Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Art Show

      On March 16-18, many students displayed their creativity in the CHS Art Show, during the Guys and Dolls musical performance. The displays also included works by students who are not in an art class.
     There was a large variety of art showed at the show including, drawings, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, collages, and more.
     Travis Hencey, the CHS art teacher, said that it is important to have an art show because it impacts the students and the community. "It is valuable for an artist to display their artwork and receive feedback. Many young artists do not believe they create good art, so it helps boost their confidence," said Mr. Hencey. "It is also good for the community because they get to see what what our young people are able to do, and how creative our school is."
     Many of the art pieces received mostly positive feedback. One of the comments that stood out to Mr. Hencey the most was, "It's great to be reminded that I'm surrounded by talented people."
     Mr. Hencey does plan to have more art shows at CHS. He is trying to have an Art Show in the fall when the One Act play is presented, along with the one in the spring when the musical is presented.

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