from last year with a bronze.
    This competition has been going on for 35 years. This year there were 14 schools and 23 choirs at the festival. "I felt like we did well based on other performances with the same set. We connected on stage, and we showed what Chadron High can do," stated Brooklyn Stack, member of the Cardinal Singers.
     "They could always improve, but overall they sang great, and I couldn't be more proud," claimed director Wendy Mahr.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Student section fires up

At the last home volleyball game the student section's theme was "white out."
      At Chadron High School the school spirit is carried out by the student section. 
      Principal Jerry Mack states that there has never been a problem with the student section except for a few years ago there was a hand held sign that had inappropriate things written on it. Mack loves the student section and supports it 100%. He thinks its "very well monitored"  and that the kids in the student section do a good job making sure they don't just single out one opponent and that they cheer for every single player. Mack states that the student section should be more distracting and crazy. Mack also stated, "At state competitions they have hidden NSAA people sitting in the crowd watching to see what school has the best student section. Whoever has the best student section and shows the most pride and spirit wins. The school gets mailed the report that the hidden NSAA people have filled out. The very first year they decided to do this Chadron High School got first place. "Mack tries to get the word out as much as possible by using his Twitter and also putting it in the announcements. 
     This year senior Harlie Kennell is the one that is mostly in charge. Jerry Mack thinks when the class of 2016 graduates the leader next year will be Brooks Roberts.
     Senior Emmy Mills is also a big part of the student section. Emmy stated, "Harlie is the one that comes up with the themes, and they come up with the themes based on the games or the opponents we are playing." Emmy loves when other student sections come, because it's "constant battling." One thing that Mills does not like is when students come to the game and sit in the student section and are not dressed up following the theme. She states, "There is no point in cheering and everyone can agree." Emmy states that it makes the playing environment 110% better because they get the players pumped and excited to bring out a victory. She isn't sure who will be the new leaders next year, but she strongly thinks that Spencer Margetts or Brooks will lead a lot being seniors next year.
     The student section is very important at Chadron High School to the teams, the students, the parents and the principal.

Decal business for FBLA

     The Chadron High Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter has newly introduced their decal business. Not only does FBLA work on leadership skills and building knowledge, but they also encourage entrepreneurship.
     Brenda Budler, one of the two FBLA advisers, came up with the idea to put together this business. "I originally saw a demonstration of this equipment in Nashville, TN at the National FBLA Conference. I immediately thought it would be a great addition to my FBLA chapter," said Mrs. Budler. A grant was written by Mrs. Budler, and she received the grant. The business has all the equipment necessary and now has an FBLA entrepreneurship group running it. 
     Many opportunities will come with this business. Mrs. Budler said that the money is paying off the expenses right now. She also said that in the future, she hopes to have the business up and running and use the profits to give scholarships to students going to state. "We are almost a third of the way to breaking even so far," said Mrs. Budler. 
     The FBLA business will be open to the community more this winter. The only exposure to the community was at the Harvest Festival downtown in early October. They plan on having members approach businesses in the near future and be set up with the cake raffles during the winter sports. 
     These decals can come any way you would like them. So far, the group has only concentrated on 6x6 and 4x4 sports decals for windows, however they will eventually be able to be customized with athletes names and numbers depending on their preference. "There is a great selection of the decals we can make," said Mrs. Budler.  

Sculpture mystery solved

     Have you ever noticed the sculpture of George Washington in Chadron High School's Office? The bust hanging on the wall is a mystery not many people know about. 
     According to Mrs. Williamson, administrative assistant of athletics at Chadron High, the information the school has on the sculpture was provided by Rex Jones. Jones was executive director of the Nebraska School Activities Association at the time it was gifted and still lives in the city of Chadron today. Williamson said that Gutzon Borglum, who sculpted Mount Rushmore, gave the bust to Chadron High, but she is not sure of the reason. She said there is not a lot of information on the piece as it has been lost and forgotten over the years. Williamson claims that there was something hidden inside of the sculpture, but unfortunately it was lost as well. 
     Vic Bradley, math and science teacher at Chadron High, described a different story, however. Bradley said that he learned the story from Bruce Parish who used to be the athletic director for the school. According the Bradley, the sculpture was gifted by Gutzom's son, also an accomplished sculpture, along with several others to schools around the area. The son gave these sculptures to schools in order to advertise the new Mount Rushmore after Gutzom passed. Bradley said that the certificate of authenticity for the sculpture was lost and eventually, student's interest.

Volleyball makes it to state

     For the past 2 years volleyball has gone to state on a wild card, seeming to fall short until this year. The Lady Cards beat Gothernburg in 3 easy sets on Friday Nov. 6th. "We came out on top with a well earned win," said Talyah Huss.
     In the middle of the season the team lost a very important player, Jayden Garret, the setter of the team. Coach Matt said, "It was tough, but Talyah Huss came in and did a nice job until Jayden could come back."
    The team only lost 4 games out of 33 in the regular season. The team, like every other team, has weaknesses and strengths. Matt said, "I think team unity is our biggest strength and our biggest weakness can be our serving."
    "Most people only see the end result of each point, but all of the girls have to do their job for the team to be successful," said Coach Matt.
    The Lady Cards seemed to pull out a great season, and ended up 2nd seed at state and according to Coach Matt, every team has a chance to take state.

