Friday, November 2, 2018

Shaved Heads for Playoffs


     Chadron High School varsity football boys shaved their heads for their playoff game.
     Many of these football players ended up with shaving their hair into weird designs. However, Colton Olson chose a more simple design like a mullet.
     Olson states, "I got to choose my own hair design because I am a senior. I would not change the design I chose because it makes me feel like a new man and that I could really rock this hair cut."
     The varsity boys wanted to bring back an old Chadron High School tradition where the team members shave their heads to show their dedication to the team and to the school.
     Mike Lecher one of the football coaches was not to enthusiastic about the hair cuts.
     Lecher states, "I never liked the tradition from the start."
     So the next time you are looking for a change or to show dedication to your school, sport, or activity just remember you could always shave your head!

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