Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Auditorium to Get New Seats

      This upcoming Christmas break Chadron High School will be facing renovations to improve the seats in the auditorium. 

      The previous seats have been in the school since the fall of 1968.  The new seats will be more comfortable than the current ones by having a cloth-like material that will be cozy when sitting down. There will be a little bit more room to seat more people. Each of the chairs cost around $80, and there will be 467 chairs along with 6 seats for the handicapped, with the total cost being around 35 to 36 thousand dollars. Another thing about the new seats is that two rows are removable to make an orchestra pit.     

      Volunteers and Mr. Cogdill's class will help to remove the seats on December 19th. Then the new seats will be at the school January 7th, and the seats will be installed by 20th. The metal of the old seats will be recycled, and the seats will be either given away or trashed. 

      The money for the seats was earned through donations from the public and the Chadron Public Foundation. The high school is still accepting donations for the changes of the auditorium and after getting the seats renovated the next goal is to upgrade the lighting and sound.     

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