Children's book project

     For 2 weeks Mrs. Lanphear's English 2 class was making childrens books with Mrs. Uhing's second grade reading class. The high school students worked with either 1 or 2 little second graders to help create an imaginary story to write their book about.
     According to Mrs. Lanphear, one of the high school English teachers, this project went very well overall. The high school students started with the end results and knew how they were going be graded, which helped to develop their book. 
     Mrs. Lanphear stated, "I came up with this project in December 2014. I tweeted Mrs. Uhing and we decided to wait until when we had a small enough class and extra time to do the project." This year Mrs. Uhing asked Mrs. Lanphear if they could do the project and Mrs. Lanphear said yes because she had a small enough class.  
      The project was a way to learn without just using pencil and paper. The benefits of this project were to show that students knew literary devices and parts of the plot. They also taught the second graders about the parts of plot and literary devices. Lanphear said it was a lot of extra work to do this project, but it was worth it in the end.
     According to junior Selena Gomez, a student that did this project, she said she enjoyed spending time with the little kids and getting out of the classroom. She stated that, "The hardest part of this project was putting all the ideas of the second graders together into a story and trying to keep them on task. The benefits of the project was to teach them the plot diagram." 
     Selena thought that the second graders were awesome, and she loved them. They were super smart for second graders. She liked the book they created, but the website they used really didn't have great pictures that matched their stories.

FFA Meat and Cheese sales

     The Chadron FFA chapter is currently having a meat a cheese sale. These meat and cheese sales are replacing the labor action that was held in the previous years.
     The labor auction was held last year and earned the chapter quite a bit of money. The chapter chose to not do the labor auction this year because some of the buyers didn't get the work they bought, and it was time for a change.
     These sales are being held to raise money for the state convention, shop equipment, and other causes. The chapter is hoping to earn about 5,000 dollars from the sales, because that is about how much the labor auction earned them.
     There are a variety of products that can be purchased, including a variety of meats and cheeses. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the items, see an FFA member for more information.

More water fountains arriving

     Recently in Chadron High School a new water fountain has been installed. But now there will be an installation of not one, but three more throughout the school. Jerry Mack, principal of CHS, says that he thinks the new drinking fountains are a good idea, and also that he is anxious to get more of them in the school. Mack states that the drinking fountains get plenty of use, but he himself never uses it. "I just fill my water bottle in the office because it's closer," says Mr. Mack.
     Mack also states that one new drinking fountain was installed into each of the four district schools. "Three more will arrive and be installed int he high school, replacing all current drinking fountains in the main part of the building," says Mack.
     Mr. Mack also includes that most of the funding for the drinking fountains is coming from a grant that funds 'green' projects, and that the district covered the remaining costs. 

Chadron High One Act Production

The cast of CHS's one act play. Photo by: Kevin Oleksy
     For the last nine years, Chadron High has entertained the community with their one act plays. This year, a collaboration of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors under the direction of Jill Paopao and Brenda Lanphear will perform The 11th by David J. LeMaster. The play will first air to the public on Friday November 13th at 7 p.m. with a dinner prior to the performance at 5:30 p.m. Dinner theater tickets are $12, while the play and dessert bar cost $5.
     The plot of the play doesn't follow a traditional storyline. Rather, it will displays how the events that took place on September 11, 2001 affected the everyday lives of United States citizens.
     This production isn't like the plays performed in the past. "It is very different as it didn't follow a storyline," Paopao said. "There are a lot of individual vignettes happening all at the same time yet all of the individual stories are connected around the central theme of September 11th."
     Junior Colette Mahr plays Katie, a high school student who witnesses the attacks from footage shown in her history class. "Even though it's a fairly small part, it's a challenging role, and she shows the panic that many people felt that day." Small roles such as Mahr's help the audience realize that the 9/11 attacks affected students just as much as adults.
     The attacks also sparked the harassment and social separation of the minorities within the United States, more specifically Muslims. Senior Amrit Chima said, "I got the part of Ahmed, a Muslim student in an American high school when the attacks occurred. He is shunned by his fellow students after the attacks," he said. "It's difficult to see the way that that group of individuals was treated after those tragic events took place."
     The one act cast will head to Bridgeport Saturday to take part in the one acts festival. A school performance will be held on November 23rd. District one acts, which will take place at Chadron State College, will land on Saturday December 5th.

Monday, November 9, 2015

FFA Members Take a Trip to Nationals

    Chadron High School’s FFA chapter sent 6 members in various grades and 1 adviser, Mr. Jon Cogdill, to the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, from October 26 to October 31. Each member had to pay $380 of out of pocket expenses and the chapter paid for the entire adviser expense and the rest of the members' expenses.
     This was the first time that the Chadron High FFA Chapter had students sent to the convention. The members did not qualify for the national convention, however, they were given the opportunity to experience and learn more about nationals. Freshman, Hailey Watson said, “I learned that we need to let more people know about FFA, and I also learned how to become a better leader.”
      The students left Chadron on the 26th and drove to Denver, Colorado. They flew out of Denver and into Indianapolis, Indiana. They then rented a car and drove to Louisville, Kentucky.
      In Kentucky the members and Mr. Cogdill, went to a Kip Moore concert, convention sessions, the Lousville Slugger Factory, and an Expo. 
      Matt Kerner, senior said, “I went and hung out with my cousin I hadn’t seen in four years. He took me to the Cardinal hall of fame where we ate at.”

