Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sam Rischling Injury

At the Mitchell game, Sam Rischling watches the game from the sidelines after his knee surgery.

     On September 29th during Chadron High School's game against Ogallala, senior Sam Rischling suffered a season ending injury. Sam took a wrong step on a screen pass towards the visitor's side of the field.
     The verdict on the injury at first was not so bad. However, after receiving a MRI the outcome became more grim. His surgeon informed him the tear in his LCL was too bad to return this year and would need surgery. Sam said, "Stuff sucks," when asked about his reaction to the news. The injury was unique because the LCL was torn but other ligaments that usually are affected also were intact. To repair it a surgery was performed that reattached the tendon to his fibula with sutures.
     Sam hopes to be back to playing sports as soon as possible. Sam has to wear a brace for six weeks. When asked about his recovery time he said he doesn't know an exact time frame. He is doing physical therapy to rehabilitate his knee and hopes to be back to full strength soon.

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