Wednesday, March 21, 2018

It's a Big Deal Day

       On April 3rd Chadron High School will be participating in what Mrs. Watson named "It's a Big Deal Day." It's Big Deal Day is the one day, statewide, that juniors can take the ACT using pencil and paper.
        It's a Big Deal Day will be an event for all the students at CHS. From 8:00 to12:30 there will be different activities for each grade. Freshman will be taking their MAPs testing in the computer labs and library. Sophomores will be taking a practice ACT.  Juniors will be taking the actual ACT, and seniors will be listening to guest speakers talk about things that happen after they graduate, such as, insurance, loans, college transitions, housing tips, and more.
      These tests are beneficial to the students. The MAP test, the test that the freshman will take, is a test of growth in core subjects. Our school uses this test to align curriculum. The SAT, the test that the juniors will take, is a college entrance exam. All colleges require an entrance exam and the ACT tells you if you are ready for college and can help you earn scholarships. The lecture for the seniors will help give them an idea of how college works.

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