Monday, November 5, 2018

FFA Haunted House

Last Saturday, October 27th, the Chadron High School FFA chapter held their first annual haunted house fundraiser in the halls of the high school.
"This time of year we normally sell fruit, but the haunted house mainly replaced our labor auction," said senior member Taya Leija, which she describes as an event where alumni members have their own teams, which are sold to other alumni members or to people of the community to work various jobs for them.
The entire chapter began setting up the event after school the previous day and added their finishing touches right before putting on costumes and doing hair and makeup. Chapter president Madison Cogdill said, "We watched a ton of special effects tutorial videos on Youtube and practiced on each other. we made the scar material and fake blood, then we just winged it." There were all sorts of characters milling about their sections of the event, including insane patients with crazy hair and even zombies with infections creeping down their necks.
The beginning of the haunted house started under the scoreboard on the north end of the school, with the freshmen recreating scenes from Children of the Corn. Next were the insane asylum and spooky graveyard portions, performed by the sophomore members.
Following that were the juniors with their rendition of the electric chair. Finally, the seniors performed their grand finale with the cannibal butcher shop and their zombie war zone. The hunted house ended right in front of the common doors.
"My role was laying on the butcher table and pretending to be chopped up," Cogdill said, "but my favorite part of the entire event was how the majority of the chapter came together to make the haunted house happen. Even kids who couldn't attend came and helped set up the decorations."
The Chadron FFA chapter would like to thank all the businesses and community members who donated and helped bring the haunted house to life.

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