NHS fall induction held

     The National Honor Society induction was held at the Chadron High School auditorium on November 9, 2015 at 7:00.
     It is an educational organization that promotes recognition for students who reflect outstanding accomplishment in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. In order to get into this club you have to have, and maintain, a 3.65 GPA. Students are invited to this club on the second semester of the sophomore year and eligibility ends the fall of the senior year.
     The NHS does service projects, collects canned goods, etc. that "help enhance greatness in other activities," according to Mr. Uhing, who sponsors the club along with Mrs. Bauer. During lunch meetings, they discuss their service projects, national bylaws, etc.
     The club has officers that can be from any grade, but they have to be nominated and voted upon. The president of the National Honor Society is Allie Johnson, Vice-President Shoilee Rahman, Secretary Kiya Passero, and Treasurer Jayden Stack.

Interact hosts coat drive


Chadron High School’s Interact Club is hosting a coat drive from now until November 16th.
  Boxes for drop off are located at the high school in the commons, in the Walmart entryway, and at the middle school. 
Coats will be picked up every Tuesday and Thursday, and washed every Wednesday and Friday. As the coat drive comes to an end, the donated coats will be distributed to the Northwest Community Action Partnership, the police department for the local children in need, and other areas that are in need. 
If there are any questions, you can ask Aly Crow or Mikki Hastings.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Softball Finishes the Season

     The softball team had a great season, but their season came to an end in districts with a record of 12-14.  
     Head coach Jodi Hendrickson's favorite memories about the season were beating Gothenburg for the first time in years and getting first place in the Scottsbluff tournament. 
     Hendrickson has been coaching Chadron softball for 5 years and loves coaching, because she likes to watch the girls grow in softball and as responsible ladies over the four years. Hendrickson states that the assistant coaches have a lot of knowledge and are a great asset to the team. 
     Hendrickson has high hopes for next year's season and every year of experience makes them better. She said that they need to stay focused on every game, and they have another shot at state.             According to Kayla Rumpf, the team's senior pitcher, the season went a lot better than they all thought it was going to go. Kayla's favorite memory about her senior year is beating Gothenburg, winning the Scottsbluff tournament, and the bus rides. Kayla's biggest achievement is pitching a no hitter, making it as far as they did in districts for the past 2 years, and making a bond with the girls she will never forget. One thing Kayla would change about the season would be making it farther in districts.

Government Community Service Project

      In Craig Nobiling's government class he has had all of his students participate in a community service project for 12 years.
      Nobiling got the idea trying to come up with a way to help the community. "The first idea that came to my mind was the Fur Trade Museum," states Nobiling. "There's no reason not to help a volunteer organization."
      Some people may think there is not really a benefit of doing community service, and that it's more of a punishment, but Nobiling thinks differently, wanting the students to experience the idea of giving back without getting something back in return. "If you do something kind, you shouldn't always expect something back," says Nobiling.
      In this project the students help close down the museum for the winter season. Whether it's cleaning up the outside grounds or doing anything on the inside of the museum before it closes down such as, mopping, dusting, etc. they pitch in.
      In all 12 years of this project existing, only 1 student has asked to not participate, said Nobiling.
      This project is not a grade, nor has Nobiling thought of making it a grade. "It would be tough for me to come up with a rubric."

Wanderlust Cardinals next trip set

     The Wanderlust Cardinals are a group of students and parents that are interested in traveling abroad and love the travel experience. 
The Wanderlust Cardinals was started by Mrs. Paopao and Mr. McCarty. The students and their parents are going to Germany, Italy, and Switzerland in 2017. The trip will cost $4800, and the money will pay for everything except lunch and souvenirs.
      The Wanderlust Cardinals hold several fundraisers over two years to come up with some of the money such as, Chadron’s Got Talent, Traveling Hobo Band, selling candies, and other little items during Easter. The Wanderlust Cardinals have also have done dances and other events for the students to attend.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Chadron High Football Team in Review

Coach Lecher congratulates the team after winning their final game of the season in overtime against Gordon/Rushville.

     The Chadron High School football team ended the year in their final game against Gordon/Rushville on October 16 with a total of 3 wins and 5 losses. According to many seniors and coaches, the season had many ups and downs.
     The Chadron High football team faced many obstacles. Jayden Stack, a senior wide receiver, said the biggest obstacle was "overcoming the inexperience at most of our defensive positions."
     Kane Wellnitz, a senior wide receiver, added, "We had trouble getting fired up after we lost."
     The seniors believe many of their teammates will fill varsity spots well next year because of their love for the game. Stack said, "I see a lot of the sophomores this year, who for a lot of them was their first varsity action, stepping up next year and playing the way they were taught."
     Naleka Sayaloune, a senior fullback, defensive end, kicker, and punter, said he thinks Marc Fernandez and Brendinh Sayaloune will step up to the plate because "they both work together to encourage other players and they both put in a lot of effort."
     In review of the year, head coach, Mike Lecher said, "We had some close, frustrating losses." He believes the team needs to improve on blocking at all positions and their running game in order to be prepared for next year. Lecher said the team played their best game at Chase County because they "executed well and the players did their proper assignments."
     The final game marked an end of high school football for 9 seniors. According to Mr. Lecher, many of the seniors will be missed for their hard work, dedication, and leadership.

