Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mr. Matt's Alumni Website

     Mr. Matt has been working alongside his classes to create a website that shows every graduating class since Chadron High School was established.

     Since the beginning of the school year, Mr. Matt has been working on a website filled with the names and faces of every graduating class he could find that have graduated from Chadron High School. Mr. Matt, who teaches technology and business related classes at the school, has created this website for past alumni of the school in the hopes of securing donations for the school. Mr. Matt said he wants the website to eventually go "hand in hand with the foundation page" of the school.

     To create this website, Mr. Matt used a free program, Google Sites, which is much simpler to use than other applications, but not as customization friendly. He used another version of this same program to create another website for Chadron High School's different sports and activities. Information for the website was found through the collections of yearbooks the high school carries. Mr. Matt was lucky enough to find a single yearbook containing the graduating students from the 1800's to the teens of the 1900's.

     While creating the website, Mr. Matt has come across a few difficulties. Some graduating years over the expanse of time have been lost and could not be added to the site. A few lost yearbooks could be filled in by looking at the junior classes of previous yearbooks, but some years were completely unrecoverable. According to Mr. Matt, the website is "...missing seven years. The depression years had no yearbooks."

     According to Mr. Matt, the website has been published for around a month. He is currently still attempting to fill in some missing information. The website is not yet available through search engines, but the site can be found at

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