Monday, February 26, 2018

Reading Preferences at CHS

     Students around Chadron High School all have differing preferences when it comes to reading for recreation outside of the classroom
     Reading for recreation is a common past time for many students around Chadron High School. Many students enjoy reading not just for assignments, but on their own time outside of the classroom. Senior student William 'Billy' Tidyman often enjoys reading outside of his classes. Billy usually reads different fiction genres. His favorite genre, if he had to choose, would be science fiction. One of the few genres that he does not enjoy reading is romance. If he could recommend a book, it would be the Eragon series by Christopher Paoloni.
     Another senior student, Mia Brodrick, who also enjoys reading outside of school from time to time prefers relatable sources. Mia does not dislike any particular genre, stating that "I've learned to enjoy reading different genres." Mia especially enjoys Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland and would recommend it to anyone who also enjoys reading.
      A third student, Dawn Dunbar, doesn't usually read outside of school, but when she does she enjoys post apocalyptic titles. She doesn't usually enjoy fantasy genre books such as Harry Potter. Dawn was not able to recommend any specific books for other readers.

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