Cardinal Singers Year Two With New Director

Cardinal Singers performs at this year's Sweet Singsation.

     Chadron High School's show choir group, the Cardinal Singers, are all ready halfway through their second year with choir director Mrs. Wendy Mahr. "I am proud of them for so many reasons, but I guess the number one reason is that they are so willing to work hard as a group and that they are supportive of each other. Lots of high schools select groups that have talented students, but not all of them truly work like a team," says Mrs. Mahr. 
     Principal Jerry Mack has also said how proud of this group he is. "The school has received multiple positive comments about the professionalism of this group. The kids in this group are not only leaders in and out of the high school, but they also present themselves exceptionally well," he said.
     This group of kids practice almost everyday at 7:00 a.m. Choreography, harmonizing and lyrics are just the basis of the beginning of the year agenda. Picking songs is another must to be ready for the beginning of the year. "I look at the talented singers in my group and find things that will both challenge them and interest them," states Mrs. Mahr. "I also consider what the end goal of the work they are doing is. There are many different types, styles, and formats of music they sing throughout the year." 
     Jazz sets, Christmas sets and show choir sets are just a few items that the Cardinal singers work on. These different sets require lots of time and preparation before performance time. Mrs. Mahr said, "The process for show choir season is to break the individual pieces down into vocal parts, run sectionals, practice, and slowly put all of the pieces into place, practice some more and then start adding choreography, practice, then put all of pieces together and perform!" 
     Not only do the Cardinal Singers perform for the community's viewing, but they also travel for competitions, festivals, and participate in many fundraisers. "This year the singers had their Sweet Singsations which was held on October 20, an ice cream social that will be held the 29th of October and perhaps a dessert event after the winter concert," said by Mahr, "Fundraising money goes towards the costs of travel, music, supplies, equipment, and registration for special events." 
     After two years of directing the Cardinal Singers, Mrs. Mahr has made some great progress. She said, "These kids are talented, crazy, intense, funny, committed, and really fun to work with! I love directing them and I can't wait for the years to come."

Seniors - Where does the time go?

     Seniors at Chadron High School have recently finished the first quarter of their last year. High school has gone by quickly for most of the students.
     Students like Greg McCallum echo this. McCallum, who plans to join the military after graduation said, "I'm dreading the day I have to grow up for real." 
     Most people would think that these students are nervous to become adults, but Josh Redfern, who wishes to attend college through joining the military, said that he will be fine as long as he can leave Chadron. Harlee Byrd, who plans to attend Chadron State College with a major in psychology, feels that she is prepared because of the knowledge she has gained through her parents and schooling. 
     Seniors are now learning how Chadron High has prepared them through career based classes and teachers who go beyond the regular lessons to give personal advice. One student in particular, Emmy Mills said, "I'm glad I went to a good school that boosted me to be a better person and set goals." However, she is not sure where she would like to attend college or what career path she would enjoy. 
     At Chadron High School, seniors have a range of challenging and simple classes. Depending on what path they choose, they can have a stressful or laid back year. Senior Seth Sloan is set on pursuing business and music at the University of Nebraska in Kearney and is happy to take hard classes that will prepare him for his future. 
     There are benefits to the the senior life, however. A student who plans to attend Chadron State College, Matyas Bellu said that he feels "cooler" and more respected as a senior. Hannah Jamison, enjoys getting out of class early, but would argue that underclassmen are disrespectful to senior authorities. Jamison wishes to pursue a career in dental hygiene through Chadron or Kearney. 
     All together these seniors are cherishing their last few quarters at Chadron High School. Most would agree that the time has flown by, and they can remember their first quarter as a freshman like it was yesterday. 

Homecoming Week a Success

After battling the first three competition Tate Cullers lead the cross country team in a lip sync battle singing "Party in the USA against the football team.

     Chadron High School's homecoming week was held Oct. 12-16th with dress-up days, powder-puff football, power-puff volleyball, a pep rally, the football game, coronation, and the dance.
    Students dressed up everyday in different outfits to show school spirit. Monday was Flare Out, Tuesday was Twin day, Wednesday was Disney day, Thursday was geriatrics vs pediatrics, and Friday was, as always, Spirit Day. Hannah Kennell said, "I thought the dress up days were so fun this year, and I feel that we had a lot of students and teachers participate in the days."
    Powder-puff football and Powder-puff volleyball is when the boys and girls do the opposite sport, for example the boys do volleyball and girls do football. Any girl or boy that signed up was allowed to play. The girls played flag football, so no one got hurt. The boys played regular volleyball.
    Coronation took place at half time. Homecoming King was Harlie Kennell, and Homecoming Queen was Hannah Jamison. They both felt very excited and seemed very happy to get it.
     The pep rally was about half an hour filled with games for each fall sport. The winners of the games were the football boys.
     The football boys won in overtime and allowed no chance for Gordon making it to play offs. 
     Chadron decided to change a few things about their homecoming week. The student council decided they would move the dance to Friday after the football game and moved the football game to an hour earlier than usual. Mrs. Bauer believed it was a good thing to do, and it seemed like the dance ran very smoothly. Many students said that the music at the dance was good, updated and well played. They had various music and played both fast and slow songs for every student to dance.
      Homecoming is always a fun and exciting time for school and gives every student a fair shot in having a good time. 

