Thursday, January 18, 2018

Miss Frey's Injury

     On January 10, 2018, Miss Frey was getting ready for the distillation lab in her chemistry class that was supposed to happen the next day in class. They were doing the distillation lab to boil out the different components of cherry coke including sucrose, the aroma, and the acid. She was trying to put a glass tubing into a rubber stopper when she slipped and cut her right hand in two different spots. 
     Miss Frey had to wrap her hand in a towel and go down to the office to have someone take her to the doctor. She had to get five stitches in her pointer finger and five in the bottom part of her thumb. She said it will be a week before she gets her stitches out of her hand. When the incident happened, she felt very frustrated with herself. 
     The class ended up not doing the lab at all that she had planned on doing, and instead planned a new lab for the class to do. The new lab she had the class do was filtering dirty water to make it as clean as they were able to get it. 
     She has a numb spot in her right pointer finger where the cut was from the glass slicing into a nerve.

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