Friday, December 7, 2018

Cell Phone Policy

            At Chadron High school, many teachers enforce a strong no phone policy. When you look in a class, you almost never see students on their phones.
            Mrs. Lanphear has a phone policy mainly for testing. She said, "During tests students put their phones in the 'Parking Spot' in the back of the class room; otherwise, I want them off and in backpacks." During class, Mrs. Lanphear does have kids on their phones occasionally, but "My students are very respectful and understand phones are a tool." As a teacher, Mrs. Lanphear has enforced the phone policy a few times. She said, "Students have been using their phone for gaming which is not acceptable." Mrs. Lanphear usually only takes phones once or twice a semester, which is not a lot.
             Mike Lecher has a way different idea with enforcing the phone policy. When students come to class with Lecher. He said, "I do not have a policy as far as checking phones in at the beginning of class." Although Lecher does not have a policy at the beginning of class he does have students get on their phones. He said, "They do receive a warning and then they get it confiscated." To enforce his policy he places the phone in his desk drawer. Lecher does find himself taking phones about once a week.
          Morgan Rutledge is a student at Chadron High School, and she does think it's necessary for a phone policy. She said, "I think it's necessary for some people, because they can not stay off their phones. For me it's not a problem because I do not get my phone out because I don't have data." Rutledge thinks it is not helpful to the teachers to take phones. She said, "Not having something you want makes you want it even more, so kids try and sneak to have their phones." Rutledge doesn't believe it's hard on the kids, but it is hard for the teachers to enforce the policies.

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