Girl's Golf Goes to State

At the home meet, Alipine Hickstein putts the ball.

     This year the girl's golf team had a very successful season, ending with an exciting trip to the state tournament.
     "It was an excellent season. Everybody greatly improved, and we met our goal," said coach Loni Watson. 
     Five of the golfers on the team made it to state. One of them was sophomore Alpine Hickstein. This was Hickstein's second trip to state, as she made the trip solo last year and received 6th place. This year Hickstein was able to make the trip with her team, and was awarded 2nd place. "I was a totally different player this year, and my mental game was a lot stronger," said Hickstein. 
     The first day Hicktein said she struggled because she was stuck in the native grass, but she managed to get everything together the next day and claim second place.
     Watson feels that the best meets of the year were districts, and the last day of the state tournament.      The team has many strengths and some weaknesses. "It's hard to indicate strengths and weaknesses of the team because the sport is so individualized. Each player has their own strengths and weaknesses, but every player vastly improved on their weak spots," said Watson. 
     She said she enjoyed seeing each golfer get better this year, and it was a very fun season.  

New Bright Teacher: Chadron High School

     Mrs. Wendy Mahr is the new choir teacher at Chadron High School, but this isn't her first teaching job.
         Mrs. Mahr used to teach in Colorado, where she taught music, drama, and a second grade class. Before teaching, she was a nanny for a singing family in Austria. She also has had summer jobs such as directing musicals in Denver, but most of the time she likes perfecting the art of Parkour.
     Mrs. Mahr was excited to teach at Chadron High. Mrs. Mahr wanted to teach at Chadron High "because it is amazing."
      Mahr's favorite part of being a teacher at Chadron High is "being a part of a school that cares so much about their students." Her goals for her students for the year are to "get students excited about vocal music and musical theater."
     Mrs. Mahr picked the music field "because its possibilities are endless." However, that's not all she teaches she also does Cardinal Singers, and CHS men's dancing team.
     Mahr has avB.A. in Psychology, a minor in music which allows her to teach Musical Theater and Choir.

Freshman say, "Goodbye Middle School, Hello High School"

       High School is a big change compared to middle school. Classes now being 90 minutes and figuring out the figure 8 hallway can be challenging for incoming freshman, but for Luke Tiensvold, Colton Olson, and Trysha Brierly this transition has been fairly easy.
      They enjoy having more freedom, the new learning environment, and overall is a lot more fun than middle school. "Chadron has made it really easy. The teachers and upperclassmen are really helpful and welcoming at the beginning of the year," stated Trysha Brierly.
       These three freshman are enjoying the harder classes, because their allowed more time to do their work and are learning more. For Luke his favorite class is physical science. "You learn more by doing experiments and get more involved in what your learning," said Luke. 
      Trysha and Colton's favorite class is Algebra 1. "You have more time to do your homework unlike middleschool and Mrs. Drinkwalter is a good teacher," stated Colton. 
      These freshman are learning that grades are more important than middle school. 

New Water Fountain Splashes into Chadron High

     Recently, Chadron High School has had the privilege of acquiring a new water fountain. Not only can students quench their thirst momentarily, but they can fill up their water bottles with ease. Chadron High senior Kyle Baumann said, "I love the new water fountains. Filling up my water bottle before was a time waster. The new water refill system does everything for me. I don't even need my hands like I did with the old water fountains."
     The change from manual to automatic water fountain/bottle fillers has become very beneficial to the students. It used to be that the students would need to tilt the bottle until the stream of water could smoothly flow into it. Thumbs and fingers of students would be bruised after pressing down the button that activated the stream. "It was a smart move on the school's part to put in the fountain," Baumann says. "I don't have to worry about holding my water bottle still anymore while filling up. It saves my thumbs and fingers a fair amount of pain, too."

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chadron High School Volleyball Sweeps the Court

Passing the ball, Alex Nobling sets up a play while Jadyn Mccartney steps out to hit and Allie Johnson covers.

The Chadron High School volleyball team has an undefeated title this 2015 season. They have won games and tournaments left and right. Winning Western Conference was a big accomplishment for the varsity team, but as of right now the team is focusing on preparing for districts that will be held in Alliance in two weeks. The team's biggest goal is to go to state and win the championship title.
Don Matt is the head coach of the Chadron High volleyball team with Morgan Greene by his side as the assistant coach. "I think we've been playing really well," Matt and Morgan both agreed. Although many of the girls on the team have been playing since they were in sixth grade, there are a couple of things that the two coaches mentioned were a tough challenge for the team. The first and most important was getting the girls to gel together, which in translation means getting the girls to come together and work as a team. 
            "The biggest set back for us would be people getting hurt or us losing our heads. Right now, this far in the season, we can't have either," says senior captain Chandler Hageman.
Because districts are coming so quickly, it's crucial that the team begins to prepare for the big games. "Play every game like a district game," Greene said. The team doesn't have a team that they consider a 'big competitor' besides themselves, according to Matt and Greene. "Once we learn to compete with ourselves we will be with everybody else," says Matt. 
            Hageman on the other hand says, "The only obstacle we need to overcome is facing Ogallala in districts. Once we get past them and districts, state will be nothing new for us. We just need to make sure and keep our heads calm and play how we know how to play." She isn't worried about districts too much right now.
On another note, the upperclassmen girls are adjusting very well towards the new underclassmen. "It always takes the upperclassmen a little bit to get used to the freshman because neither of us are used to playing with each other," mentioned Hageman. Matt said that it's caused the juniors and seniors to step up and take action in teaching the freshman. "The team has done a really good job of helping each other out," said Matt. 
          Although it may seem as if the seniors are the teammates that everybody relies on but according to Greene, "Everybody has their specific roles and parts. The team doesn't rely on just one player; they rely on each other." Hageman said, "Everyone, on or off the court, helps. The best players wouldn't be where they are right now without the help of their teammates." She also said that leaders are the ones to step up and speak out when something needs to be said. "They are the ones who play every game like it's their last."

