Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Break Plans at CHS

          Christmas Break is a very fun and exciting time of the year that kids and adults wait to celebrate all year long. The traditions, out of town traveling, delicious foods, and other Christmas plans all contribute to the fun times during Christmas Break. Plans for Christmas Break vary person to person.
          Some families travel shorter distances, while others travel farther distances. Mrs. Sommerville said she is traveling to Valentine to see family. Mrs. Noble said she is making a small trip to Fort Collins or Denver. Mr. Uhing said, "I will not be leaving town unless Santa needs me to."
          The other ones, who are staying in town, are mainly hanging with family and relaxing. Mande Wolessen said, "I plan on relaxing with family and being free from trig." Ms. Moore said she plans on being together with friends and family.
          The food is a very important factor during the Christmas holidays. Ms. Moore said she usually has prime rib and a variety of different pies. Claire Margetts said she has ham, cheesy potatoes, and pie. Mrs. Noble has prime rib every year for Christmas with mashed potatoes, salad, chocolate chip pie, and vegetables. Mr. Uhing said, "For breakfast we have cinnamon rolls and butter braids. For lunch we have cabbage burgers, calzones, or chicken and noodles." He says, "It has to be something very wintery."
          Different families have different traditions that are very important to them. Mr. Uhing drives around and eats pizza while looking at Chrimas Lights. He also sleeps beneath the Christmas tree the first night it is put up and has his very own song that is important to him during Christmas break, but the song has a very important disclaimer. "If the song is sung any moment BEFORE the actual start of holiday break OR any moment after break has ended, you will be cursed for a whole year... and the curse is harrowing. The lyrics are, "It's Chrimas breaaaaaak, and the future looks brighhhhhhhhht. It's Chrimas breaaaaaak, we're gonna party tonighhhhhhht." The copyright of the song is William Lawrence Uhing. 
         Claire said the traditions in her family consist of each sibling picking a new ornament to hang on the tree and putting the year on it with their names. "We watch the movie It's a Wonderful Life every year as well." Mande said, "We don't have many traditions, but we do get pajamas on Christmas Eve that we wear that night when we sleep and in the morning when we open presents."

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