Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Summer Plans

     This summer is going to be full of fun for different people. It sounds like a lot of people at Chadron High are excited for it to be summer.
     Kaelee Long is going to some volleyball camps, two concerts, and her birthday is on June 5th. She is traveling to the Gulf of the Mexico and expects to have a great summer. She is also going to workout for volleyball and do summer league. She will also be seeing family and will be working, but she is not quite sure where she is going to work at.
     Mr. Lecher will be working on finishing details of his home and has no travel plans this summer. It will be the first time in three years that he will be able to golf again regularly, which makes him very excited. He will be taking part in football camp and working as a substitute for the workout room. He will only be seeing close family.
     Cobie Bila is going to be lifting and playing baseball as well as traveling for baseball. His favortie part about summer is having free time off of school and getting to see family. He is going to be mowing lawns for his summer job.
     Peyton Underwood will be working at Wild's and going to the lake, as well as going to Indiana. Her favorite part of the summer will be making money. She will be playing summer softball and will be taking part in basketball open gyms and games. She will not be seeing any family besides the ones who live near.
     Savanna Sayaloune will be working at the State Park, hanging out with friends, and going to the lake. She is not going to travel, and her favorite part of the summer will be meeting new people. She will be doing cross country running this summer. She will be seeing her aunt and uncle this summer.

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