Senior Reminder

The seniors of Chadron High School need to turn in their senior and baby pictures and a congratulatory note from their parents by January 15 for the yearbook. They can send a hard copy of their pictures, or it may be emailed to Jill Paopao, yearbook adviser, at jill.paopao@chadronschools.net.
The senior picture for the wall composite needs to be a hard copy, vertical, and wallet sized photo. Students may turn in the same photo for the yearbook and the wall composite.
For the congratulatory note, it needs to be around 25 words or less. These letters can be typed and emailed to Mrs. Paopao, or it can be sent to her at school.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kiwanis Program

The annual Kiwanis program took place on April 16, 2015 at the Chadron High School auditorium. At least twenty students from the freshman class through the senior class were recognized and called on stage to receive a certificate for outstanding grades in high school, and or taking part in the scholastics contest at Chadron State College. Each student recognized is considered an honor student. Several seniors were also recognized for the President’s Academic Excellence Award.
Just like the years previous, there was a guest speaker this year. Wayne Anderson spoke about his experience in the United States Navy, and now as the Chadron city manager. Anderson was a native Nebraskan, who traveled to 49 of the 50 states. He was honored to be able to speak in the Kiwanis program.
The President’s Academic Excellence Award requires a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5, coupled with a standardized test score in the 90th percentile in either English or mathematics on a nationally recognized test. These students are: Sydney Blome, Alea Brierly, Brad Cerny, Shay Chamberlain, Jackson Dickerson, Alex Fritzler, Aaron Gaswick, Joshua Hill, Courtney Hudson, Lane Jersild, Keenan Johnson, Veronica Parish, Brittani Piontek, Alaina Riesen, Vonsinh Sayaloune, Trace Strotheide, Sara Tompkins, Alex Westerbuhr, and Taylor Wild.
The seniors recognized at the program for scholastics and good grades were: Sydney Blome, Jacob Bokelman, Alea Brierly, Brad Cerny, Shay Chamberlain, Jackson Dickerson, Nate Dodd, Alex Fritzler, Aaron Gaswick, Joshua Hill, Ashley Hills, Courtney Hudson, Lane Jersild, Keenan Johnson, Tatyana Leija, Ben Mullins, Veronica Parish, Makenzy Petty, Brittani Piontek, Alaina Riesen, Vonsinh Sayaloune, Trace Strotheide, Sara Tomkins, Alex Westerbuhr, Taylor Wild, and Jazlyn Wright.
The juniors recognized were: Joe Cattin, Murphy Churchill, Aly Crow, Toni Doescher, Jayden Garrett, Mikaela Hastings, Hannah Jamison, Allie Johnson, Marcus LaPorte, Clay Madsen, Emily Mills, Kiya Passero, Ellen Petersen, Shoilee Rahman, Simon Rischling, Brooke Roes, Seth Sloan, Andrew Smith, Jayden Stack, and Kane Wellnitz.
The sophomores recognized were: Mia Adams, Marquis Burwell, Jerhett Cattin, Julianne Dickerson, Chace Franey, Alison Gardner, Kaylee Garvin, Tamra Garvin, Michael Gieseler, Miya Hamaker, April Hardy, Corbin Johnson, Danielle Johnson, Colette Mahr, Spencer Margetts, John Mayo, Walt Mays, Jadyn McCartney, Alexandria Nobiling, Alyssa Noble, Sean O’Brien, Karley O’Donnell, Abigail Orton, Aries Ottesen, Kyla Parish, Ahlaura Pourier, Juan Ramos, Mallory Rhembrandt, Destiny Rhoden, Joe Ritzen, Brooks Roberts, Brendinh Sayaloune, Tameron Sayaloune, Emily Scarrow, Keegan Shuck, Cassie Sloan, Daniel Smith, Kaci Waugh, Greta Welch, and Kiana Wright.
The freshman recognized are: Coy Bila, Jared Burch, Zachary Carattini, JashwaAlan Cummings, Katarina Dodd, Dana Dunbar, Kylee Garrett, Teresa Gottwald, Hunter Hawk, Alpine Hickstein, Beau Jersild, Drew Jersild, MiaKayla Koerber, Cody Madsen, Joe Matt, Aubree Noble, Renee Redfern, Brayden Richardson, Sam Rischling, Mark Taylor, Logan Tiensvold, Megan Till, Binak Watak, Nathanael Watak, and Tomeing Watak.   
It is an honor for each student to be recognized at the Kiwanis program.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Do you use your electronics too much?

