Monday, October 23, 2017

Chadron High's news art teacher

     Some of Chadron High's hardest problems are finding replacements for our retired teachers. When Chadron Highs art teach Patty Bird retired CHS had to find a replacement.  With some work, Chadron High found a fantastic replacement of Travis Hencey. 
     There are plenty of reasons why he was such a good replacement. He became a teacher because he likes working with kids. He enjoys seeing their creative side and seeing how their minds work.
Hencey went to Chadron State College from 2005 to 2009 for an art degree. Then in 2014 he went back to get his teaching degree. He graduated in 2015. His previous teaching experiences before he came to Chadron High was student teaching at Upward Bound for five years. Then he taught in Halos Riverside Public Schools K-12 for one year. His best experience in learning how to teach was at Upward Bound. It was the best experience because he got to teach and work with kids for the first time. He learned many new things. Hencey said, "It was nice to test things and to prove my theories."
As a graduate of Chadron High, it's not as weird as he thought it would be teaching with his former teachers. Enough time has passed, and he got to know them. They are different people than when they taught him. He said that a wall has broken down. "It is interesting seeing the same techniques used as they taught me with, but now I understand why they used them," he said.

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