Monday, October 23, 2017

National FFA

    On Tuesday, October 24, 7 members of the Chadron FFA chapter will be on their way to the National FFA convention for the first time since the chapter has been restarted in Indianapolis, Indiana.
     To qualify for the exciting event, 4 members had to win both district and state competitions in Livestock Management. Hunter Hawk, Katie Lewin, Cody Madsen, and Beau and Drew Jersild made up the winning team. Due to other activities, two members of the team could not attend the National Convention, so Mackenzie Scoggan will fill their place.
     The Livestock Management competition is a combination of tests about a variety of different animals and equipment associated with the different species. At both districts and state, there are 6 different tests. The tests include, beef, swine, sheep, horses, dairy and poultry. Because the team won first place at the state convention, they are able to participate at Nationals. The National competition is different because only poultry will be tested. Throughout the competition, members of the team will be tested on a variety of materials. Of these included are, judging live birds, both meat chickens and laying hens. In addition they will judge the chicken carcasses, and different byproducts such as chicken nuggets. The team will also be required to make a presentation and give reasons on why they judged the chickens the way that they did.
     Members of the team feel that the competition will be a good learning experience. Because the Chadron FFA Chapter is only 5 years old, resources are more difficult to come by than for bigger, older chapters. Some bigger schools around the nation are able to have poultry classes, so the Chadron chapter is at a bit of a disadvantage. Adviser Mari Beth Moore, said that members of the chapter are constantly being pushed outside of their comfort zones and are fearless. No matter what, "They will do their best no doubt about it," said Moore.
     Over the course of the trip, the members will be involved in numerous exciting activities. They will be attending the opening ceremonies where they will get the opportunity to listen to Laila Ali speak. In addition, they are planning to attend a Rascal Flatts concert, view the Indianapolis 500, and participate in an escape room.

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