     As the world becomes more and more tech savvy many people find themselves buying more technology and using it on a day to day basis. Here at Chadron High the majority of students if not all of them have some sort of cellular device and an iPad. So while many of us are supposed to be doing class work or paying attention we find ourselves gaming and texting. For some students this does not affect their learning, but others can truly struggle.
     Jadyn McCartney, sophomore says, "I text in class sometimes, and it probably does distract me but I find myself doing it anyways."
     Dana Dunbar, freshman says, "I don't really think that using your phone and iPad during class is a bad thing. If people don't want to pay attention they can deal with being behind and not understanding, but it doesn't even affect some people."
     Willy Cogdill, senior says, "I game in class all the time, but I still get my stuff done."
     Although, it is not just school and class work that using electronics too much effects. It's your every day life. Many people communicate through texting and messaging, but the majority of those people rarely talk in person. They say things over texting and messaging that they would never say in person.
     Mr. Nelson, PE and World Geography teacher said, "Phones are inefficient because there are too many distractions that come with phones."
     Using technology during class instead of paying attention doesn't just affect the student. It also shows the teacher that you don't feel the need to listen to what they are saying or teaching. It's disrespectful.

Softball gains new assistant coaches

         The Chadron High softball team had a great career last year in the field. At districts they made it farther than any other team at Chadron for the last 9 years. 
         Unfortunately, an assistant coach Amy Schartz resigned due to personal reasons. The softball team just now received two new assistant coaches, Casey Polk and Kaite Borm. Casey Polk currently just ended her final year in college softball. She has played four years at CSC. Kaite Borm played a year at North Platte, and transferred to Chadron State but is not playing softball for CSC. 
       "Coaching is something that I have always wanted to do. Being able to pass down my knowledge and love for the game to someone else is a really great opportunity," said Coach Polk.
       Coach Polk played sixteen years as a catcher, and played at 3rd base once or twice. "I am excited to coach, because it's something I've always wanted to do. Now that I am done with softball I can still be around the game I love. I am so lucky that CHS has accepted me in the family." 
        Coach Borm played 14 years of softball and is excited to pass her intelligence on to the team. "I missed the game and when the coaching job opened up I saw an opportunity to be a part of the game again and make a difference." Borm is going to try her hardest to make this team even better than ;ast year. "Watching you girls grow and develop as players and better people, and sharing the joy of softball with all the girls is what I'm looking forward too most," said Borm. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dance team tryouts

     The Chadron High Dance Team will be holding dance auditions for this upcoming 2015-16 season. 
     They would like to welcome anyone interested to come out and join. This is open to girls in 8th-11th grade. The dances will be choreographed by past captain Mikaru Hirose. A 1-1:30 minute dance will be taught, in addition to the school song. 
     Auditions will be held Wednesday May 6th at 3:30-4:30, Thursday May 7th 3:30-4:30, Monday May 11th at 3:30-4:30, and final auditions are Tuesday May 12th at 3:45 in the high school gym. 
     Everyone is welcome to try out! The dance team can hold up to no more than 12 people. Put your dancing shoes on and give it a try. 
      There will also be short mandatory meeting for the girls who made the team on Wednesday May 13th at 3:30 in Mrs. Paopao's room.


     The Chadron Cardinal track team traveled to Scottsbluff on Saturday April 18th to participate in the Alliance Invite. Some of the teams' individuals had some success. As a team, the Cardinals boys finished in third place with a total of 78 points. The Cardinal girls' team finished in fifth place with 18 points.
     Jackson Dickerson had another great performance. He finished first in the 100m dash, first in the 200m dash, and he was a part of the 4 by 100m relay team that finished second consisting of Brendinh Sayaloune, Naleka Sayaloune, and Curtis McMann. Jackson was also able to finish second in the long jump. 
     In addition, Brendinh Sayaloune finished in fourth while Naleka Sayaloune finished fifth in the 100 meter dash. Brendinh finished sixth in the 200 meter dash.
     The long distance runners had some success in their races. Hendrick Gajewski earned a sixth place finish in the 800. Freshman JashwaAlan Cummings earned sixth place in the mile. Liam Simon and Dexter Applegarth came away with a fixth and sixth place finish in the two mile, respectively.
     Marcus Fernandez was another stellar performer. Marc placed 5th in the 110 hurdles and 8th in the 300 hurdles. He also grabbed a third place in the triple jump.
     The 4 by 800 meter relay team consisting of Gajewski, Brayden Richardson, Nate Dodd, and Sam Rischling finished fifth.
     Tanner Kickland and Alex Fritzler had good perfromances in the shot put with a second and seventh place. Alex Fritzler also finished third in the discus. Joe Ritzen took seventh place in the pole vault.
     On the girls' side of the action, much of their success was individual medals. Freshman Kyler Behrends was able to capture a fifth place finish in the 200m and 400m dash. Kyla Parish received seventh in the 800m run.
     Julianne Dickerson and Murphy Churchill earned medals in the 1600m run, with third and seventh place finishes. Kyla Parish took seventh in the 800m run.
     In the 300m hurdles Dana Dunbar finished fifth. She was also a part of the 4 by 800 meter relay which finished third. The team consisted of Kyler Behrends, Greta Welch, Chandler Hageman, and Dana Dunbar.
     Finishing out the scoring, Ashley Hills threw herself a seventh place finish in the discus.
     The Cardinals hope to have a successful weekend. They will be traveling to Scottsbluff on Friday to participate in the Scottsbluff Twilight meet and will be hosting the Chadron invite on Saturday April, 25. Both the boys and girls team will be looking for some success.

