Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Senior's Biggest Fears

     As the seniors at CHS are preparing to graduating this year, a lot of them have something about their future that they're scared of.
     Jeff Cerny said that his biggest fear about going to college was not getting enough scholarships to pay it off. This fear is not uncommon, considering the average four year college costs $9,410 per year, according to the website Big Future.
     Coy Bila said that he is most scared of how unhealthy he might be because of the eating habits he may develop in college.
     Being away from home to take the next "big step" in their lives is a common fear among Kyler Behrends, Dana Dunbar, Caleb Hill, and Zach Carattini. Caleb, who is going into the military, said "The fact that I'm leaving the entire life I've known for something completely different is pretty frightening."
     Loni Watson, CHS guidance counselor, said she would tell the seniors how going into college is one of the "best times" they'll have. They will be introduced to people with common interests, there will be a larger variety of courses, and your relationship with your parents will grow. "The best is yet to come," said Mrs. Watson.

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