Friday, November 2, 2018

Ms. Hessler, new CHS teacher

     Ms. Hessler is the new math teacher at CHS. She replaced Mrs. Drinkwalter, who retired last year.
     This year is Hessler’s first year as a teacher. She teaches algebra one and geometry. Her favorite part about teaching is building relationships with students. Hessler's biggest struggle as a teacher is lesson planning.  She said, “It is sometimes difficult to lesson plan for students, because it’s hard to know the best way of teaching the concepts.” 
     Ms. Hessler’s passion for math and students are what made her want to become a teacher. Hessler said, “Everyone is so kind and supportive here in Chadron." 
     Hessler was born in China and grew up in Torrington. She went to high school in Torrington and college in Eastern Wyoming but then transferred to Chadron State College. Hessler’s passion for math and how easy it came to her in school, made her pursue her teaching dream. However, before being a math teacher, she thought about being an art teacher, and owning a flower shop.

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