District Music

     On Wednesday, April 22, District Music was held at  Chadron State College and the Chadron High School Auditorium. The event brought in many schools from around the Panhandle and students from Chadron High participated in performances by either the Cardinal Singers, the choir, or the band. Some students even had solos, either singing or playing an instrument. Families, both from Chadron and other nearby towns, gathered to watch the performances, which went on all day. Only three schools received all ones, the highest rating, including Chadron's Cardinal Singers, who sang a series of jazz songs.
     Alison Gardner, a member of the Cardinal Singers says, "I think we did excellently and that the experience helped our group with our performance skills."
     Abby Orton, a student who sang in the Chadron High School choir says, "Even though I believe that some students should be more committed to the choir, I think we did very well at district music."
      A member of the band, Bryce Hudson says, "The band has worked really hard to get to where we are, and I'm proud of how we did at district music." All together, Chadron High is proud of its success at district music on Wednesday.

Prom: The Guy's Perspective

       We all know that girls look forward to prom; some of them even spend months obsessing over dresses, hair and shoes in order to create the perfect night. But have you ever wondered what goes through a guy's mind when it comes prom? One of the most exciting nights of the year, especially in a small town, prom is a huge event in one's years of high school.
      Between all the drama and excitement as prom draws closer, Red Ink took the initiative to interview six guys: Alex Eisenbarth, Joe Ritzen, Lane Jersild, Harlie Kennel, Tyler Northdam (A.K.A. Brooks Roberts), and Willy Cogdill about their opinions on prom.
     One thing that always seems to require an enormous amount of effort and input is the theme for prom.  Students and the prom committee ask themselves: Should we recreate a night in Paris, opt for the go-to tropical theme, or do something crazy- like an Avatar theme?
       However, a majority of the guys said that the theme for prom doesn't matter. Willy and Tyler both agreed that prom is fun, "no matter what." Alex disagreed with stating, "The theme doesn't matter one bit." Lane elaborates on this, "The theme doesn't matter, because it's a super fun dance so I don't care."
      One thing that causes the most stress for girls is the perfect dress. But does this matter, or have any effect on what a guy thinks? According to Harlie, it does matter. "We don't want people wearing inappropriate dresses and looking like prostitutes," he said. Alex had little to give of an opinion, saying "I'm not gonna say anything, so I don't get in trouble." Lane was almost passive, stating "Nah, some dresses look bad but no one really cares." Overall, it seems that girls should continue getting dresses they like, as long as they look good.
     But what if guys could do prom anyway they wanted, and bypass all the the high maintenance of it all? Tyler apparently wouldn't change a thing because he "likes it how it is." Joe took the economical approach saying, "I'd want to go to free because I'm broke, plus I'd want to wear athletic shorts and t-shirts." Lane had a lot of suggestions, "There should be BETTER food! Free admission, guys can bring guys, and you can wear whatever you want. Turn up."
     In summary, it seems that guys do have opinion about prom after all.

Monday, April 20, 2015

UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival

     Wednesday, March 15, 2015, Cardinal Singers boarded the bus for the prestigious jazz festival put on by University of Northern Colorado and the city of Greeley, Colorado. Since Christmas, Cardinal Singers have been working on a set of jazz music consisting of: "The Pink Panther," "Seasons of Love," "It Don't Mean a Thing," a jazz arrangement of "Amazing Graze," and "Puttin' on the Ritz" from Young Frankenstein.
     On Thursday, the group arrived early at the event center to watch the Chadron State College Jazz Ensemble, and then performed to a panel of judges for fifteen minutes, and received critique for another fifteen minutes. Overall, both groups received great ratings and did very well.
     After the Cardinal Singer's performance, they were allowed to attend a circle singing class, and a microphone and tech class to learn about microphones and the control board that controls everything. In the circle singing class, Kerry Marsh taught the idea of circle singing for 45 minutes. What circle singing is, is a type of music Bobby McFarin derived for sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses to be able to sing completely different parts and words at the same time: Click here to see the Circle Singing. "The circle singing was very fun. It was a great learning experience for all of us, and I hope we can continue to use circle singing in our group," explained Emmy Mills.
     When the circle singing class was over, the cardinal singers went to the mic class that was taught by a worker of the famous group- The Pentatonix. The instructor had also worked with other groups, including Straight Note Chaser. In the mic class, the group learned how to work a sound board to make the quality of the sound better.
      Later in the day, the whole group ate at Olive Garden and enjoyed some down time before a circle singing concert.
     At the circle singing concert, the same instructor, Kerry Marsh, brought together multiple schools to sing together in a circle group. "It was nothing like I have ever done before, and it was interesting to hear all of the different singing styles. It was a great experience to get to interact with other schools," said Cassie Sloan.
     The director, Wendy Mahr, and the Cardinal Singers hope to return to the festival next year.