Friday, January 19, 2018

Senior Scholarship Writing

     As more and more scholarship deadlines approach, many Chadron High School seniors are putting forth their best efforts to fill in as many applications and complete as many essays as they can for scholarships.

     As many Chadron High School students are scurrying to finish their scholarships and look for new ones, different students are tackling their applications and essays by looking in different places. According to Lindsey Tobacco, she found the several scholarships she applied for through the Chadron High School counselor Mrs. Watson, who has been helping out any student in need of help with scholarships. Student Renee Redfern has said that she found her scholarships when "Watson sends scholarship information in emails" and by "searching online for scholarships related to hunting or agriculture."

     The senior students are also applying to scholarships using different strategies. Lindsey doesn’t have any special plan of action, and fills out scholarships whenever she finds the time. Renee dedicates an hour each night to looking through, writing essays for and applying for scholarships.

     Chadron High School students are all pursuing their scholarships for different reasons. Lindsey needs to fill out scholarships in order to "help pay for college." Renee plans on going through college without gaining any debt, which means not taking out any loans. She wants get as many scholarships as possible to follow this plan.

     The most difficult struggle for students applying to scholarship writing differs between each student. For Renee, her struggle is time. Despite setting aside an hour for scholarships aside each night, that time is often overruled by her family duties. Lindsey’s most difficult struggle has been with writing out the essays as well as time management.

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